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PLTC Founder/Author: Dr. Thomas Paul, DCH
Thomas Edison Reincarnated™ 
4-Part PLTC Session Recording & Case Study
Featuring “I’m Sorry to The World” with Thomas Edison, Reincarnated
A male PLTC client re-experiences his past-life death feeling powerless and enraged after being mauled by a bear. This unresolved death is reactivated in his next incarnation, whereby he unconsciously takes on a “bear role” in the form of a ruthless business man, Thomas Alva Edison. The karmic cycles of victim-victimizer are examined in the following session recordings. They reveal Thomas Edison’s hatred of inventor Nikola Tesla, electrocution of animals to demonstrate alternating current being inferior to direct current, and remorse for those harmed by his past-life business dealings and personal behavior.
Thomas Edison became the most important man in the world during his time in an attempt to unconsciously overpower the bear that killed him prior to his famous lifetime. The personality that often surfaces during his Past Life Therapy sessions as Edison is very different from the pleasant, well-mannered man that came to therapy to resolve his current issues. 
Past Life Therapy Center® wasn’t developed to prove the existence of past lives, but rather its objective is enabling individuals to self-heal as much as possible via the unconscious mind, which may include unresolved past-life deaths, prenatal experiences, surgeries, etc. That said these featured recordings are both compelling and important to disclose for its historical significance and understanding of a confused and internally tortured man seeking resolution.  
Some of these recordings are a follow-up on previous sessions that surfaced during my client’s past-life as Thomas Edison. Written permission was received to distribute these therapy session recordings.

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 1 (Synopsis): Thomas Edison’s survival-script/unconscious motivation is disclosed, which drove him to become a merciless businessman. His displaced anger and unbearable behavior created problems for many individuals, including the suicide of a business colleague (see Part 3). The unconscious rage of Edison is evident in these recordings along with jealousy toward those that threatened his empire, especially in the “war of the currents” that resulted in the deaths of household pets. 
Preview Film Part 1 reveals Edison's explosive hatred of archrival Nikola Tesla (contains adult language):

 Preview 0.00 / 3:23

      1-Thomas Edison Part 1 of 4

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 1 of 4 (Full Version): Play Widget (may not be accesssible on phones/tablets) or Download File 1 (25MB mp3)

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 2 (Synopsis):  The bear scenario is recreated in the form of his overbearing, present-life father. Past Life Therapy also reveals that male breast tissue may have developed (known as gynecomastia, or abnormal growth of mammary glands in males) to unconsciously build up protection from the past-life bear attack and has served as an intimacy barrier. Once again, Edison feels defeated even as a powerful business mogul whose exhausted body fails from diabetes complications (reinforced by unresolved past-lives victimization). He also mentions that x-ray exposure may have contributed to his poor health.

The beliefs “I [must] keep myself detached and relationships at arm’s length”, “I don’t let others get close as they could harm me” and “run, run, run, don’t think [at the cost of one’s health and others], or I’ll die” is examined. The reincarnated Thomas Edison apologizes for his unconsciously motivated behaviors that affected many individuals, including his family: “I’m sorry to the world. I was running from a [past-life] bear. I was hardly even human.” Note: A large pillow with applied pressure was used to symbolize and solicit a reaction to the past-life bear attack in attempt to resolve anger at its source.

        2-Thomas Edison Part 2 of 4

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 2 of 4: Play Widget or Download File 2 (27MB mp3)

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 3 (Synopsis):  Edison prevents a double suicide after hearing that his business colleague, Mr. John Randolph, has killed himself. Edison blames himself for the suicide as he claims “I created a monster” known as the Edison Company, which had spiraled out of control resulting in lawsuits.

         3-Thomas Edison Part 3 of 4  

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 3 of 4: Play Widget or Download File 3 (14MB mp3)

Edison’s visit to Mr. Randolph’s home is documented in the New Brunswick Times 18 February 1908, Edison Prevents Double Suicide.  Interestingly, there is a “Bear Brothers” advertisement above the article symbolic of Edison’s unconscious plight. One may wonder if there were unconscious forces nudging Mr. Edison to examine what this monster he created was really about: resolving his past-life bear attack.

Download New Brunswick Times newspaper article pdf file (supplement to Part 3): Edison_Prevents_Double_Suicide_New_Brunswick_Times_1908-02-18.pdf (378 KB pdf) 

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 4 (Synopsis):  An adolescent Thomas Alva Edison experiments with a chemistry kit while taking a break from selling candy and newspapers. When his experiment goes awry, a fire erupts on the train that was extinguished in the nick of time by the train conductor, who then abruptly disciplines Alva by pulling his ear. It should be noted that Edison had congenital hearing loss made worse by a bout with scarlet fever, which may have exacerbated his gradual hearing loss. 

          4-Thomas Edison Part 4 of 4  

Thomas Edison Reincarnated Part 4 of 4: Play Widget or Download File 4 (10MB mp3)


Reincarnated Thomas Edison still remains passionate about sound, which may partly be attributed to an unconscious attempt to fully retain his distorted, past-life hearing handicap. From his demonstration of the first phonograph in 1877 to his present-life interest in restoring instruments and producing musical compositions via digital means, his passion has been evident even before he was conscious of his past-life as Thomas Alva Edison.

He lives a modest, private existence in this lifetime and is working to further resolve past-life fears that have held him back personally and professionally. Since Past Life Therapy he reports overall weight loss, including a significant reduction in breast tissue. This is an extraordinary achievement for the gynecomastia is no longer unconsciously and emotionally reinforced as protection from a past-life bear attack to his chest.

Past Life Therapy has enabled him to develop his self-esteem and release victimization survival-scripts at its source. This milestone was also made possible by resolution of stress and unconscious body image issues stemming from his mother's thoughts during his prenatal development and birth. His anger is resolving and his true nature as a kind and compassionate man continues to surface with a renewed outlook on life.

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In compliance with state and federal laws, PLTC does not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases. PLTC provides alternative/healing arts therapy that encourages emotional resolution of current challenges at their unconscious sources; this may include past lives, prenatal/birth experiences, present-life traumas, surgeries, etc.  PLTC's Method of Past Life Therapy provides a uniquely thorough form of past life regression, hypnotherapy and hypnosis for enabling clients to overcome health, personal and professional challenges.  Information contained in this article has not been evaluated by the FDA or any psychological or medical licensing body.  Written approval was received to anonymously publish this article/case study for educational purposes.


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