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Past Life Therapy for Resolution and Evolution™  

 Choose to Evolve: The Time is Now™ ™ ™ ™ 

Healing Begins With The Mind™  

By Thomas Paul, DCH, Founder of Past Life Therapy Center® 

Note: Information about medical conditions is not intended to discourage readers from seeking medical advice or treatment. The opinions for this book outline are based on observations from my clinical practice, including Dr. Morris Netherton's 45 years of research and clinical experience.  Since Past Life Therapy is considered alternative therapy, PLTC: Past Life Therapy Center cannot and does not claim to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose a disease.  Please visit PLTC bookstore for completed books.

AUTHOR: Dr. Thomas Paul (Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Clinical Past Life Therapist)


A belief in reincarnation or spirituality isn’t necessary for the therapy process practiced at PLTC to be effective.  Past Life Therapy is a process of finishing unresolved experiences.  It allows a person to resolve confusion stemming from past-life programming, which will unconsciously influence physical and mental challenges.  Past Life Therapy Center Los Angeles provides a uniquely thorough form of past life regression, hypnotherapy and hypnosis for enabling clients to overcome health, personal and professional challenges. 

FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS (Conservation of energy)

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.   We have always been here and we will always be here in one form or another.    We carry forward our consciousness, or awareness, as well as our lack of it.  Healing and spiritual/mental evolution is a choice that begins with the mind. Once the evolutionary process of healing begins, the only limits that exist are attempts to place finite constraints on an infinite mind existing in an infinite universe.


We are energy (e.g. souls having a human experience) repeating victim-victimizer and survival-based mindsets until these patterns, or unconscious programs, no longer control our destiny.  Spiritual evolution, or alignment, is resolving these karmic-like cycles that developed during primitive times of actually fighting for our survival. Past Life Therapy (PLT) short-cuts the process of victimization by resolving traumatic, emotionally charged events and other confusing experiences at its sources. Through a process of resolving the past and developing consciousness, one can move forward from survival-mode to thrive-mode. 


The purpose of this book is to offer readers inspiration and insight into a therapeutic process that allows individuals to resolve unconscious dialogue, which often includes traumatic events with its associated internal dialogue.  Past Life Therapy utilizing the Netherton-Paul Method of De-hypnosis provides individuals with an opportunity to gain control over unconscious, past-life survival scripts that are preventing them from experiencing a healthy and mindful reality.
Many individuals have some degree of unresolved past experiences (UPE), or unresolved traumatic experiences (UTE), which can reinforce a confusing mind in this lifetime.  Some of us have more unresolved experiences to sort through and complete than others.  If more individuals were resolved of their past-life programming, we could live in a more highly evolved world.  Evolution, which I will define as a balanced mind-body, is a process of gaining full consciousness or awareness.  Theoretically, life on earth could resemble a Utopian-like existence measured by domestic/world peace, which is only sustainable with widespread, inner peace of its individuals.  It could be a place without the unconscious need to harm another person or oneself and where abuse and self-abuse patterns are no longer part of one’s consciousness.  It could also be defined as an existence where we are awakened to our purpose and more appreciative of our surroundings on a global scale.
This type of existence may not resonate with everyone.  We may never achieve world peace, and it may never be possible for all individuals to experience a peaceful reality at the same time. There may never be a global, Utopian-like existence on Earth.  However, a person can choose to experience peace within, and once achieved he/she can create an environment to reflect it.  

What does your current reality look like now? Who are the people in your life? What role might these people play in supporting unresolved, victim-victimizer scripts?  Is it time for a change?  We are ultimately responsible for our personal evolution and well-being if we choose to evolve.  We develop and advance at varying paces, and if someone is '"stuck" in a reality that is preventing them from moving forward, then Past Life Therapy will guide them to a place where they are “unstuck.” 
It is likely there will always be those who need chaos and destruction in their lives until they are ready to resolve through survival-based tendencies engrained in them on a celluar/soul level.  The Earth if filled with souls whose physical manifestation is simply a playground, or battlefield, to experience and resolve karma. Therefore, the existence of the planet is perfect in many ways, for it reflects the collective unconsciousness of most individuals (i.e., the need to still have fear, confusion, and victimization in one’s life).

For those who have unresolved past experiences, victimization manifests as behavioral and health problems from minor physical ailments to terminal diseases as the ultimate expression of confusion.   This lack of clarity, emotional expression (closure), from unconscious past- and present-life traumas, is held in the body until released.  We could witness a reality in which more of us have evolved beyond the cycles of victimization and chaos.  Eventually, we could reach a level of global consciousness where more individuals have adopted a more humane, healthy and peaceful existence as benign observer (active participants in life who have resolved victim-victimizer cycles from their past).
Past Life Therapy accesses previous memories that may contain unconscious beliefs of unworthiness contributing to victimization.  These beliefs are created due to commands from dialogue or body language expressed at the time of a traumatic, unconscious experience often resulting in confusion.   This confusion can be rooted in past-lives, and then reinforced in prenatal/birth experiences, present-life states of shock/trauma, or other unconscious events such as surgeries involving general anesthesia.
Past Life Therapy Center utilizes self-guided dehypnosis (focused-state) rather than traditional hypnotherapy or psychotherapy.  It's a unique method that doesn't entail "suggestive programming."  If anything, it has a deprogramming aspect.  Past Life Therapy is a process of self-discovery revealing one’s reincarnation journey.   PLT will provide a greater understanding of how one came to be the person they are today.  It uncovers one’s karmic cycles of both victim and victimizer while empowering one with insight and reframed (resolved) past events.  PLT manifests a feeling of completeness and well-being.

Reframing is a technique used to create a shift in a client's conscious awareness and changes any false logic instilled during an unconscious event or trauma regardless of its origin. It can create an outcome that, unlike 'erasing a memory,' allows a person to manifest and then communicate an appropriate response (sometimes as role-play) to a past scene.  This provides emotional closure and clarification (resolution); a technique in which a client can re-experience an emotionally charged event and alter the dialogue to complete and regain control over experiences.

Basically, it's saying or doing what you could not say or do at the time even if it just takes place in the mind. It can create an energetic shift releasing karmic energy and emotional/physical pain held in place by unresolved issues at its core. Reframing is the final step in the resolution process of a particular event worked in session.  This occurs in a therapeutic setting, which prevents a client from re-creating similar unconscious circumstances as an attempt to achieve this closure.


There are rarely any coincidences or accidents, including one’s injuries, illnesses, or “random” events/meetings.  We attract everything by our thoughts and that’s why it’s important to become conscious of our unconscious dialogue.  Synchronicities sometimes reinforce, test, or provoke expansion of consciousness by reinforcing pain and suffering until survival-based beliefs from traumatic past-life deaths are released.
Let’s assume for discussion purposes that we unconsciously choose the parents that will reinforce any unresolved experiences remaining at the time of one’s death.   An unconscious victimhood mentality and a threat to one’s survival can begin prior to birth.  For example, I once worked with a client who was kicked to death in his stomach and then reincarnated (as female) to a father that ferociously kicked his 8-months pregnant wife in the abdomen, which almost killed her and the unborn child.  

This father’s anger and overall energy expressed into words during my client’s therapy session was very similar to the dialogue that was recorded during her past-life death.  My client’s unconscious mind will interpret this prenatal trauma as her being beaten in the stomach.  The survival-script then dictates that anxiety and other forms of suffering are necessary (mother’s anxiety becomes baby’s anxiety and it’s what got her born).  In other words, the unconscious script becomes “as long as I’m being beaten and anxiety ridden, at least I’m still alive” since the unconscious mind interprets the beatings as normal.  Once the beating (victimization) stops, the mind interprets this as death is coming.  Peace was only achieved by leaving the body after a traumatic, past-life death.   Therefore, anxiety becomes necessary to assure survival until this unconscious belief is resolved and peacefulness becomes a normal way of being.

It’s commonly believed that anxiety, mood disorders, drug use (including alcoholism), etc. is “genetic.”  It’s often a matter of resolving the confusing dialogue and behaviors dictated by mother, father, anesthesiologist/doctor, etc. during unconscious experiences such as the prenatal.  Birth further activates the unconscious script that carries forth the genetic expression necessary to assure continual victimization.

It’s no accident that my client chose the perfect mother and father to perpetuate her unresolved scripts.   If we chose the parents that perfectly match our scripts, then we chose the ones that would treat us the way we felt about ourselves at the time of our death.  If someone felt unworthy of love, he or she would choose parents that would continue this belief or script.  If one is able to change this unconscious belief pattern before death, then it’s rather unlikely one would attract/choose parents or relationships that would continue these cycles of victimization (mental and physical ailments, overall hardship, etc.) in the next life.

We unconsciously choose our sex, sexuality, attributes and "flaws," including the foundation for how seamless or difficult of a life we will have during the next incarnation. The soul will attract whatever physical, mental, and emotional qualities are required to re-experience the past be it painful or pleasant.  This depends on the level of resolution or evolution one achieves before death.
In your next lifetime, you may reincarnate as a different race, gender or sexuality.  You will likely attract whatever is necessary to continue your spiritual growth.   When you reincarnate into your new body you will experience life again with whatever unresolved issues that were present at the time of death.  Therefore, you may wish to make each incarnation more enjoyable by resolving what needs to be completed and return as a more highly evolved individual.  


How can a 10 year-old with limited training compose a symphony, or masterfully play the piano, or perform in a ballet as if they’ve danced forever?  Their past lives will likely reveal that they have mastered these activities in other lifetimes.  Why do some “geniuses" appear miserable or tortured by their abilities?  Their past-life survival may have been based on optimum performance at all costs (e.g., an abusive parent demanding that their child practice while receiving threats of punishment for non-compliance, or one’s livelihood dependant on perfecting their craft).  Any survival-based issues should be resolved.   People can then move onto another skill or maintain their present talents (as true passions) without the unconscious dialogue insisting they perform for their survival.

Resolving UPE (unresolved past experiences) will enable a person to alleviate or fully resolve mental/physical problems, which are often rooted in past-life ailments, injuries and traumatic events.   Resolution will occur once the unconscious attraction to painful experiences and self-abuse patterns is released.  This is accomplished by sorting through the confusion recorded during unconscious events that holds victimization in place.  Any unjust past experience will be completed and understood, which will encourage productive experiences that support wellness. 

When one reclaims their sense of worth, he/she will decline from engaging in behaviors out of alignment with one’s authentic self.   One will develop increased self-esteem and the attraction to escaping reality will diminish.   Self-inflicted abuse through poor diet, drugs, or unhealthy relationships, will cease.   As consciousness expands, a person appreciates their existence.  They can maximize their growth potential in this lifetime and reclaim their sense of worthiness for many lifetimes of well-being.
Every unconscious event or state of shock is unconsciously recorded and contained in cellular/soul memory as commands.  These commands affect our unconscious motivations and likelihood of repeating a similar injury, trauma, or illness in the future.  Past Life Therapy utilizing de-hypnosis will access and resolve these commands.  By resolving issues at its core, UPE (unresolved past experiences) will no longer reinforce behavioral and physical issues.
It may never be possible to prove past lives just as it may never be possible to prove that mental illnesses exist, which is the reason they are called "disorders."  Does that mean we should disregard or minimize what a client uncovers in Past Life Therapy as “collective unconsciousness,”' or false memories, if the recall that surfaces creates resolution, inner peace, and improved health?  The experiences recalled during Past Life Therapy sessions are sometimes compared to what one would experience in a dream-state. However, accessing past life memories or other unconscious events (prenatal, shocking events, surgeries, etc.) doesn’t involve a state of hypnosis or dream-state, rather it’s a hyper focused-state compared to dreaming or traditional hypnosis.   A person’s dream details much like a past-life memory are one’s unique experience that cannot be proven, but that doesn’t mean the details should be discounted as false recollection.

PLTC sessions involve grounding a client into an experience by having them talk from their body as if it could speak while focusing on their current victim-victimizer reality.  The client can then connect their present reality to its survival-based beginnings with assistance from the therapist. The body doesn’t lie and the truth eventually surfaces.  We would never say to a trustworthy person, "I question that you had a dream last night or that what you experienced was a lie."  The details may be “fuzzy,” but the general recall is valid.  And in Past Life Therapy this recall is vital to an individual’s self-healing.  If one’s resolution of a traumatic memory creates change and gets results, then that is what really matters rather than proving whether past lives exist.


If you answered “no,” then you could benefit from the Netherton-Paul Method of Past Life Therapy.   It’s okay to be perfect.  In fact, it’s a very healthy mindset.  The universe is perfect.  Mistakes are perfect for we can choose to learn from them.  Everyone is experiencing their need to be a victim, victimizer, or benign observer and this correlates perfectly to each individuals’ unique path and level of evolution.  To encourage health, the mind must communicate to every cell in the body that it’s okay to be perfect/healthy.  Resolving confusion (conflicting voices and traumatic experiences) at its unconscious sources will release the mindset that can communicate to every cell in the body:  “I’m not worthy,” and “I’m not perfect.” This “I’m less than” script reinforces disease (expressed confusion) and exhaustion from trying to be perfect by societal definitions.  This triggers an unconscious and sometimes conscious “way out” when one cannot live up to their finite mind’s perception of perfection. 

One cannot be hypnotized to believe they are perfect.   It’s something one comes into by releasing the unconscious dialogue stating the opposite.  Whatever someone is experiencing is perfect for right now until one can move through their victim-victimizer reality.  When one is tired of this karmic cycle, Past Life Therapy will help.  Healing begins with the mind  resolving the confusing messages contributing to victimization until one achieves alignment with their innate worth and perfection.   Acknowledging one’s intrinsic perfection is a combination of acceptance and self-love.  It’s not being “full of one’s self,” rather it’s being yourself.

Unfortunately, our society encourages the motto, “nobody’s perfect/ I’m not perfect,” which is engrained in many aspects of everyday living.  For example, it’s reinforced by advertisers who directly and subliminally target the victims of this mentality by fueling insecurities and perceived imperfections with material substitutes.  For many, “You’re not good enough or perfect enough” is also reinforced by parents, educators, and clergy with an implied message such as “You aren’t worthy yet.”

A healthy ego that encourages one’s worth is vital for spiritual growth and wellness.  Various life experiences and mistakes may be necessary, but that is the reason we reincarnate—to clear confusion, resolve karma and evolve.  Reaching a level where one validates their innate human value is fulfilling emotionally and essential for prolonged health.  In contrast, extreme perfectionism or narcissistic behavior is usually indicative of those who feel empty inside.  Narcissism is a heightened form of ‘I’m nobody” and “I’m going to imagine that I am somebody by living an illusion of perfection.  I’m going to put others down, to make myself feel better and prove I’m somebody.”  However, imagining you are somebody is very different from realizing that you are.  When one truly realizes they are somebody and already perfect, they don’t feel a need to prove it.  Furthermore, pursuing excellence is healthy and rational while pursuing finite definitions of perfection at all costs is dysfunctional and can be life-threatening.  See case study on suicidal depression and perfectionism.



As defined by Dr. Netherton: “God could be compared to what a uterus is to a child in the prenatal stages of development.”  An environment that contains everything one needs to develop and grow in order to survive and thrive.  Is it a being?  It is if you want it to be.  We are all from the same source as God.  Therefore, we can evolve to be closer to its/his/her likeness.  Everyone is entitled to their own definition of God and what religion they choose to practice, if any.  Ultimately, God is what you want it to be and it’s for each of us to decide.  

We are far more than just a physical body.   We are the most advanced species on the planet with limitless possibilities and creative energy.  The body is simply a temporary place to park our energetic soul that longs to experience life.

Fear is rooted in many lifetimes of living as a victim and/or victimizer.  There is a legitimate reason to be fearful and attract events that reinforce your fears if you haven’t resolved these patterns.  Your fears are an indication of past-life events that remain unresolved.  Resolution encourages the role of benign observer; a person who evolves beyond the cycles of victimization. True observers may witness the drama of victimization, but don’t feel an attraction to it.  Through resolution and evolution, one can live in peace when they are ready and without fear.


The unconscious mind is essentially a tape recorder.  It records sounds, actions, and non-verbal communication/energy interpreted as commands that motivate and direct.  The mind is always recording even when you are asleep and is especially vulnerable to "programming" during drug-induced unconscious states from surgeries, shock/trauma, pre-natal/birth experiences, and past-lives.   The unconscious mind is irrational and doesn’t care about you.  Its only purpose is to record and direct, similar to how a computer follows an installed software program or an operating system's commands.  You are affected by the directions/confusion created during these recorded events, which can manifest as present-life behavioral and medical issues.   Unresolved moments of shock and trauma leave the mind in a type of altered state.   Past Life Therapy utilizing de-hypnosis allows you to release the repressed (or suppressed) traumas and emotionally charged events in a clinical setting.  The soulful mind longs to resolve confusion and finish the unresolved events of the past.

Resolution encourages alignment with one’s authentic self.   This results in a person doing what they want to do, and not doing what they used to feel they had to do.   Authenticity means not conforming to be what people want you to be or allowing yourself to be defined by your peers.  Others have to accept you in whatever way you choose to live your peaceful existence.  If not, they will no longer become an integral part of your primary relationships.  You will want to honor your authentic self and reinforce your new script of worthiness with supportive individuals.


Feelings of despair can occur when a person is overcome with the weight from accumulating lifetimes of unresolved past experiences.  Despair may increase when a specific event reinforces one’s unconscious feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt or abandonment.  A depressed person feels hopeless and believes there’s no way out of their predicament or unhappiness. Sadness and confusion take over and can temporarily or permanently debilitate a person.   One will purposely or unconsciously attract circumstances that result in additional suffering as a form of survival.  

A depressed person often feels alone in the world and unsure of where to go for help or may feel no one can help. Everything seems to be pointless and takes too much energy.   There is often a feeling of being “stuck” without a solution. This is often the last feeling they had in their body prior to death. An example of a past-life, unconscious script that could lead to despair: "As long as I feel half dead, I know I’m still alive."  If someone died during a rape, or even a natural disaster resulting in being stuck or unable to move, this will result in a script of: “As long as I feel this weight (heaviness), I’m still alive. The minute the weightlessness and peace occurred, I was dead.”  Therefore, the false belief is that suffering is necessary to ensure survival even if it’s an unpleasant existence.


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder)

OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

Uncontrollable, repetitive activity is often an unconscious attempt to numb or avoid dealing with the past.  It could also be an activity that reinforces past behaviors. The survival-based scripts encouraging compulsive behaviors could be, “As long as I don’t feel this, at least I’ll survive this,” or it could be the opposite, such as “As long as I feel pain, I’m still alive.”

ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), as defined by the medical community, are sometimes from abusive or neglectful households.  If a child has combative parents creating an unstable environment, a child may feel a need to be on-guard.  However, Past Life Therapy sessions often reveal that children unconsciously attract the environment that reflects what was unresolved in their past-life environment or death experience. An unstable or insecure past-life existence carries forward to the next incarnation beginning in the prenatal/birth experience. People who were abused or abusive to others in past lives will often unconsciously pick the parents that will reinforce the likelihood of victimhood in childhood and/or adulthood.  

If a child doesn’t have a peaceful environment in which to grow-up, they can't focus on certain tasks.  Children who lack quality attention behave in negative ways in hopes of getting any attention.  Their misbehaving is a cry for parents to do something, or stop doing something.  Children learn creative ways of gaining attention by acting out or losing focus.  They may be avoiding focus on a particular task or circumstance if it parallels or triggers an unconscious, past-life fear or trauma.  Most anything that can’t be explained on a conscious level has an unconscious, survival-based source even in young children.
Some parents are too quick to drug their children.  There are numerous studies examining the dangers of psychiatric drugs linking them to mood disorders, suicide, and decreasing the functioning of the brain.  There are currently no medical tests that prove the existence of what is called ADD/ ADHD.  In my opinion, the long-term uses of mind-numbing drugs are promoting a semi-unconscious state with all its confusion in place. 


Many symptoms from illness are reinforced by the unconscious mind, which can manifest ailments via commands or cellular memory originating from a past-life injury or trauma.  A dehypnosis session will locate the unconscious source of one’s illness which when located and resolved will enable one to begin a process of self-healing.  The mind communicates to the body in the form of symptoms, which can be interpreted as misalignment on a spiritual or soul level.  Example chapters may include:


Arthritis is often lifetimes of torture and defeat with deeply unresolved/unexpressed anger internalized.





Negative, survival-based patterns that are contributing to cycles of victimization can end. The de-hypnotic process utilized at Past Life Therapy Center enables clients to resolve their unresolved past experiences (UPE) and unconscious scripts contributing to health problems.
To be continued...

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