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Male Sexual Problems resolved w/ Past Life Therapy
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Are you or someone you know experiencing premature ejaculation or impotence? 

This newsletter features two anonymous Past Life Therapy (PLT) clients whose traumatic past life experiences were the explanation for their present day challenges. Clinical Past Life Therapy utilizing de-hypnosis has helped many individuals overcome sexual problems by accessing the unconscious past life sources.

Warning/Parental Advisory: PLTC newsletters contain actual therapy session dialogue and subject matter that may not be suitable for children or adolescent readers.

Male Sexual Problems: Two different clients revealing a similar past life source resulting in premature ejaculation and/or impotence during sexual intercourse in this lifetime:
Case Study 1 (A client I will refer to as "Henry"):  A case study involving a man's unresolved past-life experience that parallels his current day sexual challenges.  (An excerpt from Dr. Morris Netherton's first PLT book Past Lives Therapy, published in 1978.)
Case Study 2 (A client I will refer to as "Mark"):  Involves a PLT client who is an actor unconsciously drawn to a theatrical part in a play with nude scenes.  Mark is very comfortable in this role until someone makes a particular noise in the audience that unconsciously places him back into a past-life traumatic scene with a slave master.  His PLT sessions reveal the reason for his inability to have a monogamous relationship including the source of his impotency and pre-mature ejaculation issues.
Case Study 1 (Henry):  

In spite of the sexual revolution, or perhaps because of the revolution of rising sexual expectations, most people find it difficult to acknowledge a sexual problem.  The media presentation of the sexually liberated man or woman is hard to live up to, and many find it almost impossible to admit that they fall short of that image.  Traditional psychotherapy has had little success with sexual performance problems--premature ejaculation, failure to achieve an orgasm, and impotence.  Past Lives Therapy has uncovered a remarkable consistency in the patterns of patients suffering sexual dysfunction, and the rate of amelioration has been extraordinarily high.
    "My wife won't have sex with me anymore," Henry explained to me at the beginning of his first session.  "I guess that's why I'm here."
Henry looked as if he had once been a college football hero. At thirty-eight he was still tall, muscular, handsome, extremely well-groomed, and concerned with his appearance.  The grooming was a kind of mask; Henry was trying desperately to keep his sexual problems hidden.
    "This is my third marriage, he said.  "I came too fast with my first wives, too.  I think that's why they divorced me.  They said it was for...other reasons."
    Premature ejaculation is one of the most difficult sexual performance problems to treat by traditional therapy techniques.  Frequently it persists long after all other problems, thought to be the cause, have been resolved.  Many otherwise salvageable marriages will crumble under the pain and frustration.  Henry's marriage was moving toward crisis.
    I asked Henry to tell me what he felt like when experiencing his premature ejaculation.
    "I feel like..."--he hesitated, because he knew what he said didn't seem to make sense--"I feel like I've got to hurry before someone catches me."  He flushed. “It's kind of adolescent, isn't it?  It's like someone keeps telling me, 'Hurry, hurry!'  I always feel glad that I've come quickly, like I have had some kind of triumph, even though I know my wife is frustrated and unhappy.  That's just an doesn't have anything to do with thinking about it."
    Our session began with the phrase "Hurry, hurry!”, the feeling of fear that he would be "caught," and the notion of triumph associated with ejaculation.
    "I hear a man's voice."
    "All right. What is the man saying?"
    "Hurry! Hurry!"
    "Where are you?  What are you doing?"
    "Even if it's intimate or embarrassing, tell me what you're doing."
    "I'm ...doing it with this woman...a black woman.  I'm...I'm black, too."
    "Where are you?"
        I'm not at home...I'm a slave.  Home was a village, a warm, wet area....this must be Africa somewhere, but I don't know when.  Our chief made a deal, some kind of deal with white traders, and I've been moved down the river, chained by the ankles to my tribesmen, and to others.  We arrived at some kind of...I don't know what you'd call it now, a stockade I suppose, and they shoved us all together for days, my God the stink we throw up here!  There's no...nothing like a bathroom or anyplace to go, we're just pigs in a pen.  The temperature must have been in the nineties all night, the humidity combined with the stink...Now they're shouting... White men with clubs prodding us along down to the dock, shouting the whole way: "Move along, hurry, don't take all day!"  They poke at us on the outside of the group.
    Now I'm standing before an open fire.  There are several men in front of me in a line.  They move up one at a time to be examined by the whites. It's my turn.  I'm bewildered about what to do, but I'm walking forward.  The white men examine my testicles, weighing them.  They want to see if I'd make a good breed animal.
    "This one will do," I hear a voice saying, and suddenly my neck collar is removed.  I am branded on my right shoulder, placed in a cage on a wagon with the other 'breeders," and brought to a boat.
    Henry remembered nothing further about his boat trip.  His mind immediately skipped to the unloading at a debarkation dock.
    A line of white girls in broad hats standing on the dock watching us  We come off the boat and are stripped by white men.  I feel like an animal, it's awful.  Again we are prodded, but this time to a large open room, a dormitory.
    As he described the room in which he was kept, Henry's face contorted.  
    "What are you feeling?"  I asked him.
    "What's causing it?"
    "Whip. I'm being whipped.  They bring women in.  Sometimes I have to service three or four in the morning alone.  More in the afternoon.  The overseer times me with a whip."
    "He's whipping you while you have intercourse?"
    "He's shouting, 'This isn't for fun, you bastard, hurry up!  If you can’t come quick get off and let some other cock do it!'"
    As Henry repeated this he continued to show the signs of the pain of the whip.  For him the strap, the overseer's voice, and the issue of speed had become an integral part of sexual intercourse.  A quick ejaculation would keep the overseer from beating him, his only triumph.  His current sex life was a perpetual replay of this and other traumatic incidents.
    I asked Henry to move forward to his death.
    "I'm in my cell," he said, his face beginning to turn melancholy.  "Two men come in.  One of them owns me. They want me to masturbate."
"We want to make sure you're shooting something," my owner tells me.  But I've climaxed six times today.  I work at it, my God, it seems like hours are going by.  The two men just stand in the door, glaring, it's almost impossible--and the only thought in my mind is, "If I don't come quickly, God knows what they'll do to me."  But I can't.  I just can't.  I look up at them, terrified, still trying, but I know it's no use.  It's impossible.  My owner grunts and takes a kick at me.  "You're too slow on a bitch, and you're too slow now.  You've got to come quick if you want to stay alive."
    I asked Henry to repeat the phrase.
     "You've got to come quick if you want to stay alive," he said, carefully, two more times.  The intensity drained from his voice and his facial muscles relaxed.
    Now my owner's back.  This must be some time later.  He tells me that I haven't made any babies, and I'm worthless.  They've sent me to a granary, strapped me to a large wheel.  I don't think I ever had sex...again.  In the middle of the night I wake up, people are crying outside: "Come quick! Get out or you'll die!  Hurry! Hurry!"  I open my eyes and I'm surrounded by flames.  There's no way out.  The heat is indescribable.  The hot wind.  The cinders.  This is the end.  And it's a relief.  I'm running at the walls, and soon the flames are, I don't know, they've got me.  The flames have got me.   All around are voices shouting: "Come quickly! Hurry! Get out!"
To the unconscious mind, of course, the phrases used at the time of Henry's death had the same meaning as those used during his sexual torture; the two meanings of the word "come" were not differentiated.  At death he unconsciously sensed that he was being punished because he did not "come quickly."
    This past life, the first one that Henry reached, seemed to be the root of his problem, but it was, of course, not an isolated experience. The death by fire led him directly into another lifetime.  
Two boys in a barn.  One of them is a friend, and the other is me.  We're, you know, showing our genitals to each other...We're talking about how you "do it" with girls, I guess we must be thirteen. We're...masturbating. And this friend, I think his name is Mark...? Marcus, maybe, he's saying, "If you stroke it slower it'll take longer."  But I think that's kind of silly, I guess girls would like it if we got it over quickly, and they didn't have to be bothered.  He thinks that's funny, but I think girls can't possibly like sex.  Now my mother calls: "If you boys are smoking up in that loft, I'll strap you both. You boys will burn that barn down, I swear."  Suddenly I panic; I leap up.  "Come on," I say, "put it away quick!  They might catch us and then they'll beat my ass."
    This small, seemingly insignificant scene is remarkable in that its details encompass nearly every element of Henry's past life as a slave.  The discussion of sexual attitudes Henry's certainty about the superiority of a quick ejaculation, and the suggestion of fire and "burning" all led him to exclaim, "Come on, put it away [his penis, similar to how he 'puts it away quick' in this lifetime]...or they'll beat [me]."  All of these events, none of them important in itself, played out in a coincidental time sequence that brought Henry in contact with his earlier life of horror.  As a result, this minor incident had been permanently stamped on his unconscious mind.  It was followed up by another similar scene:
    I'm in a small attic somewhere. It's hot, stuffy.  I'm in my teens, and there's a girl there with me.  She's naked, and she's saying, "Hurry up and do it before someone catches us!" I tell her it's impossible, it's not hard yet, and she begins to...masturbate me.  "I'll get it hard for you,' she says, but I tell her, "It's no use, you'll never get me hard that way."  Next she says, "Well, do something.  We've got to hurry."  Just then we hear voices; I hold my hand over her mouth.  "Hurry," she whispers.  "We've got to get out of here quick."
    In the prenatal period of this lifetime, Henry found his parents engaging in sex.  It was not a pleasant experience.  His mother's thoughts were these:  "I hope he comes quick and leaves me alone.  I hate it when he goes on for a long time.  I never climax anyway, I'd rather do him by hand, but that takes even longer."
    This incident led into his delivery room scene from this lifetime where we found the doctor saying to a nurse, "Maybe we'll be lucky.  Maybe he'll come quickly.  She'll feel better if it comes quick and gets out of there."  [ A newborn unconsciously will record this statement which also is a continuation of his survival script reinforced at birth, "You've got to come quick if you want to stay alive."]
    Once again an innocent enough statement played back the phrases that controlled Henry's past lives.  The disorder of premature ejaculation is locked in.
    Henry worked a total of eight Past Life Therapy sessions.  After the fifth he had his first sexual breakthrough.  He had sustained intercourse long enough to give his wife a satisfying climax, and her pleasure was so flattering that their sex life began to regenerate at a remarkable rate.  Three final sessions cleared the remaining reinforcements [resolved the past life traumas and made conscious the unconscious dialogue dictating survival-based responses during sexual activity.]

Case Study 2 (Mark):

This is an abbreviated case study description of a young, Caucasian, male actor, who after several successful sexual encounters with women he dates, quickly loses interest and becomes impotent within a few weeks of a relationship.  This PLT client I will call Mark mentioned he has a current role in a play in which he loses his concentration and forgets his lines during a particular nude scene.  When Mark is asked if he has an issue with being naked in front of a live audience, he replies, "No, only when someone makes a sudden noise in the audience...coughs, shuffles their feet, etc.  I have no issue with being naked in front of others and I seldom get out of character accept during the nude scene and especially when someone coughs in the audience."

After instructing Mark to let his unconscious mind reveal an experience from his past that may be mirroring this, he quickly goes into a past-life as a black slave.  Several other slaves surround him and he is fully naked like the others.  He states, "We are lined up and having our testicles weighed."  Mark then reports he hears men being instructed to cough, "We are coughing. We are being examined for sexual vitality and endowment in order to determine who will be the most productive sex slave."

A slave owner then calls Mark out of the crowd.  He goes into a scene where he is forced to have sex with black women at all hours of the day and night while being whipped.  It is not a pleasurable experience since he is beaten harshly until he ejaculates.  Similar to the previous case study in this newsletter involving sexual slavery, it is implied that he must “come quick” hence manifesting pre-mature ejaculation issues and other sexual problems in his current life.  

After he ejaculates, he has limited time to rest before he must begin the process of impregnating more female slaves. Mark says he has a lot of sexual activity when he initially becomes sexual with a woman, but then becomes impotent.  He realizes unconsciously that his job is finished, as it would have been in the past-life, which then triggers the belief he must move onto his next sexual partner/slave.

Mark unconsciously chose to be in this play where he is comfortable being naked in front of others, this stemming from his nude existence where he was treated like a wild animal whose only purpose was to breed more slaves. His unconscious motivation or attraction to the play was to resolve the moment at which the slave owner called him out of a line-up, had him cough, and then branded him a sex slave.  During his Past Life Therapy sessions, Mark had an opportunity to resolve the past-life trauma he's unconsciously attempting to complete on stage.  He was able to 'reframe' the event as if re-living the experience currently.

Mark had the opportunity to speak to the slave owner as if playing out a theatrical scene with the strength and conscious knowledge to say and do what he could not say and do at the time.  Mark angrily told the slave owner that he will not listen to his demands and that he will no longer be a slave to him or anyone.  Mark needed to experience anger and resolve the fear of punishment containing an underlying fear of death.  We continued to work the scene to process and clear the negative survival-based scripts held in place.  In this past-life, orders must be followed or he would have been repeatedly beaten until killed.  By resolving the commands of the slave master, he can be free of this experience.


The resolved past-life experience resulted in Mark remaining in character during his acting scenes.  Past Life Therapy is helping Mark become a centered, focused actor.  Moreover, any nude scenes where coughing or a similar noise occurs will not unconsciously stimulate an unresolved, past-life experience.  Mark is considering whether a career in acting is his true passion since he now knows why he unconsciously attracted this recent acting role. Mark does not have to ejaculate quickly and remaining promiscuous as an unconscious, survival-based command threatening death if an order is not followed.  Mark has reported that impotency is not an issue anymore and he is currently in a monogamous relationship.

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