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Recover Yourself (With Past Life Regression Therapy) + Popular Retweets

Do you know anyone recovering from the loss of someone important to them? Do you have any friends or family struggling to recover from their ailments or misgivings? Are you someone who is trying to recover yourself?

Perhaps everyone reincarnates to recover, or to enable others to recover. The key to successful recovery resides in unresolved, past-life experiences contained within your unconscious mind-body. The Past Life Therapy Center® De-Hypnosis Method with Dr. Thomas Paul encourages lasting resolution of your unconscious or incomplete past, which is essential for a sustainable recovery.

Past Life Therapy Center’s De-Hypnosis Method doesn’t entail symptom management, nor claim to cure diseases—though clients have reported reversal of advanced health matters. Rather, PLTC promotes a release from unconsciously absorbed confusion and suffering from past-lives, prenatal/birth experiences, surgeries, and so on. As a result, the body responds positively to a resolved and aligned mind as you choose to recover yourself.

Your self-healing process may involve recovery from drug, alcohol, or smoking addiction; anxiety, depression, or persistent fear; or illness, surgery, or chronic pain. You may also find, as former PLTC clients have discovered, that weight or body image issues, relationship or career obstacles, and pregnancy complications or sexual problems can resolve when incorporating the unconscious mind with your healing process.

Through PLTC’s empowering form of past life regression therapy, your life satisfaction level will expand as you develop conscious ways to clear and focus your mind. You will also understand your intricate soul journey in therapy, which instills confidence, peace, and assurance about your future. In other words, you become the master of your life as a benign observer of confusion, not a victim or victimizer of a recovering, chaotic world.

If you need to recover yourself, make this “The Year of Recovery.”


Best wishes,

Dr. Thomas Paul, DCH
Founder of PLTC | Past Life Therapy Center®
Resolve the past. Move forward.®                         

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Experience The Year of Recovery with Dr. Thomas Paul
Dr. Thomas Paul, founder of Past Life Therapy Center®, practices past life regression primarily in Los Angeles, CA, though he can be retained worldwide via travel, phone, or Skype (teleconferencing sessions are an effective alternative to in-person sessions and deliver exceptional results). The PLTC De-Hypnosis Method is available exclusively at Past Life Therapy Center®. You can learn more about the world’s most empowering therapy to heal your mind-body by reading our FAQ page or scheduling a complimentary consultation call.

If you know someone that may be interested in Past Life Therapy, please recommend our website. A belief in reincarnation or spirituality isn't necessary for PLTC's process to effectively enable a healthy mind-body.


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