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Not moving forward in life? Avoiding negotiations?
Updated: -- Feb 1, 2013 --

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Topic:  Are you not moving forward in your life?  Do you avoid confrontation or negotiations?

This newsletter includes an example of how Past Life Therapy (PLT) is helping a Past Life Therapy Center client overcome these challenges. 

An abbreviated case study description of a woman feeling stuck in her current career and avoiding leadership roles which stems from a past life source.

A female client is concerned that she “feels stuck.”   She can’t seem to bring herself to leave her job that is no longer stimulating and doesn’t offer the support and respect she feels she deserves from upper management.  She has several advanced degrees including a law degree but chose not to pursue working as a trial attorney after passing her bar exam.  She has been offered exciting positions with high salaries from several major companies but has declined all of them.

During her intake session, she reveals a complicated breach (foot or rear first) birth in this lifetime where she is ‘stuck’ once again.  The case study will show how being stuck in a past life scene is re-created at her birth and then re-created in her current day to day life where she waits until a crisis develops before she allows herself to get ‘unstuck.’   Everything from not leaving a relationship, job, or even an apartment until a deadline is reached and a crisis ensues where someone must ‘get her out.’

During her first past life session, she reports living as a male tribe leader who becomes overthrown by a rival tribe and is unwilling to escape out of a prison (being stuck) when she had an opportunity.  As a result, she dies of a massive infection to an injured left foot.  Her birth in this life will set into motion similar circumstances from her past life death where she was stuck and unconsciously did not want to come out of a secured hut (prison in past life/ mother’s womb and position in a company in this life.)  Note: My client also reports reoccurring skin rashes in this lifetime on her left foot that will not seem to go away with traditional medical attention which will be addressed at the end of this abbreviated case summary.

Survival Script revealed in Past Life Session with a belief system coming from a past life that is unconsciously affecting her current life choices:

  • “If I am the leader, I will die.”  
  • “If I have too much responsibility, and if it is before I’m ready, I will die.

My client feels more comfortable when she does not have to make major decisions for herself or others including her personal and career life.  However, deep down she feels she is supposed to be a leader and wants to lead but fears this responsibility.  

From her first past life session, she revealed she was a male who at a young age was given a lot of responsibility.  His father was a tribe leader who died when he was only about 14 years of age.  It was customary in this tribe for the son of the tribe leader to continue leading even if as an adolescent.  My client reports feeling too young for this type of a position but did not want to show weakness since others would question his authority.  Therefore, he did not admit when he did not know what to do or seek the advice of his elders and more experienced tribesman. My client reports it felt like a peaceful tribe opposed to using weapons to defend themselves.

As the past life scene unfolds, it is revealed they were confronted by a rival, violent tribe seeking their territory and the other tribe members decided to flee since they were out numbered and without weapons.  My client decided to stay and refused to flee with his group.  The intruders grabbed him and threw him into a secured hut until they decided what they were going to do with him.  My client also reported a debilitating injury to his left foot (the same foot with the reoccurring, painful skin rashes from this lifetime) from a spear which kept him from running away on his own which would require him to ask for help from his fellow tribesman (admitting weakness).

Unconsciously, my client wanted to be placed in this stuck position as a relief from the responsibilities of a job he was not ready for and because he was too proud to admit his weaknesses. He chose not to consult with his experienced peers for advice.  My client also reports an opportunity to escape the hut but didn’t take the chance.  You may ask, why? Partly because of the injury (which may have been attracted unconsciously), partly as a continuation of a victim script stemming from possibly another lifetime (which may be revealed in another past life session), or an unconscious belief this is ‘a blessing in disguise’ to avoid negotiating.  He preferred the comfort of being stuck to the responsibility of leading and negotiating with his fellow tribesman or the violent intruders.

Some of the actual dialogue from first past life session leading to the survival script “If I’m the leader, I will die”:

  • “I don’t want to get out, it’s too hard.”
  • “It’s easier to be stuck.  I’m relieved when I’m stuck.”
  • “At least when I’m stuck I don’t have to have the anxiety of worrying about what is going to happen next.”
  • “Now I don’t have to do this anymore (pretend I know what I’m doing and lead my tribe).”

After my client re-experiences (recalls) his past life death which was due to an infection from his foot taking over his entire body, my client then had the opportunity to reframe or “change” the event for closure.  Reframing allows a client who is now conscious of the traumatic event the ability to communicate out loud what they need to say or do to complete the experience which resolves the survival script.  My client chose in her mind to go back to the moment when the tribesman had a meeting about whether to leave the territory.  While still in a ‘focused’/ hypnotic (de-hypnosis) state, my client then spoke to the fellow tribesman as if acting out a scene in a theatre:

“I do not have all the answers.  I am young and inexperienced and a good leader consults with more experienced individuals when necessary.  I want to hear and consider what you have to say.”

She also realized how this correlates to her current lifetime and with this resolved experience which is now conscious she continued to reframe the experience with a new way of thinking:

  • ‘It’s ok to not know.”
  • ‘It’s ok to ask for help.”
  • ‘It’s ok to leave.”

She learned in her first past life session that it is ok to leave an unproductive relationship, company, career path, etc. when it’s necessary for your continual development or when you are not in a safe or supportive place.   Safe is no longer locked away in a prison stemming from a past life or unconsciously creating a complicated birth or hiding under the covers in one’s bed when confronted with a major decision.  Major decisions will now become easier to make since they will not re-stimulate an unconscious past life experience of “If I have to make decisions, or lead, I will die.”

In my client’s next session, we re-experienced her birth from this life and simulated a re-birthing experience in which she no longer has to feel stuck to feel safe.  We addressed unconscious dialogue of “I don’t want to get out” (similar to the hut or prison where she felt she belonged) which stimulated a complicated, near death experience,  breach (“stuck”) birth as an unconscious attempt to stay stuck and not deal with things.   She will no longer be waiting for someone to come get her out and create a crisis to get this to happen. During her birth which was recalled in a de-hypnosis session, she was in a breached position and pulled back her legs when the doctor tried to remove her from the womb which caused the umbilical cord to cut off her oxygen.  It created a crisis and panic situation to get her out.   This pattern is continued in her professional and personal life.  This is a very talented, intelligent woman who unconsciously creates a crisis in order to leave a relationship, job, dwelling, etc. as a way of making sense of and completing a past experience that was unresolved.

Now that this experience has been resolved in session and she is conscious of her patterns, she will begin to experience life peacefully and without unnecessary drama.  My client later reported she feels free to quit her current job and able to accept leadership positions when she wants to and not because she feels she has to in order to complete a past life survival experience.  She can be an effective leader that admits when she does not know the answers and when she needs help. My client will begin to lose her addiction to panic and crisis and moving forward will not re-create her traumatic birth or past life experience.  Negotiations will not be something she needs to avoid.  Rather than being a transactional lawyer working with documents in a removed place, she realizes she could now pursue being a trial lawyer or work in a similar position where she can deal with people directly and easily.  Negotiating will not unconsciously place her back into a past life survival experience where her fear of negotiating brought about her death.

My client is going to keep me posted on whether her skin problems on her foot continue to reoccur or subside.  Many times physical problems can resolve themselves when the past life source of an injury is addressed in a past life experience.  The ailing foot no longer serves her since she does not need to unconsciously go back to an experience that keeps her from moving forward and feeling stuck to feel relieved.

My client has only had a few Past Life Therapy sessions so far, and already she is experiencing a positive shift in how she feels overall and also how she interacts with others and deals with challenges.

Possible behaviors or physical problems resulting from this past life survival dialogue if the past life experience remained unresolved:

  • Not accepting promotions, managerial or leadership roles, etc.
  • Sometimes avoiding saying what is on one’s mind or communicating a change in direction or new idea to an employer.
  • Reoccurring medical problems (in this case, skin rashes or warts on foot) re-stimulated due to cell memory of a traumatic event and injury associated with it that had not been resolved.

If you or someone you know is not moving forward in life or avoiding negotiations, etc., there may be a past life explanation.  Past Life Therapy can make conscious any unconscious victim-victimizer/ survival-based scripts and resolve them in order to improve your current life experience.
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