Pregnancy, Fibroids, Weight Issues, Financial Problems    




Newsletter Article and Case Study
by PLTC Founder Dr. Thomas Paul


PLTC Client Resolves Past-Life Rape Influencing Finances, Pregnancy, Fibroids & Weight Issues           

The following case study includes actual Past Life Therapy (PLT) session dialogue with commentary by Dr. Thomas Paul, founder of Past Life Therapy Center (PLTC).  It aims to provide insight into the Netherton-Paul PLT Method of De-Hypnosis, which is clinically practiced at Past Life Therapy Center.


A client I will call Kate, an African-American woman in her 40's, has been experiencing perpetual financial problems, personal relationship issues, and emotional/physical problems for most of her life.  She is concerned about what she describes as a need to always be in control, which has been preventing her from attracting strong, competent individuals both professionally and personally.  She has periods of low self-worth masked by overly dominate behavior stemming from unresolved past-life experiences. Her unconscious, past events were reactivated in the prenatal period and have been creating a multitude of mind-body challenges.

Self-employed as a life coach, Kate is aware of the secret law of attraction for manifesting what one desires through the power of thought, intention and action.  However, she realizes there may be unconscious blocks preventing her from fully achieving her goals.  Hence, Kate decided to schedule Past Life Therapy daily intensives at PLTC: Los Angeles, New York, London. 

Kate appeared very positive on the surface when I first met with her in New York City.  Soon after the therapy session began, it was evident that Kate had mastered the illusion of being in control of her life.  Her career as a life-coach provides some satisfaction when she is able to help others; however, it has also developed into a role she plays as an attempt to feel in control.  During the intake interview, Kate revealed that she has had two abortions in this lifetime. She was unconscious for one of the abortions, which is important to know.  This is because any unconscious period (such as prenatal, surgeries, past lives, shocking events, traumas, etc.) subjects the mind to inadvertent suggestions from dialogue that can manifest behavioral, mental and physical problems.

When I asked Kate to tell me what she knows of her own birth, including if she knows if her mother considered an abortion with her, she made a gesture of nausea while placing her hand over her mouth. She said, "The thought of having a child makes me nauseous.  I can't even think about giving birth. I don't want any children." 

Note: Unresolved, traumatic, past-life deaths during childbirth or pregnancy can reinforce infertility or fear of pregnancy both unconsciously and consciously.

I informed Kate that having this type of reaction to pregnancy is indicative of where her therapy sessions should begin regardless if she currently doesn't want children.  She wasn’t enthused about discussing the topic, but I assured her it's important to resolve as it may unblock and complete other areas that she considers to be of greater priority.

Case Study

Kate is in a reclined position with her eyes closed.  She will be instructed to allow her unconscious mind to re-experience and complete the unfinished business of her past (i.e. release the conditioning or mind-controlling aspects that have directed and commanded her to remain a victim).  Kate will enter into a focused-state of de-hypnosis; a self-guided therapeutic process that locates and resolves pre-existing, traumatic experiences that have remained in the unconscious mind as unresolved incidents... 

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If you know someone that may be interested in Past Life Therapy, please forward this article or refer-a-friend to PLTC's website. Therapy sessions can be scheduled by contacting Dr. Thomas Paul, Master Clinical Past Life Therapist and founder of Past Life Therapy Center 


In compliance with state and federal laws, PLTC does not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases. PLTC provides alternative/healing arts therapy that encourages emotional resolution of current challenges at their unconscious sources; this may include past lives, prenatal/birth experiences, present-life traumas, surgeries, etc. Information contained in this article has not been evaluated by the FDA or any psychological or medical licensing body.  



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