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PLTC Founder/Author: Dr. Thomas Paul, DCH
Is Your Chronic Flu, Smoking Addiction, or Lung Disease Indicative of
Unresolved Past-Life Trauma?

For long-term subscribers to the PLTC newsletter articles, the mind-body connection is common knowledge as it relates to ailments reinforced by unresolved past experiences. The mandatory swine and seasonal flu vaccinations recently required of New York state health care workers was an impetus for this article as it’s the next step for encouraging everyone to vaccinate regardless of their health history. There are many points of discussion that have been made for and against vaccinations, particularly mass vaccination. The unconscious mind, however, is rarely examined for its unresolved past-life experiences contributing to chronic flu, smoking addictions, or respiratory issues.
Many individuals with lung diseases, and the less than 1% that contract serious symptoms from swine flu, report a history of asthma, bronchitis, or other ailments that have constricted their breathing in the past. This may suggest one of many unconscious, survival-based scripts developed during past-life events (e.g., the last thoughts from a traumatic death involving a sudden lack of oxygen recorded as “I can’t breathe” or the belief that “If I’m feeling anxious, at least I’m still alive.”)
These unresolved, past-life experiences are often reinforced in the prenatal as the soul unconsciously chooses an overly anxious mother and/or father and recreates an “’I can’t breathe” situation by being stuck in the birth canal, having the umbilical cord tied around the neck, etc. These unresolved scripts can continue at every incarnation, unconsciously encouraging such behaviors as smoking addiction, which will likely contribute to chronic or fatal respiratory complications. A past-life strangulation, drowning, gas/smoke inhalation, etc. will reinforce various forms of victimization as identical or similar suffocating experiences in the next lifetime.
Survival-based beliefs can unconsciously reinforce continual cycles of victimization in the form of dis-ease (a heightened state of unresolved confusion manifested as cellular havoc in the body). If the unconscious dialogue and misleading beliefs from traumatic past-life deaths aren’t released, the confusion that surrounded them continues. The cellular/soul memory from unconscious events (past-lives, prenatal, surgeries, shock, etc.) is an integral part of the self-healing equation. If the unconscious mind isn’t incorporated into the healing equation, then confusion remains active at its source. For those with deep rooted present- and past-life unresolved issues, emotional and spiritual resolution cannot be achieved with pills, vaccines or respiratory devices.  

As a past life therapist, I have consistently witnessed clients recall and subsequently resolve past-life traumas repeated in various forms in this lifetime. Unconscious patterns of victimization develop from unresolved, survival-based scripts (e.g., “as long as I feel pain and barely breathing, at least I’m still alive”). As a result, unconscious beliefs will manifest the same feelings of despair, anxiety, frustration, anger, and pain recreated by the mind-body as false beliefs that suffering is necessary to ensure survival.

I often remind my readers that the mind is not the brain, which functions as any other important organ in the body. The brain’s important role in processing information is influenced greatly by the unconscious mind. The unconscious and conscious mind will contribute to the energetic and spiritual part of us that we carry forward as cellular/soul memory into every incarnation. The consciousness we gain in this lifetime is essential for our present and future well-being. That said, the unconscious mind is the key component for understanding and resolving your current life ailments.

This article focuses on respiratory issues and unconscious behaviors or ailments that may be reinforcing traumatic breathing issues form past-life deaths. The Netherton-Paul Method of Past Life Therapy and De-Hypnosis is utilized as a tool for enabling a client to gain emotional and spiritual closure with unresolved issues. It’s the “unfinished business” from the past that the mind-body is recreating as an unconscious attempt to finish it. De-hypnosis (focused-state allowing the unconscious to become conscious) can end this pattern by allowing a client to know the truth and release the dialogue commanding the body to fail traumatically.

Below are examples of damaging verbal and non-verbal communication, various traumatic circumstances, etc. that can reinforce respiratory issues:


  • “You deserve this.”; “My neck hurts. I can’t move or breathe. He’s killing me.”
  • “You can’t tell anyone now.” His energy says, ‘You’ll never speak again.’”
  • “I’m being hung. I feel pressure around my neck and then it snaps.”


  • "I’ve been shot. My lungs are filling up with blood. My chest hurts. I can’t breathe.”
  • “He’s holding me underwater. My lungs fill with water. I’m scared and I can’t breathe.”
  • “We’re Jews in a gas chamber huddled together. My lungs feel like they’re on fire. I’m suffocating.”
  • “I’m burning at a stake.”; “Burn her; she’s a devil.”; “I can’t see or breathe through smoke/fire.”
  • “I’m being quarantined for a plague. My lungs are filling with fluid. It’s so hard to breathe.”

Compressive Asphyxia/Smothering   

  • “Someone’s knees are on my stomach. A hand is over my mouth and nose. I can’t breathe.”
  • “I wake up unable to breathe. Someone is smothering me with a pillow.  I’m dying.”
  • “I feel myself going under the sand. I can’t fight it. I’m being buried alive.”
  • “I’m just a baby. It’s difficult to breathe. I’m tangled in these blankets.”
  • “I’m being crushed by the weight of the debris from the earthquake.”

Prenatal Asphyxia

  • “My oxygen supply is cut-off. I’m being aborted.”
  • “I’ll kill you and the baby. I told you to get an abortion”; “My father is strangling my mother and kicking her in the stomach. Mother and I can’t breathe.”
  • “The cord is wrapped around my neck. I’m stuck in the birth canal. They can’t get me out.”

These unresolved, traumatic death experiences contain the unconscious beliefs and commands that will reinforce a multitude of breathing conditions. It’s an unconscious attempt to repeat “I can’t breathe” to ultimately break through it. Whether it’s smoking cigarettes to repeat traumatic deaths involving smoke, gas, fire, etc., or lung disease reinforcing the agony of fluid-filled lungs during a past-life drowning, the unconscious mind is the director.

Until the unconscious program is resolved, it reinforces anxiety, pressure, pain in chest and/or neck, constricted breathing, etc., because these same symptoms were present at death and become the survival-script letting you know you are still alive. It may also include the unworthy “I’m not perfect or good enough” script that dictates to every cell in the body: “You deserve this. You’re worthless.” The anger expressed verbally or non-verbally by the victimizer during a traumatic death engrains the unconscious mind of the victim to remain victimized by an experience forever. Past Life Therapy with de-hypnosis aims to resolve unconscious traumas as it makes conscious any damaging events and allows a client to finish them in a way that ends the victimization. The karmic cycles of victim-victimizer don’t have to continue.

Chronic Flu/Vaccination

For those overly concerned with contracting a fatal flu, unconscious fears reinforced by media scare tactics may be resonating with unresolved deaths (e.g., past-life deaths involving traumatic breathing constriction). Through the mind-body connection the flu serves as just one of many types of situations that can reinforce the symptoms experienced during traumatic past-life deaths. And for the small percentage of people that get serious complications from flu, it’s indicative of a greater problem. If the flu isn’t fatal for those individuals, then a different ailment may develop or another experience may unconsciously be attracted to repeat the symptoms that keep the mind-body in an uncomfortable survival mode rather than thriving mode. 

The past-life victims of the bubonic plague, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gas chambers, etc. are the same people that are more likely to succumb to chronic flu. It’s these individuals who are still struggling to breathe and unconsciously repeat the past until it’s resolved. They may never know that unresolved issues remain if there weren’t symptoms indicating “unfinished business” to complete. That being said, not everyone in the world was a victim of these experiences so the encouragement of worldwide flu vaccinations is alarming.

Flu vaccination should remain a personal decision, which may include advice from a trusted medical doctor reviewing one’s medical history. Moreover, the unconscious mind is an integral component in making informed choices since well-being begins by resolving the victimization conditioning that reinforces health issues. Chronic flu, or any prolonged health issue, is a sign of unresolved experiences that must be confronted and released in order to achieve mind-body alignment.

The debate should continue regarding the efficacy and safety of vaccines. What are the ramifications of children exposed to nearly 30 vaccines, up from 10 in previous years, and what will happen when that number climbs to 100 vaccines (genetically modified ones included)? The pharmaceutical industry is already finding ways to maximize profits by targeting individuals “deficient in pharmaceuticals?” See “FDA approves Crestor for people who have no health problem to correct,” which is an article by Michael Adams of about the pushing of drugs as essential nutrients. For more information on the flu vaccination controversy, see the November 2009 article “Does the vaccine matter?” by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer of

Smoking/Lung Disease

Rarely is smoking addiction only about smoking. To simply say “just stop smoking,” won’t solve the unconscious reasons of this addiction, and superficial attempts at quitting may result in transference to another vice. If panic, anxiety, and confusion are present at the time of death, the same feelings are continued in the next incarnation. This may include the unconscious attraction to an overly anxious mother or father and life experiences that encourage ailments, drugs, and unease, until confusion isn’t necessary to feel alive.

The PLTC Netherton-Paul Method of Past Life Therapy is very effective for those suffering from smoking addiction. There are a multitude of reasons that individuals smoke, ranging from self-medicating for anxiety to serving as a pseudo-friend that keeps them company when they’re feeling alone. Smoking or other drug usage is usually an attempt at managing as opposed to dealing with unresolved pain and/or anger. Instead of pain or anger management, one must feel the discomfort in their body and direct it to its source in past life therapy.

I’ve worked with clients that became accustomed to being around smoke in past-life brothels where cigarettes were a type of oral seduction to allure potential clients. There have been clients who died shortly after a world war plane crash surrounded by smoke, which unconsciously instills “as long as I can smell the smoke, I’m still alive.” And there have been numerous clients that have recalled being burned at the stake, or trapped in homes set aflame after the doors and windows were nailed shut during plague quarantines.

In my clinical experience, the primary reason for smoking addiction indicates an unconscious continuation of “I can’t breathe.” Most smokers are consciously aware of their addiction and the dangers of smoking, but unconsciously they can’t stop as they unsuccessfully attempt to resolve the traumatic, past-life death(s) in the only way they may know how to die: prolonged or abrupt oxygen deprivation. For the smoker whose addiction leads to lung disease (e.g. asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis), it can be repetition of the symptoms from a death by drowning, gas chambers, suffocation during a rape, a gun-shot to the chest with blood filling the lungs, etc.

There is also a segment of the smoking population that smokes as a coping mechanism to feel high or numb, though it doesn’t deal with the present and underlying issues. If one ceases smoking without fully resolving the unconscious motivations, the addictive behavior is often transferred to another vice, such as food, alcohol, marijuana, pain killers, sleeping pills, etc. For an example, see MSNBC January 4, 2010 article “Quitting smoking may raise diabetes risk: Those who kick the habit 70 percent more likely to become diabetic.” If the root causes of addiction aren’t examined, then weight gain and diabetes can ensue. The poor diet that promotes the blood pressure issues, and the clogged arteries that trigger the heart attack resulting in lung failure, are another manifestation of a traumatic, breathing related death.

I’ve worked with individuals who were molested and raped while being gagged or suffocated under the weight of their perpetrator(s), and individuals cowering behind closed doors afraid to take a breath for when they did they were found and killed (reinforcing spinal and breathing problems in the next incarnation). And there have been past-life courtesans hung for trivial things like removing a constrictive corset so they could breathe freely. The list of ways to die that continue breathing ailments goes on and on, but the unconscious programming is similar: don’t express yourself, don’t fully feel, and don’t breathe. 

It’s as if the soul/mind is still in shock from the traumatic incidents and fearful of being completely in the body to fully feel and know the truth of what was instilled in the unconscious during the violations. It’s necessary to focus on the past events unconsciously being avoided (e.g. attention deficit “disorder”) in order to be free from them and distraction promoting coping mechanisms. Symptoms should not be covered up with drugs for they allow us to know there is something to finish. The worse you will feel is temporarily uncomfortable in therapy and then it will be over. And with an experienced guide that is aware of how to enable a client to examine and move through these shocking past experiences, the negative aspect of the past will be finished and resolved. When the unconscious causes for addictions are completely released, smoking and other unhealthy habits will cease.


Until the mainstream medical community incorporates the unconscious mind into healing, there will always be disconnects between resolving confusion at its source and holding it in place. An abundance of individuals have died from a traumatic loss of oxygen and surrounded by confusing voices and/or beliefs prolonging “as long as I’m confused, at least I’m still alive.” And depending on the degree of past-life confusion, fatal flu viruses, lung cancer, and other respiratory conditions become the ultimate manifestation of confusion and victimization.

The past-life victim-victimizer is achieving its objective of unconsciously reminding one that, “You aren’t perfect/good enough. You’re unworthy and deserve this suffering.” The mind-body communicates the message to every cell that they aren’t perfect or healthy and the commands are eventually executed. For those determined to end unconscious beliefs promoting cycles of victimization, it’s time to address the unconscious mind, resolve the past, and move forward.  It’s time to feel comfortable in your skin without addictive drugs and cease the habits or experiences that are supporting “I can’t breathe.” Smoking addiction and ailments such as chronic flu and lung diseases have unconscious anchors that need to be lifted. It’s the unresolved emotional aspects from the past that contain the key to encouraging mind-body alignment and well-being.

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