Marry Yourself First
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Marry Yourself First 
PLTC Founder: Dr. Thomas Paul, DCH

As you read this today, let this serve as a reminder that it’s never too late to love yourself enough to marry yourself first, even if you’re already married or partnered. Imagine for a moment that this message is an introspection written by you and intended for your future.

Although you may not have fully known it, you’ve been searching for yourself on this journey we call life. You may have unconsciously or naively thought that you could find yourself through someone else. The truth is that many of us need guidance to find ourselves, or to establish comfort from within.

When meeting your facilitator, you may be baffled and confused. You may not know what to expect when examining the unconscious side of yourself. But a part of you will know when you’ve encountered the right person at the right time to enable your development. When realizing and exploring the significance of this fact, your world will become filled with opportunities. You will accept that you can confidently direct yourself.

Your new and exciting future direction will begin the moment that you decide to marry yourself first. And this will be your truth:

I’m an important and interesting person.
I’m compassionate to myself first.
I’m a person of integrity that can inspire others.

I have courage to resolve my past whenever it confronts me.
I never stop asking myself questions and accessing answers from within myself.
I’ve learned that I can let go of anyone that is holding me back.

I’m the person that I’ve always wanted to become; I’m worth loving; I love me.
I love myself enough to marry me.
It’s okay to marry myself first.   

If I desire a supportive partner, then I will attract the perfect person to perpetuate my growth.
We will connect on every meaningful level; together the possibilities will be endless.
Our bond will feel surreal, yet be very real when we unite.
You’re welcome to present yourself anytime… though I already know you, because I know myself.

This world can provide soul-nourishing experiences, including best friends and family.
This universe can facilitate our meeting with a simple command from me.
I will plan my present and future with you.
I have conscious say in my destiny.

Many of us go through life wanting someone completely opposite of ourselves, for we don’t like who we are, or what we see. Through the process of honestly and completely loving yourself, you will want someone like yourself. You can finally accept that you’ve been looking for yourself all along.

When seeking company, it will be with a person who thinks like you, or at least respects your passions and understands you. You should expect someone who values what you do and cares for you. You want yourself whether you recognize it now, or later.

It’s okay to marry yourself first. And then the perfect person outside of yourself can marry you too. This will be someone that you will intuitively recognize, for they are an extension and complement of the person you’ve come to adore, which is yourself.

Best wishes,

Dr. Thomas Paul
Founder of PLTC | Past Life Therapy Center®

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