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Is your ailment or health challenge missing from the case studies below or at the links above?  Please try the search box for an inquiry, subscribe to PLTC Newsletter Articles because your interests could be pending publication, or contact PLTC to ask a question.  PLTC aims to enable clients to resolve any unconscious, emotional issues reinforcing present-life problems.

Past Life Therapy Center prides itself on maintaining client confidentiality.  Written approval was received to anonymously publish these case studies  and newsletter articles for educational purposes.  In compliance with federal laws, PLTC does not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases.

Anxiety & Male Sexual Issues Reinforced by Past-Life Traumas & Circumcision, Updated: September 12, 2013

Anxiety and male sexual issues reinforced by past life traumas and circumcision resolved with the Past Life Therapy Center® Method, which includes an analysis of the emotional and physical risks of present-day circumcisions...Jim: "I can’t live with this. I want to die. He’s over me saying, That’s what you get when you f*** with my family, boy. How does that feel? Now what are you going to do with it? You thought you were going to get away with it? How you feeling now? It looks like we won’t be seeing you around her no more. I’m about to dig a hole for your ass. You’re done, son."

Thomas Edison Reincarnated™ Past Life Therapy 4-Part Session Recording & Case Study Featuring “I’m Sorry to The World” with Thomas Edison, Reincarnated 

Preview Thomas Edison's hatred of archrival Nikola Tesla (contains adult language):


MS: A Past Life Attack Of The Mind

Medical Doctor Resolving Nazi Doctors' Experiments

Robin Williams Tribute: From Someone He Never Met

You Are Not Alone With Past Life Therapy Center

Your Life Party: When Will The Party Begin?

Welcoming Death

Marry Yourself First Launch

Freedom For Sale: Feel Free, Be Free, "Black Friday"

Home In The Shadows, Hell's Playground

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