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Past life regression therapy

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                                         Launch &
Uplift Your World Event

PLTC Founder: Thomas Paul, DCH

Welcome to Launch and Uplift Your World Event. This is simply the beginning of a drive to raise consciousness worldwide, which you're already part of because you're part of this world. Uplift your life and world further by committing to your wellness.

Our new website address for launching this global movement is:

Dr. Morris Netherton (founder of Past Life Therapy and author of Past Lives Therapy) prefers "Past Life Therapy" as a namesake for PLTC's unique therapy process, as do I, however, there are many individuals familiar with the phrase "past life regression."  To assist individuals in finding us during their exploration of this exciting field, the domain was acquired and developed. will continue to be our main website and the "Wikipedia of Past Life Therapy" for documenting the benefits of the Past Life Therapy Center® De-Hypnosis Method. Stay tuned (and subscribed) as there are more inspiring case studies coming soon.

I recently signed up for Twitter (I'm late to the party). If you decide to follow @DrThomasPaul while maintaining an active PLTC subscription, you will be tweeted when newsletters are published, special events are planned, etc. You will receive informative tweets with links to posts, which won't always be sent by email. This includes our new services: Past Life Regression Blog, News Station, and Featured Leaders of Truth

Thank you for your support of Past Life Therapy Center and its mission to encourage mindfulness and inner peace worldwide.

Please also enjoy music and books from our new Therapy Lounge. In the future, it may include various paintings, sculptures and artifacts created by healing artists. If you have suggestions for our lounge, or want to inquire about your artistry being exhibited there, contact me.

*Please hyperlink our domains to your blog or social websites. Thank you for visiting and sharing our new website:

Book an Appointment:  Be involved in our Uplift Your World Event

Past Life Therapy office and phone sessions can be scheduled online, or by contacting PLTC. The PLTC De-Hypnosis Method is available exclusively at Past Life Therapy Center®. You can learn more about the world’s most empowering therapy to heal your mind-body by reading our FAQ page or scheduling a complimentary consultation call.

If you know someone that may be interested in Past Life Therapy, please forward this newsletter or refer-a-friend to PLTC's website. A belief in reincarnation or spirituality isn't necessary for PLTC's process to effectively enable a healthy mind-body.


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