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Cut-Throat: Past-life sources for present-day Tonsillitis
Updated: -- Mar 15, 2013 --

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Tonsillitis: Case Study/Surgical Preparation

To view previously published PLTC newsletters, please visit PLTC Newsletters/Subscribe at  Written approval was received to anonymously publish the following case study/newsletter for educational purposes.

A 27 year-old male client was recently admitted to a Los Angeles hospital after vomiting blood from hemorrhaging caused by inflamed tonsils/tonsillitis [Tonsils normally filter germs before they cause infections in the throat, mouth, or sinuses.  However, sometimes bacteria or viruses get into the tonsils causing tonsillitis.  Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy surgeries are the most common operations performed on children in the U.S.  These throat surgeries are sometimes performed for unwarranted reasons and are not without risk and can result in throat discomfort, hemorrhaging (requiring blood transfusions or additional surgery), hypernasal speech, and in rare cases anesthesia awareness or death]. When antibiotics failed to work, his swollen tonsils were injected with an oxygen formulation, a very painful procedure, as an attempt to reduce the inflammation causing his inability to talk, eat, or swallow.  After a weeklong hospital stay, he was released.

After a chance meeting, my client whom I will refer to as Ryan, booked a Past Life Therapy session merely out of curiosity. The following session reveals a 17th century past-life source to his tonsillitis.  Due to the chronic nature of his severe tonsillitis, his medical doctor has recommended a tonsillectomy scheduled for next month; symbolically, a ‘cut to the throat’ as it connects to a traumatic and fatal ‘cut to the throat’ during a past-life.  Since Ryan has committed to surgery as a remedy for chronic tonsillitis, the objective of Past Life Therapy is not to convince him otherwise, rather to enable him to resolve this similar yet very different kind of ‘cut to the throat’ in order to encourage a successful, complication-free surgery.

Ryan works as an actor, dancer/choreographer, and model.  A year prior, he was involved in a major bicycle ‘accident’, in which an automobile struck him at an intersection resulting in chronic neck and back pain.  Ryan also disclosed he has reoccurring soar throats and ear aches/infections since childhood; physical problems are often times cellular/soul memory re-stimulated due to unresolved past-life traumas.  His single mother raised him and he has never met his estranged father.  Other details from his client intake interview/present-life history were discussed prior to beginning session.

Past Life Therapy (PLT) does not require an intensive induction process or formal hypnosis as conducted by Thomas Paul, founder of Past Life Therapy Center (PLTC). The techniques implemented at PLTC utilize The Netherton Method and involves de-hypnosis or focused-state.  Dr. Morris Netherton, who recently retired from 45 years of clinical practice, is the founder of Past Life Therapy.  Some details of the PLT method are abbreviated for discussion/newsletter purposes.  

TP:  Allow your unconscious mind to be in the experience that recorded an event from your past which is recreating and reinforcing these current accidents and medical problems.  Speak in the first person at all times in order to ground yourself in the experience and be very aware of anything you feel or don’t feel [numbness], hear, smell, see, or taste in session.  Give me the first word or words that come to mind.

C:  Blue, dark, noise, black….that’s it…I don’t know.  I’m afraid.

TP: What is it that you don’t want to know?   Allow yourself to be afraid and focus on the first area of your body that comes to mind where this fear is rooted.  Speak from that part of your body as if your body could talk.

C:  I’m in pain.  My ear hurts.

TP: What are you aware of next and give me your physical position as a scene unfolds?

C:  Water.  I’m laying down looking up at the sky.  Now I’m spinning...I’m spinning!  I’m spinning!

TP: You are in a safe place re-experiencing an event from your past that needs resolution… allow yourself to spin…it’s o.k.  I’m here to help you through it.

C:  I’m drowning!  I’m drowning!   My ear hurts...then my throat!  I have a headache and I’m spinning!  (Client begins coughing and experiences shortness of breath in session.)

TP: Speak the next words that come to mind as you’re spinning.  The spinning is creating confusion and you need to hear and be fully aware of what is being said or happening to you prior to, after, or during this spinning sensation.

C:  I need help!  I need help!  I’m falling!  Now I see a hand.

TP: What is this hand doing and is it male or female?  Guess if you don’t know… trust your intuition.

C:  It’s reaching out for me.  It’s a female.  I am male…I’m tiny, small…like 2 years old.  She grabs me.  I’m out of the water now and she is holding me.  I’m screaming and my ear hurts…my ear is bleeding.  

TP: Now that you are no longer spinning from the drowning, let the confusion clear about how you got into this situation.

C:  I fell.  No, I was dropped.   She dropped me on the rocks…intentionally and very hard.

TP: Is it the same woman that just rescued you?

C:  No, it’s a younger woman.  She threw me on my left side, my ear hit the rocks, and then she pushed me into the water.

TP: I need you to hear what she is saying as she is throwing you to the rocks and drowning you.

C:  She doesn’t say anything.

TP: Her energy said something…her energy has words…speak the first words she must say to herself in order to do this to you.

C:     “I don’t want you!  I don’t want you…because I’m not ready!  I don’t want you!”

She’s my mother and the old woman that helped me is her mother…my grandmother.  I’m back to when I’m in my grandmother’s arms after my mother tried to kill me.

TP: Hear what is said…it’s very important as you are in a state of shock after this incident.  Anything that is said or done around you during shock reinforces this trauma and unconsciously attracts a similar or identical form in your current life.

C:  I can’t hear...I’m deaf!  I’m crying but I can’t hear myself cry.  The blow to my ear damaged my ability to hear!  It’s quiet…no more noise.

TP: A part of you knows what they are saying.  Even if you are deaf, your unconscious mind records this and you now have the ability to playback this past-life recording/dialogue.

C: They’re screaming…they’re fighting.

    “He’s bleeding!  Bring a towel…I need to stop it.”

I taste blood.  I’m bleeding from my ears and out my mouth.  Note: During Ryan’s intake interview before session, he mentioned an experience in the hospital a few weeks ago when he complained of a soar throat and earache.  As soon as the doctor arrived, he vomited blood (tasted blood)…similar to this past-life scene.  

    “It’s your fault!”
    “I hate him!”
    “Where is he?”
    “I don’t know.  He left me alone with this baby.”
    “Well, you’re not taking care of him.  How could you do this?”
    “He’s going to be your brother now.”
    “But it’s my baby.  I’m sorry.”
    “No, it’s not—not anymore. It’s your brother from now on. Let’s go.”

I’m in pain.  I feel sad and rejected.  There is no time to cry.  My mother is now my sister.

TP:  Know this is why you are here…to say, feel, and resolve what you could not do then even if you were just an infant.  It’s o.k. to cry and express yourself here.  What are you unconsciously learning needs to happen in order for you to survive or get through things in life a.k.a. your survival script?

C:  My life has to have a tragedy or accidents and I need rescuing.  Then I can know someone really cares for me and I can move forward.

Note:  An automobile struck Ryan a few years ago while crossing an intersection in which he fell on the left side of his head; the same side as this past-life trauma. The rocks he was thrown upon as a past-life infant are now the hard pavement which led to his chronic neck, back, and ear pain.  Ryan’s present-life bicycle ‘accident’ is the likely catalyst for his next medical issue and upcoming tonsillectomy.  The following trauma leading to his past-life death as a deaf adult hung from a spiked noose stimulates the present-day infection (inflamed tonsils from spikes) and his tonsillectomy (‘throat cutting’) in this lifetime.  

TP:  I need you to move forward to the moments before your death in that lifetime.  If you were going to die, what would be the likely cause...just allow yourself to know the answer.

C:  A hanging.  I’m spinning again! My throat!  There are spikes in my throat!

TP: Just allow yourself to spin.  It’s o.k.  Just be very aware of anything you hear as you are spinning.

C:  I’m deaf. I’m maybe 20 years-old.  I can not hear, but I’m trying to communicate.

TP: Communicate and hear what you could not say or hear then…there is a part of you that knows what was said and wants to speak out and resolve this trauma.  All past-life experiences are recorded, unconscious events, and you can hear now.

C:      “Don’t kill him!”
          “He’s not guilty!”
          “He didn’t steal it!”
          “He has to die…he’s too much trouble.  He is not following the order.   He doesn’t listen.”

Note:  “He doesn’t listen” becomes an unconscious command reinforcing deafness or an inability to focus, listen, or trust in his or her following lifetimes.  In addition, unexplainable feelings of guilt may arise.  During shock/trauma, a form of unconsciousness occurs and the client remains in confusion until the source of the confusion is cleared and the truth known.

I’m confused.  My head is spinning.

TP: Allow yourself to move through this confusion and spinning.  This is cellular memory re-created as you hang from the spiked noose around your neck.   Allow yourself to know what is happening and spoken.

C:    “He didn’t do it!  I did it…let him go.  He can’t speak…he’s not what you think.   I am guilty…leave him alone.  Please…I love him.”

It’s my sister—my mother.  She is lying to them.  She feels guilty for what she did to me as a child.  It’s 17th century, in Europe somewhere.  They are going to kill me and she is trying to stop them.  It’s like I can hear again because I’m going to die…I hear a crowd saying:

    “He’s not guilty!”

Many people are shouting. They are on my side.  They don’t want me to die.  The spikes are getting tighter and I can’t speak…it’s so frustrating!  

I felt this same frustration in the hospital recently when I could not talk and was in so much pain and the nurses were not paying attention to me!

Note: The past-life spikes are present-life needles recently administered to the lumps in Ryan’s throat without anesthesia accompanied again by an inability to communicate his feelings of frustration and neglect.  

My ears are bleeding.  There is so much blood in my mouth from the spikes in my throat.  Now it’s going into my ears.   

Note: Noise was one of the first words he mentioned at the beginning of his Past Life Therapy session.  From earlier:  “Blue, dark, noise, black... I’m afraid.”
Dark and black symbolizes blood and blue is the earlier drowning in water while looking at the sky…foreshadowing these unresolved traumas.  

TP: What are you aware of or hear next?

C:    “You’re a liar!”

Someone else is speaking.  I know this man.  He is not from the crowd.  I’m in so much pain as the chains and spikes get tighter across my neck.

    “You can’t control people—nobody is listening to you.  You are just a fool. You didn’t see anything and even if you did, you are a liar and you are going to die…nobody needs a fool!

I can hear the noise of the chains attached to the spiked noose around my neck.  I’m feeling dizzy!  My throat hurts!  

TP: What ultimately brings about your death? (It’s important to process the death now to move him through this confusion, discomfort in session, and then be able to clarify how he got into this situation.  Note: Additional PLT sessions would reveal why he unconsciously attracted it.  He will then have an opportunity to release and resolve any unconscious commands that would reinforce this trauma in his current and future lifetimes.)

C:  I don’t have a neck!  My head is on the floor and my body is falling to the other direction.  It’s horrible!

TP: Allow yourself to leave your body and when you feel you have completely left your body look back and tell me what you see.  A part of you can still see the scene of your death shortly after you die.  

(Ryan reports feeling very calm as he imagines himself leaving his body in a type of mock ‘out-of-body’ experience.)

C:  They are all hitting my mother now.

    “You killed him.”

The crowd blames my mother for my death.

TP:  I want you to be back in your body now that the spinning and confusion has been released, for you need to know the truth. (Client slips into a former scene prior to the hanging and beheading.  Below is his realization less PLT methods and questioning.)

C:   I write!  I’m a writer and a leader!  I don’t know how I learned to write but I just know somehow.  I write stories…true stories.  I was hiding…no one saw me.  Someone was killed and I wrote about it.  I saw it.  I wanted to say it but I could not speak.  This man who ordered me dead killed him—the King.  This man wants to be King and is accusing me of his crimes.  His name is Peter…and I’ve been telling people what really happened through my writing.  People die because they aren’t supposed to read anything except what is allowed.  I know where the money is…I saw Peter kill the King and take the treasures…that is the truth.  I did not steal the coins and I did not kill the King.  Peter cut his hands off and then stabbed him.  Peter wants to be King though he has no royal blood.  He wants to lead but I will get in his way.  People believe and follow me.  This is why he is killing me and justifying it as he tells the crowd I’m just a fool.

TP: At death, the events leading to these incidents become clear, as you are no longer spinning in confusion.  What is the truth about your mother?

C:  She tried to kill me as an infant because she was pregnant by the King.  She was a nobody.  He slept with her only because she was pretty…a conquest.  The King ordered her dead, and her family, if she did not get rid of me.   Since I was a mute after being thrown to the rocks, I was allowed to live.  I couldn’t speak the truth until I broke my silence by writing the truth.   Peter wanted to be King to have power and wealth.  He killed my father and then me since I was the oldest son and next in line to be King.  

TP:  You need to reframe this incident and further release this trauma in order to prevent unconsciously attracting torture, accidents, physical problems, or a similar death in order to speak out, resolve, and finish this.  Be at the moment when the spikes are around your neck.   I’m going to come around the chair and place my hands around your neck to re-stimulate this so you can be done with this forever.  Is it o.k. if I do this now?

C:  Yes.

TP:  (I place my hands around Ryan’s neck.  I then firmly poke my fingers in his neck to symbolize the spikes and chains used before his throat and entire head was cut-off.  He then begins to get angry and reaches for my arms at which point I continue to place pressure on his neck repeating everything that was said to him prior to his beheading.)

    “You’re a liar and a fool!”
    “Nobody is listening to you!”
    “You’re guilty!”
    “You’re going to die you bastard!

C:  (I can hardly breathe!)

TP:  Get angrier Ryan!  Don’t let this man have control over you anymore!
C:  “I’m not a liar!  I’m not guilty!  I didn’t do it!  I’m not a fool, you are!  You are the one who is guilty!

TP: (I grip Ryan’s hands firmly as he attempts to remove mine from his neck.  He struggles and continues to get irate as he speaks the angry words he couldn’t in this past-life traumatic event.  This will release the energy and commands holding the trauma in place.  The incident is then reframed and completed, if only in his mind, the way he would have preferred.   I instruct him to imagine himself pulling the noose off his neck by grabbing my hands and forcing them off.  I continue to grip strongly so he can put up a fight until he successfully removes my hands, cries and experiences catharsis.  He needed to experience fear to go underneath it and then tap into anger in order to resolve this trauma.  I instruct him to know that it is o.k. to feel and that crying is not a sign of weakness.  It’s a reminder that he is human.  His death was barbaric and unwarranted and now he is in control.)

Now that you know what you are not, what are you?

C:  I’m innocent!  I’m smart.  I’m not a criminal.  I’m honest.

TP: The spiked chains are off your neck that were causing the inflammation to your tonsils.   Now that you aren’t a slave to this man, what can you do?

C:  I can move my neck.

TP: Move your neck back and forth and take a deep breath.  I want you to feel your neck move freely and without pain.   What can else can you do now that you are free?

C:  I can lead.  I have the ability to lead, to teach my talents.  I can hear.  I can focus.  I don’t have ADD or learning disabilities.  I was once told I had attention deficit issues and lacked patience to learn.  It was because I unconsciously did not want to see or hear (focus upon) what was happening to me and to others around me.   Focusing or looking at someone for too long, or the wrong way, resulted in a torturous death.  I can make eye contact.  I can hear, see, speak, and focus!

TP:  What is the truth about what you did in that life that no longer applies to this one?

C:  I was killed for writing the truth.  Perhaps this is why I don’t write often.  I can write now.  I can study and remember my lines.  I can hear the other actor’s lines too and be in the moment focusing on the scene at hand.  I can be present.  I’m not a fool. I can easily learn new things and tell others what I know.  Knowing the truth and expressing it does not have to result in death.

TP: What else can be different in regards to your posture when auditioning or acting now that you’re not hanging and slumped over as you were when attached to the spiked chain?

C:  I can hold myself tall and with pride.  I have nothing to be ashamed of for I am innocent and I can stand with confidence.   

TP:  Continue to realize the truth and how this past-life connects to what is going on in your current-life.

C:  Nobody was listening to me in the hospital.  It was the same frustration.  I was trying to write things to express my pain and they were not listening.  

TP:  Notice how the ‘cut to the throat’ in the past-life is symbolic of a pending ‘cut to the throat’ in surgery.   If you choose to have throat surgery, you don’t need to unconsciously re-stimulate these past-life commands and fatal results, or any complications, on the operating table.  This session has made you aware of the past-life source of your throat issues.  You are fully conscious and able to separate the past-life ‘cut to the throat’ from the present-life ‘cut to the throat’ you will experience during your already scheduled throat surgery.
Allow yourself to know if you have completely resolved these victim experiences. If so, you don’t need to attract any experiences that would repeat these traumas or similar effects in order for you to prove your innocence and survive it. Let’s make sure you don’t bring any unresolved issues involving your neck and throat to the operating room.  Do you feel any pain or discomfort in your neck, throat, or ears or feel anything is still unfinished from these scenes?

C:  No. It’s finished. I feel so relieved!  I don’t feel anxious.  I feel calm. I never felt so calm before.

TP: Good.  That is what you need to feel from now on and as you go into surgery.  Resolving your past is why you are feeling this inner peace and calm.  Your mind/body/soul has been communicating through a series of ‘accidents’ or ailments informing you of inner work to finish. The healing process has already begun and any surgery you have is to further assist in your healing.  You will attract a competent, knowledgeable, medical staff and any surgery to your throat will be successfully performed and with a smooth recovery.  You don’t need life-threatening tragedies, accidents, or medical issues to re-create these traumas to prove your innocence or that others care for you.  

Allow yourself to listen and hear clearly without the blood and water in your ears and leave this mute life behind.  Let your voice be heard at your auditions and performances.  It’s time to stand erect with confidence and be noticed for your many talents.   Realize how the fall to the ground on your left side after the bicycle accident was the same side you were thrown upon as a past-life child resulting in deafness after the ear/head injury and attempted drowning.   The spikes in your throat and the blood that irritated your ears and inflamed your tonsils in the past-life are reinforced today as ear aches/infections, soar throats, and vomiting blood in doctor’s office.  The needles or ‘spikes’ to your throat used in the emergency room are symbolic of keeping you still, quiet, and obedient until the next procedure. i.e. ‘cut to the throat’

You can speak, write, dance, act, and direct (lead). You can express yourself in any form and easily be seen, heard, and understood.  You can breathe deeply. The fluids (water and/or blood) in your infant body or from the hanging are no longer in your lungs and ears.  Your personal and career life does not need to involve going in circles to re-stimulate the sensation of spinning out-of-control. i.e. staying in confusion.   Your survival script is no longer, “As long as I’m spinning in confusion, I know I’m not dead yet” or “the second I stop spinning, I die” (drowned or beheaded as you were spinning in the water or from the spiked chains as you hang awaiting your execution).

Note:  His work as a choreographer and dancer involves movement or spinning which likely had survival-script based motivations.   Also, use of alcohol, anesthesia, recreational/OTC prescribed drugs prior, during or after a surgery could reinforce dizziness, spinning, and confusion if this trauma was left unresolved.  In other words, the sensation of spinning or staying in confusion is recreated in a variety of ways.  

C:  I don’t need pain in my head, neck, and back.  The spikes are out which were causing the inflammation to my throat (tonsillitis).  I can move my neck.  I can speak and hear clearly.  I don’t need to be thrown, drowned, poked at, hung, and cut in any other lifetimes.  I can take a deep breath and relax.  I’m in control of my life.  There are people that want me here…alive, well, and able to succeed.  


Ryan was amazed that his mind readily surfaced these unresolved past-life traumas with intense emotional and physical reactions directly connecting to his current-life challenges.  His past-life traumas mirror his current-life issues, and he is ready to process, regardless if he is willing to fully believe in past-lives, the source of his headaches, neck/throat pain, back/spine discomfort, and earaches.

I sympathize with his dilemma between the mainstream medical community encouraging surgery and continuing Past Life Therapy as another option.  PLT in conjunction with any necessary medical treatments is likely his best option since he has committed to surgery.  Past Life Therapy clients have varying yet remarkable results when completing the therapy process and report reversal of many chronic ailments when they follow-up with their medical doctors during check-ups. Unfortunately, since PLT is considered alternative therapy, it can not claim to prevent or eliminate a medical issue.  PLT is permitted to process the emotional aspects of problems and any results are for the medical community to diagnose or credit at this time.

Ryan experienced intense pain from his tonsillitis. He does not want to chance another intolerable episode.  His medical doctor feels surgery may prevent this reoccurrence even though it may entail a sore and uncomfortable recovery.   Ryan is aware of the risks of surgery.  By resolving his connected, past-life traumas, he is likely to attract a competent, compassionate, surgical staff rather than individuals matching his formerly unresolved, victim-victimizer scripts.

It is not uncommon for Past Life Therapy clients to report botched or unsuccessful surgeries prior to beginning therapy.  During PLT, the source of these ‘accidental mishaps’ reveal similar injuries inflicted upon them or others in former lifetimes.  This is a form of karmic reversal or victimization attracting the surgeon, anesthesiologist, or other medical staff unconscious of their unresolved victim-victimizer issues.  Any medical negligence on their part is often dismissed as incompetence or mistakes.

Past Life Therapy has prepared Ryan emotionally for surgery.  He is fully conscious of why he is having it without bringing an unresolved, throat-related trauma to the operating room.   He doesn’t need his ‘throat cut’ severely in order to speak his mind and survive it; he has resolved this in therapy.   Ryan is ready mentally and spiritually for a successful surgery and recovery.  

Further Past Life Therapy sessions could reveal any additional unconscious events requiring resolution to enhance his life experience, confidence, and well-being: pre-natal/birth experience (i.e. umbilical cord around neck are chains on neck in past-life), his unconscious choice of parents including his unconscious birth agreement (i.e. his absent present-life father repeats “I don’t want you”), previous surgeries, and other past events reinforcing harmful commands.  In addition, a PLT post-surgery session is recommended.  Surgical dialogue is recorded and can inadvertently instruct another area of his body to fail, effect motivation, or reinforce other unresolved survival-scripts, etc.  See PLTC Newsletter: “Surgery: What you unconsciously recorded could be effecting your health.”

PLT examines mind/body connections in which old traumas hold dialogue in place and recreate current-day challenges as the mind communicates to the body to follow its unconscious orders.  As Ryan continues to resolve the past, his mind/body will balance and encourage emotional healing.  At some point, he should resolve his victimizer experiences too and any other critical victim experiences from former lifetimes to maximize the benefits of PLT.  

Typically, Past Life Therapy Center clients report similar traumas they imposed on others, a type of karmic reversal, and it’s usually survival-based: kill or be killed.  Soul evolution and consciousness is a process and choice.  It can occur eventually, and sometimes painfully over the course of many lifetimes, or sooner rather than later, in a clinical, therapeutic setting.  Past Life Therapy utilizing The Netherton Method practiced by Thomas Paul, C.Ht., C.P.L.T., founder of PLTC, is an evolutionary and experiential process promoting consciousness and emotional healing.  PLT resolves karma and unconscious past-life scripts or traumas that motivate and guide us.


A week after my client’s surgery, he invited me to his birthday celebration.  He still could not speak but he had a PDA device to type messages. He wrote that he was still experiencing pain and discomfort in his recovery, though it was obvious based on his demeanor as he clenched his throat.  Sitting around a fire, I met many of his friends for the first time.  As I was observing my client, I was reminded of how dramatic he is with his face and hands. He had emailed some of his acting and modeling reels/photographs over the course of our knowing each other. The majority of his modeling, acting, and dance projects involve highly emphatic facial movements, hand gestures, and body contortions.  It’s obvious his talent for expression comes from his former lifetime as a mute utilizing facial/body language for his primary means of communication and survival.

I also remembered my client informing me a few days before his surgery that his throat  was healthy and pain-free. I couldn’t resist wondering, as I watched him attempt to communicate with his friends through a pseudo-sign language, if the surgery was really necessary.  If he pursued PLT sooner, would it have changed his decision and completely resolved the condition? Regardless, he had committed to the tonsillectomy and I supported him then and now.  His sense of urgency with pursuing surgery was also influenced by his demanding career choice.  He is often required to be available at a moment’s notice and tonsillitis was contributing to missed job opportunities.  After the birthday celebration, another week had passed and I had received a phone call from my client.  He reported he still experiences some pain when speaking certain words and food tastes bland, but he is expected to fully recover and currently his range of voice seems back to normal.   

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In compliance with state and federal laws, PLTC does not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases. PLTC provides alternative/healing arts therapy that encourages emotional resolution of current challenges at their unconscious sources; this may include past lives, prenatal/birth experiences, present-life traumas, surgeries, etc. Information contained in this article has not been evaluated by the FDA or any psychological or medical licensing body.  Written approval was received to anonymously publish this article/case study for educational purposes. 


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