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4 Feb 2014

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Newsletter Article and Case Study
PLTC Founder/Author: Thomas Paul, DCH

PLTC Client Resolves Past-Life Rape Influencing Finances, Pregnancy, Fibroids & Weight Issues

The following case study includes actual Past Life Therapy (PLT) session dialogue with commentary by Dr. Thomas Paul, founder of Past Life Therapy Center (PLTC).  It aims to provide insight into the Past Life Therapy Center® De-Hypnosis Method, which is clinically practiced at Past Life Therapy Center.


A client I will call Kate, an African-American woman in her 40's, has been experiencing perpetual financial problems, personal relationship issues, and emotional/physical problems for most of her life.  She is concerned about what she describes as a need to always be in control, which has been preventing her from attracting strong, competent individuals both professionally and personally.  She has periods of low self-worth masked by overly dominate behavior stemming from unresolved past-life experiences. Her unconscious, past events were reactivated in the prenatal period and have been creating a multitude of mind-body challenges.

Self-employed as a life coach, Kate is aware of the secret law of attraction for manifesting what one desires through the power of thought, intention and action.  However, she realizes there may be unconscious blocks preventing her from fully achieving her goals.   Hence, Kate decided to schedule Past Life Therapy daily intensives at PLTC: Los Angeles, New York, London.  

Kate appeared very positive on the surface when I first met with her in New York City.  Soon after the therapy session began, it was evident that Kate had mastered the illusion of being in control of her life. Her career as a life-coach provides some satisfaction when she is able to help others; however, it has also developed into a role she plays as an attempt to feel in control.  During the intake interview, Kate revealed that she has had two abortions in this lifetime.  She was unconscious for one of the abortions, which is important to know.  This is because any unconscious period (such as prenatal, surgeries, past lives, shocking events, traumas, etc.) subjects the mind to inadvertent suggestions from dialogue that can manifest behavioral, mental and physical problems.

When I asked Kate to tell me what she knows of her own birth, including if she knows if her mother considered an abortion with her, she made a gesture of nausea while placing her hand over her mouth. She said, "The thought of having a child makes me nauseous.  I can't even think about giving birth. I don't want any children."  Note: Unresolved, traumatic, past-life deaths during childbirth or pregnancy can reinforce infertility or fear of pregnancy both unconsciously and consciously. For example, an unconscious, survival-based message could become: "As long as I'm not giving birth or pregnant, at least I'm still alive.  Having a child will cause my death [again]." This message could also stem from a present-life, prenatal experience if one’s mother had a difficult or life-threatening pregnancy with a conclusion: “I’ll never do that again [become pregnant and risk dying], which the newborn unconsciously records as their decision from the experience. The unconscious mind records verbal and non-verbal dialogue/energy during any unconscious event, which is interpreted by the mind-body as commands or beliefs. Left unresolved, Kate could struggle with fertility if she consciously decided to become pregnant. The unconscious mind overrides the conscious and survival-based motivations prevail.

I informed Kate that having this type of reaction to pregnancy is indicative of where her therapy sessions should begin regardless if she currently doesn't want children.  She wasn’t enthused about discussing the topic, but I assured her it's important to resolve as it may unblock and complete other areas that she considers to be of greater priority.  Kate stated she tends to date younger men in their 20's (men whom are less likely to be emotionally/financially secure and more likely to prefer noncommittal relationships without children).  She reported, "I have to be in control when I'm with a man. [Hence], I attract weaker, younger men."  Also, "I have fears of being poor and of being rich, which is confusing.  I know how to make money, yet I have a fear of making too much money, so I usually lose it or fail to bill my clients on a timely basis [to keep from accumulating wealth].  I have this feeling that if I get rich people may not like me, and then I'll be alone."

Kate also reports, "I purposely created a fibroid" (which can cause problems during pregnancy), and PLT sessions reveal a connection to survival-based, unconscious scripts developed during previous lifetimes.  These survival-based scripts, which include the last feelings experienced before death (e.g. “If I feel anxious, at least I’m still alive.”), have become unconscious commands that motivate and direct Kate in this lifetime.  Some were created during a traumatic, past-life death, which occurred while she was still pregnant.  As a result, Kate has present-life pregnancy fears.  She is also concerned about her recent weight gain, which will connect to survival-based control issues rooted in her past.

From my clinical experience, a person who fears being out of control needs to express their repressed, past experiences and underlying anger/sadness by "losing control" in a safe, therapeutic environment to ultimately "gain control."  When an unresolved, traumatic incident or past-life death occurs as a result of "being out of control" or "someone taking control,"  it can create an unconscious, survival-based script of "I need to be in control at all times or I’ll suffer/die."  This can reinforce many challenges, such as a fear of flying (e.g. lack of control as a passenger on a plane), inability to orgasm with a partner (e.g. having to be in a vulnerable position and "let go"), or infertility (e.g. dying during a past-life childbirth).  Furthermore, miscarriages can manifest when a woman feels her body is being taken over by a developing child.  The unconscious fear is being out of control; therefore, the unconscious, survival-based solution is encouraging the child to spontaneously abort.

Case Study

The following anonymous case study provides actual client-therapist exchange; however, there may be abbreviated sections for brevity/discussion purposes with selected explanations of the Past Life Therapy Center® De-Hypnosis Method.

Kate is in a reclined position with her eyes closed.  She will be instructed to allow her unconscious mind to re-experience and complete the unfinished business of her past (i.e. release the conditioning or mind-controlling aspects that have directed and commanded her to remain a victim).  Kate will enter into a focused-state of de-hypnosis; a self-guided therapeutic process that locates and resolves pre-existing, traumatic experiences that have remained in the unconscious mind as unresolved incidents.  

TP (Dr. Thomas Paul/Therapist):  We will begin by examining your fears and in particular your strong reaction during the intake interview pertaining to pregnancy. Be very aware of any words that come to mind or any sensations that you have during the PLTC process.  When a past experience unfolds, please try to speak in the first person even if the words aren't directly spoken by you during an unconsciously recorded conversation.  This will help ground you into the experience as a participant of any unresolved situations, which will increase the intensity and effectiveness of the PLTC process.  The unconscious mind interprets energy/words from unconscious events as your own.  You're here to resolve confusion associated with any unfinished, emotionally charged and/or traumatic past experiences.   

Kate, please close your eyes.  You're in a safe place and you will always recognize my voice.  Allow your unconscious mind to reveal the experiences that comes to mind that are affecting your present quality of life.  One way to begin is to isolate the fears you have discussed to a body part.   What is the first part of your body that comes to mind where you hold fear?  

CL (Client):  My chest.   I have an uneasy feeling in my chest and stomach.  

TP:  Speak from that part of your body.  Give it a voice.

CL:  I feel like I want to throw up.  (Kate begins to make sounds and gestures that she may actually vomit.)

TP:  I know this is difficult, but try and put words to that feeling.

CL:  I can't do this.  I just can't do this.

TP:  Finish that sentence.   I can't do this because...

CL:  I don't want to do this.

TP:  Realize this is coming from another time and place.   Be very aware of your physical position when you allow yourself to know where this is rooted.

CL:  I feel like I'm sitting on a rock.  I'm outside.  I can see lots of trees and a blue sky.  I'm talking to someone; A man with curly hair.  My head is hurting.  I'm feeling pressure in my head and nose.  

TP:  If someone were going to say or do something that would cause this pressure, what are the first words that come to mind?

CL:   I can't talk about it.  I can't.  Now my neck and back hurts.

TP:  Something is being said or done to reinforce this Kate.  Please give me the very next words that come to mind that either you or someone around you is speaking.

CL:  Why?  Why?  Why?
TP:  Very next words.  Finish the question.

CL:  Why don't you want to?  (Someone is saying this to Kate.)   

TP:  Speak the next words that come to mind.

CL:  I don't want to because I don't trust you.  I don't want to do this!  Now my ears are clogging up.   My back hurts.  I'm feeling bloated and very sick.

(Kate is becoming very agitated and uncomfortable.  Kate needs to resolve this trauma immediately and then readdress the unconscious messages she is hearing that led to this heightened sense of discomfort.  My intuition leads me to think Kate may be re-experiencing an unresolved rape or pregnancy.)

TP:  Kate, I’m going to help you move through this soon.  I can enable you to locate the source of this extreme discomfort.  Do you feel pregnant?  Just answer yes or no.  Speak the very first response that comes to mind.

CL:  I don't want to answer that because I'm going to be sick.  I'm going to get in trouble.

TP:  Kate, the belief you’re going to get in trouble for answering this question is likely coming from someone telling you this.  It's okay to answer the question.  Are you pregnant?

CL:  Yes!  (Kate screams and starts crying and moaning.)

TP:  Kate, what is your greatest fear at this moment?

CL:  I'm going to die!  (Kate begins breathing very heavily and panting.)

TP:  If you died in this past-life experience, what would have caused your death?  Just the very first thought that comes to mind.

CL:  It was something I ate.  That is the reason my stomach hurts so badly.  I hurt all over.  And I'm pregnant.  I feel like I have to throw up.  Oh God, we are both dying.

TP:  Okay Kate, it’s time to move through this past-life death so you can release this discomfort.  You will then be able to resolve the unconscious commands and unresolved traumas holding confusion in place; the confusing messages that are retriggering fear and pain in your life today.   What is the first part of your body that shuts down when death comes?

CL:  My lungs… I stop breathing.  My hearts stops, and then my brain stops.

TP:  What are the first words that come to mind if anyone is around you while you are dying?

CL:  I'm by myself.   There are no words.

TP:  Then come to the moment when every body part has shut down and allow your soul to drift out of your body.   How do you feel?

CL:  Relieved.  I'm okay.  (Kate begins to relax.)  The sick feeling is evaporating.  My head feels clearer and my ears aren't blocked anymore.  The pain in my neck, hip and back are gone.  I don't feel bloated.  I don't hurt all over.

TP:  Let your soul look back at your physical body.  What do you notice?  What did you learn in that lifetime which became a survival-based belief in this lifetime?    

CL:  I was a young girl who died in a fetal position.  I learned I shouldn't get pregnant, and if I did, my baby and I would die.  I learned that I shouldn’t trust people.  I've never been able to trust others in my present-life.

TP:   Kate, you will have a chance to resolve these survival-based beliefs that are holding you back in this lifetime.  You've just experienced pain and discomfort is something temporary that you can move through.  Now you need to know the truth about this pregnancy and death in order to release any confusing messages surrounding this experience.  There is likely more to your feeling sick at the thought of becoming pregnant.

I will then enable you to reframe and finish any unresolved, death experiences.  This will encourage soul closure and consciousness, which can end the survival-based commands of fear and pain.  Leaving your body via a mock out-of-body experience or actual death shouldn’t be the ultimate solution to releasing fear and pain.  If so, suffering will likely be repeated in the next life continuing the scripts of, “as long as I feel pain and fear, at least I’m alive and surviving.”  I'm also concerned about the unconscious comments that were revealed:  “I don't want to because I don't trust you," and "I'm going to get in trouble."   

TP:  Let yourself be back in your body and allow yourself to be at the conception of this past-life pregnancy.  What are the first words that come to mind or the first thing that you are aware of during conception?

CL:  I see a man in overalls.  He's walking towards me.  

TP:  What is the strongest emotion you feel when he walks towards you?

CL:  Fear and panic.  I'm stuck, and I don't know what to do.  I'm in a rural setting like a farm.  He came out of the shed with a stick.   He's dirty, and he has a bucket.  I don't like him.  He's looking at me.  I feel sick again.

TP:  What's your greatest fear?

CL:  He's going to touch me.  I don't want him to touch me.  He doesn't speak, but it doesn't matter.   He's the boss of me.

TP:  I know this is uncomfortable, but you need to know the truth.  What are you aware of next?

CL:   He brushes me with his arm like he bumps into me.  He snickers.   And I feel sick.

TP:   The very next words or feelings that come to mind.

CL:   I hate him.  He's disgusting.  I'm scared, and I don't trust him.  I feel stuck and sick.

TP:  I realize this is difficult, but there is a reason your unconscious mind is revealing this experience.  Please continue.

CL:  He has curly hair.  He is mixed race, but more white.  He thinks he's the boss of me.  I feel scared and stuck when he's around.   I feel victimized.

TP:  Move forward to the moment when you feel the most victimized.

CL:   I'm in the shed.  There is straw on the floor.  I don't know why I went in there.  I can see old tools, but not like the ones we have now.  They are very old, iron tools.

TP:  Are you in there alone?

CL:  I think I was until he came inside the shed looking for me.  He's in there now and up close against my ear.

TP:  What are the first words that come to mind coming from him or you?

CL:  "Come on."

               "Please, no."

He's on top of me.  "Stop it."  

TP:  What's your physical position so you can ground yourself into this scene?  I don't want you going out of your body to escape this experience.  You need to know the truth of what was said and done to finally resolve it.

CL:  I'm on the floor.  My knees are up and my back is up against the wall.  I'm stuck and I can't move.  I can see sharp tools around me in the shed.  I'm scared.

TP:  Keep going.  The very next thing you are aware of that is happening.

CL:  He's inside my vagina.  I'm just there, but not there.  I can't be in the body.

TP:  Kate, part of you left your body to deal with the shock of this experience; however, you need to be in the body to hear his words/energy that is holding the trauma in place.

CL:  His hair smells.  I can smell it.  He's disgusting.  I feel like I want to kill myself.  This is terrible.  I think I'd rather die than...

TP:  Finish that Kate.

CL: I'd rather die than know he's inside me.  Oh God, I killed myself.  It just came to me.  I poisoned myself.  That is why my stomach hurt!  I'm pregnant with his baby and I killed myself!

CL:  I've always said [in this lifetime], "I think I'd kill myself if I ever got pregnant."

TP:  Kate, stay with this experience.  Stay in the body.

CL:  It's too much.  He's sticky and heavy.  I can't move.

TP:  What is he saying?

CL:  Nothing.

TP:  What is his energy saying?  If he was speaking, what would the message be to you?

CL:  I own you.  I can do what I want to you.  I don't give a shit about you.  You are nothing to me.  You are worthless.

TP:  Say that again Kate.

CL:  You are worthless.   

TP:  Kate, the command is still resonating in your unconscious mind today.  This unresolved trauma is literally dictating to you that you're worth-less as a human being, which would include financially, spiritually, etc.  He's reinforcing, "you’re not perfect, not good enough and not worthy."

CL:  Yes, it's true.  

TP:  It's time to change that belief as it isn’t true. This man said and implied this when you were in shock.  It was programmed into your unconscious.  It can be resolved.  How old are you during this past-life experience?  What is the first age that comes to mind?

CL:  Fourteen maybe.  I was very young.   He was much older.

TP:  Notice these sharp tools around you and this much older man of authority on top of you.  What's your greatest fear if you scream or try to get away?

CL:  He's going to kill me.

TP:  Therefore, "as long as you’re stuck and feeling worthless, at least you’re still alive" becomes a survival-based belief in your life today. 
That’s no way to truly live life and thrive.  What's the truth?

CL:  I'm being raped.  I'm only 14 years old.  I'm scared.

TP:  I know you’re scared, but you need to continue.  What else is he making you feel?

CL:  I feel powerless and ashamed.  I feel broken, as if I'm nothing.  I feel disgusting.  I knew this was going to happen.  Now I feel dirty and violated. (Kate mentioned during the intake interview a present-life fear of "sex germs,” STD’s, semen.)

TP:  Kate, what does he say or do that makes you know this is over?

CL:  He ejaculates inside me and then just leaves me there.  It's awful.  I want to die.

TP:  Notice how this experience connects to your fear of "sex germs" and pregnancy.  When a man ejaculates during sex in this lifetime, how does it make you feel?

CL:  Dead inside.

TP:  Move forward to what happens next.

CL:  My stomach hurts.  I'm in so much pain.

TP:  Speak the very next words as if your stomach were speaking them.   Just talk from your stomach.

CL:  This will make the baby go away.  I don't want it.  If I eat this, I'll get sick and be able to push it out.   I ate something that tastes horrible.   

TP:  Keep talking from your stomach as if it had a voice.

CL:  I poisoned myself and the baby.  I only intended to kill the baby, but I died too.  We both died.  (Kate re-experiences the death and the sighs of relief.)  I feel better now.

TP: Now let's resolve what caused this in the first place.   Be back at the moment the man from the shed was on top of you and making you feel disgusting, ashamed and worthless.  What's the truth about who is disgusting?  Recognize the person who caused this and should be ashamed.

CL:  He's the one who is dirty and disgusting.  He's the one who should be ashamed of what he's doing.  

TP:  Yes, that’s the truth.  Notice your physical position during the rape and the pain you expressed earlier in your back, hips and neck.

CL:  I was against the wall with my neck and back pressed firmly to it.  I couldn't move.  He was a big man on top of me and I couldn't move my hips.

TP:  It's time to get you unstuck and to enable you to move freely again so this experience doesn't have to reinforce physical/emotional pain in your life. You need to get this man off you forever by saying and doing what you may not have been able to do then.  You need to do it now to reframe (finish) this experience.   You need to release him and his beliefs about you.

CL:  I don't want to talk to him.  He's the boss of me.  I'm scared.

TP:  This fear is coming from the past and I know it feels like he's here in the room, but I'm also here to help you move through this experience.  The only way to release him is to fight back.

CL:  Please give me a minute to get the courage.   

TP:  Okay.  (A minute passes and the session continues.)  Now talk to him.  You are going to have to push him off.  You are going to have to get unstuck and move.  ( I ask Kate for her permission to place a large pillow on top of her so I could apply some pressure that he placed onto her; this will re-stimulate the cellular memory and help her feel the reality of the situation rather than just observe it.  It will encourage her to do something.  In other words, to move her body, fight back, and break free from his control in order to gain control.)

TP:  Kate, "You're worthless.  You’re nothing.  I can do whatever I want to you.  I'm the boss of you."   Keep getting angry with him.  Speak the repressed, angry words from this past-lifetime, which are affecting your well-being in this lifetime.  It’s okay to get angry.  Anger is something that should be expressed at its true source, not managed or controlled (anger-management).

CL:  No.  You're not the boss of me.  (I apply stronger pressure to the pillow).  

TP:  Louder.

CL:  You’re not the boss of me!  Get off of me!  You can't tell me what to do!

TP:  Come on...keep talking to him and move your arms and legs.  Get him off of you.  Push him off.  Yell.

CL:  Get off of me!  You're not the boss of me!  You’re not the boss of me!  (Kate is crying hysterically.)

TP:  That's it.  It's okay to cry and feel the sadness.   It’s okay to feel everything.  Now feel the anger.  

CL:  I want to squeeze the life out of him.   I want to strangle him and stomp on him.   

TP: Go ahead. Squeeze that pillow as if it were him, but talk to him as you are doing it.  

CL:  Die you bastard!  How could you do this to me!   I'm only fourteen! You're disgusting!  Die!  Die!  (Kate strangles the pillow firmly and continues to cry.)  You're not even worth killing.  Just leave.

TP:  That's it!  Now breathe.

CL:  He's gone.  

TP:  Keep breathing.  Know the truth.   Who's the one that was worthless?

CL:  He was a worthless, sad, sick man.   I killed myself and the baby to get away from him.  I was young and scared.  

TP:  He was a man who attempted to feel powerful by exerting power of you.  Are all men like this man who raped you?  

CL:  No.   

TP:  Without the need to unconsciously repeat victimization and with a highly developed intuition, can you trust your feelings and know which men you can trust?

CL:  Yes.  I don't have to be afraid of men controlling me.  I don’t need to fear powerful, secure men.   And I can become pregnant when, and if, I decide to have children.

TP:  You mentioned during the intake interview feeling that you may have unconsciously created your vaginal and uterine fibroids.   If so, what purpose have the fibroids served?

CL:  They may have kept me from giving birth, which could have resulted in dying.

TP:  Communicate to your fibroids via the mind-body connection, as those inflammations aren’t necessary for your survival; fibroids that could enlarge and become painful during a pregnancy to reinforce the cellular or soul memory of the vaginal trauma from your past-life rape. And the stomach pain you felt just before death.  Getting pregnant doesn't have to result in death as it did in the past-life.  It's okay to get pregnant [give up some control], if you decide to have children.  

Note: “Fibroids may cause the following symptoms [Source: American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists website,]: Changes in menstruation; Menstrual or abdominal pain; Vaginal bleeding at times other than menstruation; Pain in the lower back or during sex; Urination issues; Constipation; Enlarged uterus and abdomen; Miscarriages; Infertility.  These symptoms also may be signs of other problems. Therefore, you should see your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.  Fibroids also may cause no symptoms at all.” (These symptoms are similar to the affects of the past-life rape and death Kate experienced.  Furthermore, fibroids could be reinforcing the cellular memory of a developing fetus as an unconscious attempt to repeat Kate’s unresolved trauma, i.e, fibroids create a false sense of pregnancy with the same unresolved fears and symptoms from her past-life death.)   According to, “Complications can arise if fibroids become very large which can include: postpartum hemorrhaging, obstructed labor, fetal malpresentation, stalled labor or cesarean section.”

C-Section Note: Cesarean sections often involve a partially, or fully unconscious mother, with drugs going into baby while unconsciously reinforcing that drugs (alcohol, prescription/recreational drugs, etc.) helps one get through temporary pain and challenges.  Also, children born by C-section tend to report difficulty finishing things as adults since they are unconsciously accustomed to someone finishing things for them, i.e., the doctor finished the birth for them rather than baby working together with a fully conscious mother who breathed through any discomfort. PLTC sessions allow for re-birthing of C-section births in order to reframe “I need someone to finish it for me.”

CL:  Fibroids…you can shrink now.  You can leave now.  Your job is done.  Wow, I just realized I dramatically gained weight over these past seven years for a similar purpose.  I gained weight to imagine what it would feel like to be dominant and powerful.   The extra weight has served me too.  I don’t need it.

 TP:  Correct.  You don't need extra weight to express yourself.  The weight has been an unconscious, survival-based attempt to protect you from the dominant, past-life man who raped you, but you’ve pushed him away.

CL:  I don't need this shield anymore.  I can express myself.  I don't need the weight to feel protected, dominant and safe. These fat cells can shrink, and I can take better care of myself.

(10 minute break)

TP:  Let's address your concerns with money.  In particular, the unresolved experiences reinforcing your fear of accumulating and then losing wealth. A belief that you are worthless is often reinforced by someone actually saying and doing something to continue this victim mentality. 
Give me the first words of fear that come to mind when you think about having too much money.

CL:  I'm afraid of money because I don't have any control.  I feel as if it will be taken away in a second.

TP:   Speak the very next thoughts that come to mind about earning money.   

CL:  If I'm good, I'll get it [money].

TP: Say that again three times and continue with the very next words that come to mind.

CL:  If I'm good, I'll get it...I need to be available to get it.  I need to be sexy to get it.  I have to be nice, sweet, and have no voice.  It's confusing because I feel I have to ask for it, yet I have no true voice or opinion.

TP:  Be in the experience where you are asking for it.  Give me the very first question that comes to mind.

CL:  What are you going to give me…for it?  I'm really sick of it.  

TP:  Define it.   

CL:  My body and soul.  I'm sick of doing this.

A man is asking me, "What do you need?"    

    "I need some money."  He wants sex, and I'm good at it.  Why can't I just be normal?  Why do I need to have sex to earn money?

TP:  Answer the question.

CL:  It's something I know how to do.  It makes me feel in control, but I'm not really in control.  

TP:  What's your greatest fear in this experience?

CL:  Not being in control.  It's how I live my life today.  I'm afraid to give up any control.

TP:  Be in the experience where you feel the least control and tell me your physical position.

CL:  He's on top of me.  I'm not a person.  I'm just this sex thing.  He has all the control.  

TP:  What are you aware of next?  (Note: Some of the questioning has been removed from this case study that leads to Kate’s responses below).  

CL:  It's a sexual transaction.  I feel dirty, stupid and worthless.  I don't have anything.  It's just me.  There is no one.  I don't have a house of my own, and I have no family.  I feel I don't have money or freedom.  I see this really nice Victorian bed.  It's all white.  Just like my bed today.  I always have to sleep on white sheets.  It's really comfortable, fluffy and beautiful.  I feel good in it.  But I'm sharing it with too many men, though I love men.  I like their energy and they control me.  That's confusing.  They remind me of the nothing that I have.  I'm nothing.  The types of men I meet represent success and money—strong men that are in control.  

TP:  And what is the belief you have if you were to become rich and successful?

CL:  If I ever have a lot of money and success, I will end up just like these controlling men.  I feel sick again.  

TP: Talk from that part of you that feels sick.

CL:  I'm a prostitute…a whore.  I feel exposed because people will know, and they will judge me.  I'll end up in prison.   

TP:  What's the truth about ending up in prison?

CL: Being with these men is just like being in prison.  I have no voice.  I have no control.  I'm dependent on them.  I feel really sick.  I feel inflammation in my chest.

TP:  Talk from your chest.  Give it a voice.  The source of discomfort you are feeling needs to be resolved.  Keep expressing what you are feeling or not feeling.  You can do it.

CL:  I can't breathe.  I think I'm dying.  (Kate begins breathing and coughing heavily.)

TP:  You need to re-experience this painful, past-life death to relieve this discomfort.  For now, speak any thoughts that come to mind as you’re dying.  Is anyone speaking to you?

CL:  No.  I'm alone.  I'm old.  I'm not beautiful anymore.  They pretend they don't know me.  My beautiful bed is gone.  I'm frantic.  I don't know where to go.  I don't know where to turn.  I have some pennies…three big copper ones.  If I spend them, I'll have nothing.  I am nothing.   I'm worthless.   I don't know where I'm going to get money.  There is nobody to help.  I'm spinning.

TP:  Allow yourself to spin into it.  When you are done spinning, tell me where you are?

CL:  I’m on a dirty floor.  I'm wearing raggedy clothes.  I haven't bought clothes in years.  All the money I had was taken away.  Money can be taken away in a second.

TP:  Kate, this is reinforcing your fear of having money.  Allow yourself to know where you are, including your physical position.

CL:  I'm in a fetal position on the floor.  I'm in a prison.  I only have three coppers left.  I have to pay to be in prison.  There is nobody to help.  (Kate continues to breathe heavily while coughing.)  I look horrible.  I feel like a rat.  I'm not well.  I can't breathe.  

TP:  Allow yourself to know why you can't breathe.

CL:  I have TB.  Interesting...I have bronchitis in this life.  I'm starting to feel pain in my vagina.  It hurts and it smells.  I think I have a disease.  I just want to die here.  I'm all alone.  It's so cold in this place.  No blanket.   The food is horrible and it’s making me feel worse.  I feel fleas.  I'm scratching.  I just want to die.  I can't breathe.

TP:  Okay Kate.  Allow physical death to occur.  Allow your breathing to stop.  Allow your lungs, heart, and brain to shut down.   Allow every part of your physical body to shut down and move through this now.   Allow your soul to drift out of your body.  Let me know when you’re out.

CL:  I'm out.  I feel so relieved to be out of that body.  [Kate's breathing is normalized and she is calm.] Someone will come and scrape me up like a dead cat.

TP:  What do you tell yourself about this experience that you carried into the next life?

CL:  This can't happen again.  I have to do better, but I'm confused.  I still feel that if I have money, I'll end up like this again.  I can't be around strong men.  

TP:  Kate, be at the moment when your money was taken away.  You must resolve this confusion and reframe the worthlessness you felt at the time of your death.

CL:  People are pointing at me as I walk down the street.  I feel ashamed.

    "That's her.  She's a prostitute.  Everyone has had some of that.  She should be ashamed of herself."

TP:  What else are you aware of?

CL:  I'm tall, lean, and very beautiful.  Men acknowledge me.  In the beginning, it felt nice to get the attention.  I could control them with my beauty.  It felt good to have some control.  

TP:  If you could speak to these people in the street, what would you tell them?

CL:   I can't look at them.  I put on a brave face, but I'm scared.  There are so many of them staring at me.

TP:  Talk to them Kate.

CL:  I'm all alone in the world.  I have no family.  I have no money.  I spent it to take care of myself.  I didn't enjoy myself at all.  I hate everything and everyone.  I hate all of you because...

TP:  Finish it Kate.

CL:  Because you're better than me.  I couldn't read or write.  I never learned.

TP:  What's the truth?

CL:  I never learned to read or write because there was no one who cared to teach or encourage me.  I had to support myself from a very young age, and it was difficult.  I hated every minute as a prostitute.  I just know that I did.

TP:  What's the strongest emotion you feel about this?

CL:  Angry.  Why wouldn't anyone help me better myself?  I'm mad at myself for making bad choices.  I feel stuck.

TP: What's making you feel stuck?

CL: Rich men.  I hate rich men because they control me.  I associate money with evil men that I don't want to become and like the people in the street who degrade me.  They have their secrets too.  Money makes me feel shameful, guilty and dirty.  The people in the street had me arrested and any money I had was taken away.

I feel I will always be controlled by others, especially men, and that whenever I accumulate money it will be taken from me.  And then I'll die a horrible, lonely death.

TP:   This has been about you feeling powerless for many lifetimes.  You were controlled in the previous past-life by the man who raped you in the shed.  He called you worthless.  And the men from this past-life are reinforcing this belief, including the people in the street condemning you.  Do you see how this belief of worthlessness has continued?

CL: Yes.  And my father in my present-life always called me worthless and good-for-nothing.

TP:  What do you need to do to get your inner power back?

CL:  I need to exert myself.  I need to push these controlling and judgmental people away.

TP:  Yes.  Do it now.  What do you want to say to the people who had you arrested?  Finish this experience.

CL:  You don't know me.  I'm just trying to survive.  I can't read or write.  I have no family and no friends.  I was made to believe I was worthless from when I was a child.  I wanted to feel in control, and I did it the only way I thought I could do it.  I just wanted to be free.

TP:  Free yourself from this now.  Release this forever.  What's the truth?  Are you worthless?

CL:  No. I'm not worthless.  I'm a human being.  I have feelings.  I matter.  I'm smart, and I'm a caring person.  

TP:  Keep talking and moving through this by confronting the people that tried to hold you back.

CL:  My father was wrong to abuse me and to call me worthless.  The man in the shed was wrong to rape me and to treat me as if I was worthless.  The people in the street, who don't even know me, were wrong to shame me.  They were cruel to leave me to rot in a jail cell.  I am somebody.

TP:  Yes, you are somebody.  And you are worthy.

CL:  Yes.  I'm worthy.  I'm worth a lot.

TP:  There you go.  Get yourself out of that jail cell by demanding to get out.  Reframe this how it could be in order to complete this experience and achieve soul closure.

CL:  I want to be in control.  And I don't want to abuse my power.  I won’t be like those people in the street who condemn others without knowing their circumstances.   I won't abuse people.  I’m walking out of that jail cell.  

TP:  Good.  And know that accumulating wealth doesn’t mean you’ll become evil and controlling like these men.   All men and women, rich or poor, aren't like the people from these past-life experience.  Part of you unconsciously wanted to be controlled in order to repeat and try to resolve/finish these past-life events.  It's an unconscious pattern fueled by the confusing voices of the past.  That said, what's the truth about money?

CL:  It's okay to make money.  Money is energy and it can be attracted.  

TP:  Exactly.  You don’t have to be a victim who lacks money or a victimizer who abuses others with power and money.  Money doesn't have to represent guilt and an abuse of power.  It's okay to earn a living and accumulate wealth to help yourself and/or others.  And if you don't have to repeat being controlled, can you have strong individuals in your life who respect you and won't try to control you?

CL:  Yes.  I can have strong people in my life.  I can ask for help.  Asking someone who is more knowledgeable for their help doesn't mean I can't still be in control.   And it's okay to give up some control to men who respect me and wouldn't hurt me.  I suppose that would make it easier to have an orgasm with a man.

TP:  Yes. If you feel safe, you can temporarily give up some control and allow this to happen.  Your intuition will let you know who to trust.   By resolving these past experiences where you were made to feel worthless and out of control, you don't have to fear someone violating you again.  You will no longer be unconsciously drawn to the karmic cycles of victim-victimizer.

CL:  I feel better now.  I can also have a strong partner when I'm in a relationship.  I can lose this weight I've used as an attempt to feel powerful.  I can be in control when I want to be without having to control others.  

TP:  It's a state of mind.  You had to give up some control to realize you are in control.  You did that today by allowing yourself to re-experience the past and resolve it. You are a beautiful person who has been through quite a journey.  You are worthy, and you are perfect.  And every cell in your body needs to get that message.

CL: Thank you.  I really feel in control of my destiny now.  I can do anything.  You helped me remember my worth and to honor it.   I want to take better care of myself.  I'm worth it.  I'm priceless, and I deserve to be happy.

TP: That's it!  Allow yourself to continually recognize and develop your internal worth.  The more you become conscious of your worthiness, the less you will depend on the outside world to define you.  You will define yourself from within (self-worth) through this process of self discovery.  You will continually become a more feeling, intuitive, present individual with an ever-lasting sense of self and self-love.  It's a wonderful place to be and no one can take it away from you again.  And every perfect cell in your body will get that message through this mind-body connection of consciousness.  Releasing those unconscious ("you're worthless"), energetic messages from that past will promote health and well-being for lifetimes to come.

Netherton-Paul Past Life Therapy: A Method That Achieves Results

Fortunately, change is possible for those stuck in a debilitating and unhealthy reality. The unconscious “I’m not perfect/not worthy” script, which communicates to every cell in the body via the mind-body connection, can be resolved.  Past Life Therapy creates a shift in awareness that will promote emotional and physical well-being.  By clearing confusion at its unconscious sources, one feels better, more focused, and purposeful.  As PLTC clients achieve results, they inherently recognize their value as evident in the way they live life. They often change their relationships, career path and lifestyle when it doesn’t support their new life script.  The karmic cycles of victim-victimizer will cease to exist as they move forward as active participants in life, but with a newfound consciousness as benign observers no longer unconsciously attracted to victimization.

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