Welcoming Death
Past life regression therapy

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Welcoming Death
PLTC Founder: Dr. Thomas Paul, DCH

One of the most enjoyable experiences of life can be death. The act of death is where you agree to let go. It’s where you connect with God and self. It’s not God in any physical or theological construct; God is simply a namesake for describing a benign environment conducive for freedom and self-acceptance.  

Death is where you can‘t be wrong. It’s where you don’t worry about anything, or anyone, harming you.

Death is where your soul resides to be at peace.

Death is a beautiful place; be there whenever you want as it’s possible to experience death both inside and outside of the body, if you allow it.

Let me enable you to re-experience your past-life deaths so that you can end any cycles of living with unresolved and destructive symptoms of dying to feel alive. Past Life Therapy Center® provides a process in which you gain control of your past, present and future. It’s a healing process that motivates your mind to remove finite boundaries and releases yourself from unconsciously reinforced ailments and impediments. The Past Life Therapy Center® De-Hypnosis Method with Dr. Thomas Paul encourages a permanent solution for resolving internal chaos manifested externally as emotional, behavioral, and physical problems.

Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, fearing the death of someone close to you, or you’re avoiding discussions about your mortality, I’m here to help you embrace your past life deaths and future ones with the goal of comfortably grounding yourself in the present.

By resolving traumatic past life deaths, births, surgeries, etc., it’s possible to experience both your present life and inevitable death with serenity. With PLTC’s effective form of past life regression therapy, you can eliminate unconscious recreations of unresolved deaths as negative survival patterns and circumstances. You can live life without an unconscious script of having to feel sad, anxious, or angry in order to feel alive.

Welcoming your past life deaths with openness is empowering and freeing. The process itself can happen readily as you’re guided out of any confusion and struggle surrounding your previous deaths. Welcoming death is an integral part of welcoming life. Please contact me with any questions that you may have, or to book an appointment.

Please also forward this message to a family member and friend.

Note: For any individuals that are suicidal, feelings of wanting to escape or die are indicative of unresolved karma, such as debilitating birth/death agreements, or confusing surgical commands. Suicide will stunt ones evolutionary process as one simultaneously elicits both victim and victimizer. Simply put, it’s not a solution. Productive healing work transpires in the living mind-body. As one resolves feelings of trapped or stuck at its unconscious sources, one can liberate themselves from having to actually die to feel connected, safe, and powerful.  


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Past Life Therapy office and phone sessions can be scheduled here. The PLTC De-Hypnosis Method is available exclusively at Past Life Therapy Center®. You can learn more about the world’s most empowering therapy to heal your mind-body by reading our FAQ page or scheduling a complimentary consultation call.

 A belief in reincarnation or spirituality isn't necessary for PLTC's process to effectively enable a healthy mind-body.



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