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PLTC Founder: Thomas Paul, DCH
Free Yourself: Feel Free, Be Free
"Freedom For Sale"


On this recent “Black Friday” and "Cyber Monday" in The United States of America and throughout the "Free World," I ask you these questions about freedom:
1.       Can anyone experience complete freedom in all aspects of their life?
2.       Do you have to suffer for freedom?
3.       How long will it take for you to achieve freedom?
4.       Are you truly ready for freedom? If not, why?
5.       What is freedom for you, really?

6.       Will freedom last?
7.       What is the value of freedom?
8.       How important is freedom to you?
9.       Is freedom a commodity?  If so, is freedom the world's most valuable commodity?
10.     Is freedom something that you can earn or purchase?

11.     What would you need to let go of to truly feel free?
12.     Do you really know what freedom feels like?
13.     Are you afraid to feel freedom?
14.     Are you afraid or unable to fully feel free?
15.     Can you trust that feeling freedom is possible and sustainable for you (including future lifetimes)?

Freedom Examples

Freedom to do what you want instead of what you’ve been conditioned to believe you have to do
Freedom from a relationship, such as a family member, spouse, business associate, etc.
Freedom from health issues, including mental and physical ailments
Freedom from unconscious "invisible bars" that can imprison you
Freedom to express yourself easily and effortlessly
Freedom to release unresolved suffering
Freedom from "ultra-materialism"
Freedom from past victimization
Freedom from past “mistakes”
Freedom from the confusion
Freedom to live without fear
Freedom to live your life
Freedom to be yourself
Freedom to let go
Freedom to love
Freedom to be

Freedom may be more than the ultimate luxury; it’s an essential component to a healthy mind-body.

Free Yourself: Commit to Freedom

What do you need to free yourself from (unconsciously & consciously) to feel freedom? 

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