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19 Jul 2013

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PLTC Founder/Author: Thomas Paul, DCH


The most challenging and heart wrenching decision that you may ever have to make is to end relations with family members. This process may involve breaking societal, religious, and cultural traditions that claim “it’s wrong to leave your family,” or “you can’t survive without them.” The decision to leave one’s family is never a haphazardly made one, but rather a thoroughly evaluated choice that should involve weighing all possibilities for reconciliation. It requires examining whether or not continuing an emotionally charged relationship or entangled family connection with an entire group of individuals will drag you back into the role of victim-victimizer, or release you from it.

This article will address the reasons that you may be jeopardizing your mind-body health and overall fulfillment through certain relationships that should be resolved and released through a process such as Past Life Therapy. After resolving your past-life victimization patterns, the decision to end familial relations, which may also include a boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, etc., can occur in stages. This happens as you continually sort through and resolve any unconscious attractions to family members that are reinforcing chaos and confusion from past-life traumas/deaths.

There could be a multitude of reasons you may be attracting victimization and the solution isn’t simply to leave your family. Past Life Therapy is a process of finishing your past by becoming conscious of the truth and then moving forward by ending old patterns or relations that don’t support wellness—a transition from survival to thrive-mode. For some people, leaving family members is a necessary part of the mental and physical health equation especially when your family is refusing to move forward with you.

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