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ast life regression therapy books from PLTC Bookstore contains various works, most notably Past Lives Therapy (Past Life Therapy Center Special Edition), by the founder of Past Life Therapy, now retired Dr. Morris Netherton, whose extremely effective methods are continued by Dr. Thomas Paul, Founder of Past Life Therapy Center®. Other books include Brian Weiss' Many Lives, Many Masters (our critical review).

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Past Lives Therapy by Dr. Morris Netherton and Past Life Therapy Center® (Special Edition, 2014)
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Past Lives Therapy Table of Contents: Preface by Walter Steiss, M.D., Introduction I.Finding Past Lives: Confronting the Crisis, The Method II. Casework: Claustrophobia, Ulcers, Epilepsy, Male Sexual Problems, Female Sexual Problems, Relationships, Alcoholism, Migraines, Hyperactivity, Incipient Cancer III. Life Cycles: Life in the Womb, The Experience of Birth, The Experience of Death, The Space Between Lives IV. FAQ


NEW: Strangers In The Land Of Confusion by Dr. Morris Netherton and Past Life Therapy Center®
$8.99 $29

Past life regression therapy book by Dr. Morris Netherton that reveals the root of unconscious confusion experienced by many individuals and its correlation to their poor health. The knowledge imparted in this book is of great benefit to every human being, especially those exploring mind-body resolution of their ailments and challenges. Includes in-depth case studies. NEW 2014 Edition: Digital download (PDF).  LOOK INSIDE!

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Past Life Awareness & Integration by Dr. Morris Netherton and Past Life Therapy Center®
A case studies and educational manual for the Netherton Method developed during Dr. Morris Netherton's 45 years of clinical practice and training programs both in the United States and abroad. It presents theory, techniques, and examples of sessions, which are structured for clarity and understanding. Recommended for professionals, students and anyone interested in learning more about the Netherton-Paul De-Hypnosis Method of Past Life Therapy currently practiced at Past Life Therapy Center®. This manual presents an appreciation for PLT, not a substitute for training. Available exclusively at PLTC Bookstore: Digital download (PDF).

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     Add to Cart Dr. Thomas Paul's Tweet Journal: @DrThomasPaul Tweet Journal is updated quarterly, providing easier access and readability of Dr. Paul’s popular Twitter “timeline”/posts. 656 pages. (PDF file.) $4.99

PLTC Bundle Bonus (Highly Recommended: Save $39.00)
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Receive all of Past Life Therapy Center® featured and exclusive books: Past Life Awareness & Integration, Strangers In The Land Of Confusion, plus a complimentary 2014 edition of Past Lives Therapy. Digital download (PDF) for all 3 books. Includes 2 optional Epub files and 2 Mobi (Kindle) files to manually upload to eReaders for Past Lives Therapy and Strangers In The Land Of Confusion. Plus, receive a recent, bonus PDF of Dr. Paul's Tweet Journal.  (Total of 8 files.)

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Gift Certificate Intensive (Instant Download with E-Cards)


One 3.5 hour therapy intensive (includes the required intake interview if this is the recipients first session) with Dr. Thomas Paul at his West Hollywood, CA office or by phone/Skype. Optional decorative e-cards can be downloaded at checkout.  After one year, unredeemed gifts will be considered non-tax deductible donations to PLTC's Projects Fund.

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Gift Certificate Package (2 Intensives + 1 Regular)

$990 ($1640 Value)

Save $650.00 by prepaying for two intensives (3 hours & 30 min. each) & one reg. session (90 min.). Your recipient will receive scheduling instructions with the gift certificate. Packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

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Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss (review)

Although Brian Weiss' Many Lives, Many Masters has been a popular book, which Past Life Therapy Center® Worldwide offers due to consumer interest, we do not endorse this book or similar works by retired advocate, Brian Weiss. PLTC doesn’t believe you should “unlearn feelings” as stated on the author’s website, or that one should be selling self-hypnosis past life regression CD’s and then state in the FAQ that customers should “try not to get frustrated” when they don’t work. Healing begins when you root negative emotions to their unconscious sources and express your feelings (including frustration, anger, etc.), rather than “unlearning” or avoiding them via meditation, traditional hypnosis, or by affirmations.

Validating your feelings and releasing those that were negatively absorbed during past life, prenatal, surgeries, and other unconscious states, is necessary to reinforce a healthy mind-body. Furthermore, we disagree with Dr. Weiss' belief that the "evolution of the soul is different from the evolution of the body." On the contrary, one's soul is the source of resolution and evolution via the unconscious mind, which can then align with the body to reinforce wellness. Many Lives Many Masters is essentially a romance novel, which has always been a top selling book category. That said, if Brian Weiss's books have encouraged you to recognize that your unresolved past lives influence your present and future, or have directed you to pursue our most effective therapy process, then we are grateful. Learn more about the Past Life Therapy Center® De-Hypnosis Method vs. Brian Weiss' counseling here.

We highly recommend reading Past Lives Therapy by Dr. Morris Netherton with Dr. Thomas Paul, Founder of Past Life Therapy Center®, moderator/author of and




Past Lives Therapy by Dr. Morris Netherton and Past Life Therapy Center® (Special Edition)
$8.99 $20

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