Karma, “The Secret”, and Past Life Therapy
Past life regression therapy: What is karma?

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PLTC Founder: Dr. Thomas Paul, DCH

What is karma?  How can Past Life Therapy utilizing de-hypnosis resolve karma?

Note: This article examines how resolving karma, knowing the real secret behind the controversial film The Secret, and how partaking in Past Life Therapy will enable you to achieve your goals, feel good, and thrive.
The word karma means actions and energy. It's the law of attraction. Energy can be re-directed or transferred, but not created or destroyed. Hence, your karmic, unconscious energy can shift to repel harmful, unpleasant energy or transform and consistently attract healthy, balanced energy. Karma mirrors a person’s current state of mind.  A person’s karmic energy attracts similar energy or situations.  Karma is neither good nor bad.  It "just is" or "what presents itself."  It's what your unconscious mind is dictating you need to experience.

Think of yourself as a magnet or energy field resonating at a certain frequency attracting individuals and situations with a similar frequency; the way you respond to the energies of others will give you more of the same.  Hence, you can manipulate karma by a shift in your energetic frequency, awareness and unconscious thoughts.  Past Life Therapy, pioneered by now retired Dr. Morris Netherton and continued by Dr. Thomas Paul, will adjust your energetic frequency and enable you to resolve past-life karma in a clinical setting versus unconsciously attracting undesirable karma in today’s living. Unwanted karma will eventually transfer to someone else's energy or unconscious scripts matching their need to experience survival-based victimization, which often manifests addictions, chronic illnesses, accidents, emotional crises, etc.

At time of death, any unconscious issues left unresolved will carry forward to future lifetimes at birth and throughout adulthood as unresolved karma. This occurs through a process of cellular/soul memory that includes unconsciously choosing the parents and surroundings necessary to mirror any past life scripts of victimization. It is you, at a soul level, attempting to complete and achieve a greater understanding of the unfinished business of your past. 

The past-life belief system you hold is a spiritually-motivated genetic map, drawing the incidents necessary to re-experience karma as victim, victimizer, or benign observer. Benign observers have relinquished their victimization karma and will reincarnate as evolving individuals sharing consciousness, helping others, or they may end the reincarnation cycle altogether.  Past Life Therapy, a healing arts therapy, can expedite this evolutionary process as perpetual victimization ceases to exist when the past-life source of many current day challenges is revealed and resolved.

Although you have unconscious elements that often parallel your parents, karma is not genetic. Your genes do not inevitably define your future (see Molecules of Emotions by Dr. Candace Pert, Scribner Publishing, 1997).  Genes are your present-day motivations for your thoughts, which are held in place by past-life programming.  These thoughts are reinforced at birth with false beliefs and commands.  Whether these false beliefs were recorded during the shock of a trauma, prenatal/birth experiences, or drug-induced unconsciousness of surgery, they are encoded in your mind, control your behaviors, and express your karma. 

The greatest misinterpretation of karma is the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or it’s sometimes referred to as a credit system of accumulating good or bad karma based on your good or bad intentions.  Karma cannot be changed by doing something or not doing something.  Karma "just is" and it’s attracted into your life as varying forms of energy or experiences based on your unconscious, survival-based motivations.
Karma can be likened to a person who died in an explosion prior to the last note of an orchestra’s composition. We reincarnate to hear and complete the final note of this past-life symphony in a manner we would have preferred hearing and experiencing it—with harmony and peace. However, often times we unconsciously re-create a similar tragedy in the next lifetime for closure. Past Life Therapy resolves the trauma, finishes the experience a person may be unconsciously searching to complete, and then reforms one’s karma or energy—less the unconscious need for tragedy and misery.

What is "the secret" and what if I’m not manifesting what The Secret film claims I can manifest? How do I 'feel good' as the film states is necessary to manifest 'feel good' possessions and experiences? If I’m not actualizing what I desire, is it because of past-life karma?

The [Real] Secret, in my opinion, is finally knowing and resolving the unconscious programming and brainwashing from many past lifetimes reinforced in the present, which is keeping you from encouraging a healthy, improved life experience.  Ultra positive thinking, forced visualization, prayer, and trying to trick your unconscious mind through conscious manipulation by traditional hypnosis or conventional therapy rarely works—the objective content of the unconscious mind will always win for it overrides the conscious.

The Secret states when you feel good the universe responds by giving you more experiences and things that feel good. This positive-thinking based film doesn’t address that some individuals need clinically based therapy or intervention. You can’t pretend to feel good by relying on positive thinking, motivational speakers, mantras, self-help books, or uplifting films.  They will not provide the consistent results of feeling good because a guru or program becomes the new addiction or way of escaping reality.  Meanwhile, bills can keep piling up or you may have plenty of wealth and relationships but no real satisfaction and inner peace.

Agreeably, what you focus upon expands and optimism/gratitude is productive and healing.  However, feeling good and expanding consciousness is an internal job, both an art and a science, created by releasing negative emotions deeply rooted in the body/mind.  Only then, can internally-supported feeling good occur and any external materializations as a result become ing on the cake" rather than "whip-cream over bulls#@#." It’s refreshing for spiritually motivated, thought-provoking documentaries to become popular; however, there is no quick fix, genie or magic pill that is going to make everything all right.

It is possible to feel good, achieve inner peace, and embody what you want to accomplish in this lifetime. For long-term results, de-hypnosis (accessing unconscious, source material in a focused state without the use of suggestions), Past Life Therapy, and resolving your unconscious scripts of “I’m not worthy” or “everything happens to me” at its source can allow the shift necessary for manifesting positive effects consistently.

At that point, your unconscious and conscious scripts or demands can align for greater likelihood of actualizing what you desire. In fact, what you desire may change once you complete the process of Past Life Therapy, for you may find what really matters to you evolves. Furthermore, you will manifest what can truly improve your life experience rather than consciously attempting to feel good when your survival-based, unconscious scripts dictate 'feel bad to feel alive.'

Healing by fully knowing yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others; resolving karma and focusing within is simply part of the process.  The real secret is making the unconscious conscious and resolving the sources of why you don't feel good.  Resolve the source, deal with your inner most secrets, and then witness how powerful your unconscious and conscious thoughts can become as they match and reinforce a feel good shift in your awareness.

Please visit PastLifeTherapyCenter.com home page for additional frequently asked questions or our PAST LIFE THERAPY F.A.Q. page.

Past Life Therapy is for anyone ready to resolve the past in order to thrive in the present.  A belief in karma, spirituality or reincarnation is not necessary for this therapeutic process to be effective.  Please read Past Lives Therapy by Dr. Morris Netherton and Dr. Thomas Paul.

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