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Reincarnated Japanese Samurai Resolves Suicidal Thoughts
Updated: -- May 30, 2013 --

Newsletter Article/Case Study
PLTC Founder: Thomas Paul, DCH

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The following case study reveals a woman’s perfection obsession and physical/emotional problems as influenced by past-life, Samurai warrior codes.  It includes actual Past Life Therapy (PLT) session dialogue with commentary by Thomas Paul, founder of Past Life Therapy Center, as he explains the PLT process and its effectiveness. 

Note/Relevance to Reader:  Past Life Therapy Center (PLTC) clients with terminal illnesses often express in PLT sessions that “my disease,” e.g., cancer or HIV, is (unconsciously) “my way out” because “I’m not perfect.”  Due to the mind-body connection, this is an obvious concern.  Past Life Therapy has helped numerous clients resolve harmful, unconscious beliefs from dialogue recorded during past-life and present-life traumas/emotional events.  These unresolved and repressed experiences contain details the mind interprets as commands for living a certain way, or not living.  

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