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The Future of Past Life Therapy Center®

Are you are interested in becoming a contributor to the future of Past Life Therapy Center? We welcome your assistance with expanding and promoting our life-enhancing projects and therapy centers worldwide. We need large donations, though any amount helps!

We encourage investment into the mindfulness of humanity. We support those that inspire thoughtful living, continual evolution, and aim to improve mankind one person at a time. We believe that anyone is capable of resolving unconscious confusion and traumas, and we recognize that sustainable wellness requires skilled utilization of the mind-body connection instead of simply pain/symptom management.

When individuals are committed to re-experiencing and resolving their past, they lose their unconscious fear of abuse, oppression, and death. They stop worrying about their survival and gain an awakened mind that will flourish with possibilities, expression, and talent. As a result, connected, compassionate, and purposeful people become increasingly present for greatness on a global scale.

Our future plan for PLTC entails ambitious objectives, though they’re achievable with your assistance. We feel it’s important to provide further access to our services worldwide. Moreover, as we strive to actualize our goals, our intention is to raise global consciousness for present and future generations.

Below is an outline of donor-funded projects (our initial focus is expansion in Southern California):

The Past Life Therapy Center® Projects Fund



A Conscious Living Mall and Wellness Haven

Conscious Living Mall: A multifaceted wellness center for healing arts and holistic specialties. Possible locations: West Hollywood, CA or Santa Monica, CA

Phase 1:  PLTC Los Angeles                    
Phase 2:  Health Store & Organic Café     
Phase 3:  Organic Community Gardens
Phase 4:  Holistic Birthing, Adoption & Daycare Center
Phase 5:  Fitness Center: Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Massage & Cardio
Phase 6:  Holistic Pet Center
Passe 7+: Conscious Businesses (Leased space in our Conscious Living Mall).

PLTC University & Library: A learning institution at the forefront of higher consciousness and healing arts.

Degree 1: Master of Healing Arts in Past Life Therapy (MPLT)
Degree 2: Doctorate of Healing Arts in Past Life Therapy (DPLT)

PLTC Retreat & Spa: A premier oasis for truly healing therapy and soul nourishment in S. California.

Conscious Living Shops, such as Scrutiny Skincare, which provides the world's most advanced, toxin-free skincare. A percentage of their proceeds goes to PLTC Projects Fund when our website visitors purchase products at and (Save 15%).
Social Services Center + Homeless Rehabilitation Program: A community outreach and wellness program for those who need immediate assistance in Los Angeles, CA and other areas of the world. Please donate.

For major donations, your name and/or company can be optionally listed here per your request. You may also want to contribute by purchasing gift certificates for friends and family.

Your participation in Past Life Therapy Center® Projects Fund is not tax-deductible. If you won’t be donating today, we hope you will consider it in the future. You can also heighten our visibility by referring-a-friend, subscribing and forwarding newsletter articles, linking to our website, recommending PLTC books, or engaging in conversations about our therapy services. Please contact us if you have any questions about becoming a contributor to the future of Past Life Therapy Center®, founded by Thomas Paul, DCH. We sincerely appreciate your involvement with our organization. Thank you for your generosity and support.  


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