Your Life Party: When Will The Party Begin?
Happiness Begins With You

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When Will The Party Begin?
PLTC Founder: Dr. Thomas Paul, DCH

THE PARTY WILL BEGIN when you feel secure on a consistent basis without fear of life, aging, or death. It begins when you know yourself. It begins when you enjoy your own company.

The party is reinforced when you meet someone special that encourages you to be yourself. It’s trusting that loved ones won’t intentionally hurt you, or attempt to make you feel unwanted. It’s an awareness that you’re spiritually connected with them in life, death, and future lives, though now it’s in a benign and healthy way. It’s when you know that you can let a wonderful person go, yet still sense their presence.

The real party won’t begin until anxiety and pain resolves by reaching a peaceful communion with your past life and present life. Only then can you find and share love with another supportive person, or group, for continual encouragement and evolvement. Consequently, your fantasy life can become more than a dream.

Your real party can naturally happen, but not with incomplete past lifetimes of negative conditioning and traumas. What do you want to feel at your life party? Perhaps joyful, peaceful, connected, purposeful, and safe? As you emotionally and spiritually finish unresolved deaths and traumas, as well as surgeries and prenatal-birth experiences, you can hone the aforementioned feelings.

You may want to materialize this astounding achievement by making real friends, seeking meaningful employment, starting a family, or embarking on new adventures. If your life party could be a daily mindset, or actual event, it may comprise the companionship of everyone you appreciate, if only in spirit. And it should only be with people that want to be there too, including you, as your life party begins with you.

What is the definition of your real life party?  I’m here if you want to talk and get your life party started now.

Best wishes,

Thomas Paul, DCH
Founder of PLTC | Past Life Therapy Center®

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