Aging Consciously Is Beautiful
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Aging Consciously is Beautiful
by Dr. Thomas Paul, founder of Past Life Therapy Center

Aging is rewarding when experienced with an awakened mind, especially if you’re practicing a health-conscious regimen, such as a commitment to mental and physical wellness.

Aging happens, and it’s persistent. There is no escaping it, though many have tried to ignore its call. Aging, like death, is inevitable. However, both aging and death can be experienced pleasurably and with complete acceptance.

It’s okay to allow yourself to age; it’s not a death sentence. Aging is a life story made up of many paragraphs and chapters. Aging only feels like misery, or triggers a negative association with death, if you have unresolved, past-life deaths. Your soul is infinite; you’ll reincarnate with another body. Make this the life where you resolve all fears of aging, disease or death.

Are you someone who believes that your aspirations and existence will cease with aging and death? Do you worry that you’ll be forgotten and experience loneliness with increased age? Does the subject of aging make you cringe or think of death with negativity? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, you may have false beliefs typical of someone unconsciously living in an unresolved, past-life reality.

If you believe that aging is equated with death, your fears are likely rooted in an unconscious trauma that makes you feel like dying when you ponder aging. This is indicative of having died in agony.

Unnatural deaths involve unconscious roles of victim-victimizer motivated by unresolved survival fears. For example, a past lifetime as a geisha, courtesan, or wife solely dependent on their physical attributes to remain of interest to their suitor, financier, or wealthy husband would generate survival fears about aging. Another example is being a victim of racism or prejudice whereby being singled out for your appearance was, in fact, a death sentence.

The Past Life Therapy Center® De-Hypnosis Method is the most empowering way to resolve unconscious fears of aging and death (it’s also a process for facilitating the resolution of karma). You can experience a life that is free of victimization while enjoying a peaceful, conscious aging process and death. This resolved, benign state of consciousness will carry over to your next incarnation from the moment of conception to birth.

If you’re afraid of sickness, aging or death, unconscious fears are driving you and they’re detrimental to your health and personal evolution. Aging and welcoming death can be beautiful if you access the mystery surrounding your unresolved, past-life deaths. You can then allow mindful, graceful aging.

If aging makes you feel worthless, Past Life Therapy Center’s De-Hypnosis Method is the therapy process for you to explore any mixed emotions or uncertainty about your intrinsic value. It will empower you to resolve fears of chronic ailments and aging. You can examine any phobias in a setting conducive for self-healing in an intelligent, respectful and compassionate way. You can do this by allowing any confusion about aging and death to surface. It’s okay to talk about death, and it’s okay to "feel death" until there are no fears about it. Re-experiencing and embracing death in therapy sessions is uplifting; past life regression therapy stimulates creativity, awareness and a resolved mindbody.

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Enjoy your life. Nourish your soul, mind and body. Age consciously while maintaining your youthful energy and glow.

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