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Below is an overview of Strangers In The Land Of Confusion by Dr. Morris Netherton. Netherton's Past Lives Therapy (William Morrow, New York, 1978) was the first published book in the field of Past Life Therapy.  Although Morris Netherton is retired from clinical practice, his methods are continued at Past Life Therapy Center®  (PLTC) by founder, Dr. Thomas Paul. The Netherton-Paul Past Life Therapy Method of De-Hypnosis is the most thorough and highly effective therapy method for resolving emotional, behavioral and physical issues.

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Dr. Morris Netherton, in association with PLTC: Past Life Therapy Center, is featured in Medical Renaissance: The Secret Code with Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. 

Preface : Strangers In The Land Of Confusion, Dr. Morris Netherton and Past Life Therapy Center

For 50 years, I have processed over forty thousand sessions in which people lifted the boundaries of their minds and changed their lives.  Many sought therapy to heal physical and emotional pain and did, indeed, free themselves of addictions, phobias, and physical problems.  Many others, however, expanded their lives by exploring the far boundaries of their soul’s evolution.  They discovered earlier existences in which events and situations continue to create the structure of their lives today.  They learned that spiritual evolution determines who they are from cell to soul.  The exploration of this evolutionary process is what I call Past Life Therapy.

I am filled with wonder as I watch clients identify, relive and release unresolved issues from experiences across the vast expanses of time.  In a process which brings the unconscious conscious, the mind is allowed to resolve the events that have unknowingly motivated and influenced the current life experience.  Through exploration and integration of these events, today’s living becomes free of past influences and gains the ability to make choices—and to respond instead of react.
One of my basic goals in developing this process of the mind’s integration and healing was to create change in the current life at both the finite and infinite levels.  Expanding the infinite or spiritual mind must not hinder the ability to live successfully in the work-a-day finite world.  An integrated life will achieve the ability to overcome struggle and confusion.  It will also create an opportunity for personal and financial fulfillment.
The integration of mind, body and soul motivates each session.  The mind is drawn to situations that contain the unconscious perception that we will not survive.  The fears of survival are eliminated when unconscious experiences, which contain pain, trauma and confusion, are resolved and questions answered.  In the process of discovery, the mind first asks the questions, and then provides the answers.  The mind is the ultimate source of survival.  You have the answer to every question in your life.

The first years of my work revealed these patterns in the individual and the ways in which the individual was determined and controlled by them.  My first book, Past Lives Therapy (Wm. Morrow, 1978) presented this process of unconscious discovery in a basic structure.  The latter years of my practice have shown these patterns to exist in families, towns, states, countries, and finally, the world.  Strangers In The Land Of Confusion reveals the larger patterns of spiritual evolution stemming from the on-going cycle of death and rebirth.

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        Morris Netherton (1935-2020)     

The same confusion that will destroy a woman’s immune system and allow cancer to take over will also compromise the immune system of an entire sub-culture and allow the development of AIDS.  One man’s self-destructive thoughts which stem from low self-esteem are also found in starving refugees who are forced to believe they are ethnically inferior and deserve to be punished and killed.  The unfounded fears of an individual who suffers mysterious panic attacks are the same fears that create public policy, which spends vast sums of money for national defense while ignoring the needs of education and public health services.   The patterns of fear and confusion found in individual consciousness are the same patterns found in group consciousness.

God religion life purpose spirituality bible Reviewing thousands of sessions over the years has revealed drugs, politics, materialism and the irresponsible treatment of children as a few of the sources of confusion which are endemic in the lives of us all.  I decided to write this book when it became evident that the ultimate source of confusion is the increasing distortion of spiritual beliefs and practices.  God and religion are used as excuses for corrosive government policies, church edicts of condemnation, and destructive personal behavior.

The case examples I have chosen for this book are typical of the many clients whose personal experiences, in session, have a common thread running through the sources of both creative and destructive events in the history of their soul’s evolution.  In transcribing the sessions for this book, I have eliminated the techniques used to access material.  These techniques are available in both my first and second book, and they are best studied and understood there.

It is the struggle for survival that creates confusion, making the achievement of resolution and change difficult.  A therapeutic process that does not recognize and clear confusion will leave confusion at the source, allowing negative patterns to recreate themselves over and over again.  This confusion has reached epidemic proportions in the lives of people across our land today and has created a land of confusion in which many exist as strangers to themselves, to each other, and to their spiritual source.  We are increasingly becoming Strangers In The Land Of Confusion.


spiritual growth darwins theory evolution creationism After watching a training demonstration, students often ask me if I enjoy my work since it seems to be both physically and emotionally draining.  These sessions can appear to be exhausting because they involve me with the client in a process of discovery, confrontation, and resolution of unconscious fears and confusion.  Many people find it hard to believe that I can repeat these sessions four or five times a day to varying degrees and still maintain my own alertness and effectiveness.  My answer has always been that if I didn’t enjoy my work, I would have never lasted more than a few months.  Therapist’s burnout comes rapidly and overwhelmingly if there are no core beliefs motivating a dedication and fascination with the inner-workings of the human mind.  Each session brings me new dimensions and insights into the functions of the mind and the experiences it discovers.  

I have never had a theory from which I work to prove the authenticity of this process.  In the beginning, I didn’t know enough to formulate a theory; I knew only that each session increased my knowledge and excitement for this method of expanding the mind’s boundaries.  After every two or three years, I evaluate the new concepts and principles that have evolved from the previous sessions.  I have never taught theories in my training programs.  I teach that which has proven to be authentic because it has been effectively demonstrated in my clinical practice.

birth rebirth fetus pregnancy abortion infertility Another question I am often asked is why did I choose this field of work and why have I maintained such a single-focus of attention for so long?  Why have I never digressed to other areas of alternative treatment for mental and spiritual growth?  The answer to both is simple: I have always found the answers to my own life’s questions within the study and practice of this process, and it has always proven to be an effective healing process.

There are five basic beliefs which have become clear to me from years of work and self-exploration.  They speak to basic truths of the human spirit as I now believe them to be.

Belief Number One: We each follow a unique infinite path.

The first is simply recognition of the unique infinite being that lives in each of us.  In The Development of Personality, Carl Jung offers this description of our evolvement to the infinite.  “….about the midday of life, our miraculous human nature enforces the transition that leads from the first half of life to the second.  A metamorphosis from a state in which man is only a tool of instinctive nature, to another in which he is no longer a tool, but himself: a transformation of nature into culture, or instinct into spirit.”

When applied to reincarnation, the above expands to describe Darwin’s Theory of man’s evolution from primitive to modern beings.  Each physical experience is another step in our evolutionary process towards completion as an infinite being.  Our earliest physical lives were guided by the instinct for survival when we responded almost entirely to the demands of flight or fight and the urges to feed ourselves and to reproduce.  For eons of time, our pathways on Earth have led us away from these primitive beginnings toward a more enlightened way of living with ourselves and others.  This may be hard to realize in view of the Earth’s history of violence and destruction, but these eras were part of the ongoing process of evolution set in motion during the earliest days of life on this planet.

Belief Number Two: Conception is a point of transition from the past to the present.

The second belief accepts conception and pregnancy as the time during which the mind’s unconscious script is formulated. This brings forward the unresolved issues and dynamics from past lives, which will formulate the developing fetus’s unconscious patterns for survival.  While the developing fetal body is kept alive by its mother, the spirit is also adapting to accommodate the physical form which will be viable at the time of birth.  At birth, the conscious mind accepts the preexisting unconscious scripts as the authority from which beliefs and behavior patterns will be formulated.  As the conscious mind continues to be motivated by unconscious patterns, the process of spiritual evolution is ongoing for both positive and negative past-life experiences.  The situation which caused death in a previous life is, once again, in place to be resolved and healed in your current life.

Belief Number Three:  Birth begins the conscious process of survival.

The third belief centers on birth as the first complete experience of moving forward in life and, as such, it concretizes both negative and positive survival patterns to be utilized throughout the coming years.  Your experience during birth will determine the patterns which will motivate your life decisions, relationships and achievements.  In The Soul’s Code, In Search of Character and Calling, James Hillman writes that “you and I and every single person are born with a defining image.”  While he does not hypothesize past-experiences to be the source of this image, he clearly recognizes that a newborn baby brings innate intelligence, abilities, and experiences which will grow and flourish through the coming years.

phobias AIDS disease therapy los angeles new york londonBelief Number Four:  What we experienced in the past determines who we are now.

The fourth belief is in response to yet another question I am asked frequently during lectures:  “Even if past lives do exist, what does that mean to my life today?  That was then and this is now.’  To answer this, I once again use the nine months of pregnancy as an example.  During each month of pregnancy, the fetus physically develops what the preceding month makes possible.  Each stage of its growth and development uses the prior stage as a foundation upon which to build until viability is reached.

It is much the same with the soul’s evolutionary process as each lifetime builds and expands upon the experiences of those preceding it.  This current life experience is a reflection of a stage of growth and development your soul has achieved thus far.  Past lives, therefore, are important because they constitute the basis of our identity (and they hold the key to resolving what needs to be completed to move towards the next stage in one’s development).

Belief Number Five: God exists to make all things possible.

Our soul’s journey which takes us through confusion, fear, anger, and sadness to a state of completion, with its joy and happiness, is possible if we recognize that God exists as a benign, nurturing, nourishing, supporting environment.  Within this environment everything in the universe is made available to us in order to complete our evolutionary journey.   To quote T.S. Elliot’s words: “The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time." 


Strangers In The Land Of Confusion by Dr. Morris Netherton and Past Life Thearpy Center®
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Past life regression therapy book by Dr. Morris Netherton that reveals the root of unconscious confusion experienced by many individuals and its correlation to their poor health. The knowledge imparted in this book is of great benefit to every human being, especially those exploring mind-body resolution of their ailments and challenges.  Digital download (PDF). 

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When a woman conceives a child she recreates the universe.  The first moments of creation were the same for the planet as for a baby’s physical body.  They both set in motion a new stage of development for the advancement of individual intelligence within the global mind.  Earth came into existence and is evolving to facilitate the growth and integration of the mind, body, and soul until a cohesive oneness has been achieved.  As the greatest of all facilitators, the earth system of life provides everything needed to gain a perfect alignment resulting in human spirituality.  For centuries, it has provided the means for confronting two basic identities living in each of us that serve a dual purpose in our journey through time.  By experiencing ourselves as both victim and victimizer, we are assured of continuous growth towards a third identity—benign observer.  Because of the various levels of confusion arising from fear when our survival is threatened, we are driven to search for our personal truth and integrity until we complete in our own self-identification.  By experiencing all the many things that spirit and God are not, we can arrive at the totality of what they are.

Somewhere in the centuries after Earth’s conception, there came a period of movement away from the primitive existences towards a greater presence of consciousness for its life forms.  Humans began to be more aware of themselves and their potential for growth.  Eventually, exploration of the mind and physical structure began to occur.  There is a like moment during the seventh month of pregnancy when the developing brain signals the onset of self-awareness and recognition of the process which will separate baby from mother.

Hopefully, we are nearing the end of the era of victim-victimizer and entering the time of the benign observer when each of us will be free to make healthy choices and live happy, creative lives.  Maybe the Earth is moving forward into the eighth and ninth months of its pregnancy on its way to giving birth to its next stage of evolution and all the experiences this will bring to the entire scope of life on this planet.

Editor’s Overview: Strangers In The Land Of Confusion

Past life therapist and pioneer, Dr. Morris Netherton, presents an original metaphysical belief: that each past life experience includes the impact of physical death, and the uniqueness of each death lies at the core of each illness.  When clients are allowed to spontaneously access times and places in world history where their traumatic deaths took place, they have the key to their illnesses or phobias.  Once the parallel is recognized, a connection is made and it’s at that moment spiritual healing begins.

While Dr. Netherton paints precise pictures of past death-present life connections, he also uses a much broader brush stroke to express other beliefs with the common theme that everyone is at the affect of the world’s imprinted history.  A good example is wars.  They regularly occurred down the ages and the accumulations of these deadly aggressions are responsible for viral epidemics that the world fights against today.  Those who died from gunshot and bayonet wounds carried a deadly infection resulting from lack of sanitary conditions on the battlefields and field hospitals.  The physical confusion caused by these infections and viruses is anchored in past life experiences and continues to be brought forth until it is recognized and resolved.  It is this invincibility of the virus today that requires the scientific community to recognize the mind as an integral part of healing.

As victimization, war and trauma have escalated, the earth has become a land of confusion; a place where we are prohibited from knowing ourselves.  As long as we are strangers to our own souls, illnesses, addictions and phobias, confusion with all of its emotional/physical side effects will continue to exist.  Strangers In The Land Of Confusion arms readers with valuable insights that can help them and the people in their universe combat escalating alienation and an assortment of problems.
Concept Overview
At the time of death, the soul leaves the body with a need for resolution that impels the soul to re-establish the same dynamics in their next life.  To do that, the soul selects the appropriate parents and physical body that can reproduce a repetition of past life scenarios to work from.  Lack of understanding this concept can cause confusion.  A therapy that does not recognize and clear this confusion will leave confusion at the source allowing negative patterns to repeat themselves over and over again.  Conversely, by releasing past traumas, individuals can re-define their lives in the present moment.
Universal Appeal
Today, worldwide epidemics of depression and stress induced illnesses are rampant.  These maladies are the result of unresolved trauma that accumulated throughout history.  Expanded awareness of the source of these dynamics, clearly presented in Strangers In The Land Of Confusion can help promote understanding and behavioral change which can heal the world’s suffering soul.

The readership of Strangers In The Land Of Confusion is by no means limited to medical or psychological issues.  The knowledge imparted in this book is of great benefit to every human being.  The very essence of its appeal is the issue of one’s own identity and the unfolding of one’s spiritual evolution.

While a vast array of spiritual, psychological and medical therapies (including a laundry list of pharmaceuticals) have become the panaceas of 21st century ills, Dr. Netherton’s therapeutic approach remedies the soul’s yearning for freedom from past programming.

Additional Remarks

Dr. Netherton is recognized as the first therapist to treat the soul by regressing clients to their past lives.  After his groundbreaking text, Past Lives Therapy (William Morrow, 1978) was exposed to the public on a major media blitz and the term ‘past life’ became a buzzword in the parlance of millions all over the world.

Now, Strangers In The Land Of Confusion reveals deeper insights that resonate on a subconscious level.  Their truthfulness has a distant familiarity that summons calm and comfort whether or not readers are believers of Past Life Therapy.  The understanding of past death coding can offer the first step towards relief from confusion that results from the on-going cycle of death and rebirth.

Note:  Dr. Morris Netherton's Strangers In The Land Of Confusion and Past Lives Therapy are available at  PLTC Bookstore.

Dr. Thomas Paul, specializing in the Netherton-Paul PLT Method, is the last past life therapist Dr. Morris Netherton has fully trained and mentored since retirement from full-time practice.  Dr. Thomas Paul is one of the few therapists Dr. Netherton has awarded with Master Clinical Past Life Therapist certification.

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