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What Is The Plan?
Jan 8, 2021 --
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January 08, 2021
Dr. Thomas Paul
What Is The Plan?
Hello everyone,
As of this writing, there are no excessive deaths anywhere in the world compared to prior years, even with fraudulent reporting. Medical issues, including flu cases, are mislabeled or repackaged as "COVID" to submit lucrative insurance claims and keep the lockdowns ongoing. "They" (watch The Most Important Videos Of 2020-2021 below) recategorized the deaths and illnesses/cases to drive false, fearful narratives on corrupt mainstream, pharma-owned networks.
Most people who initially passed from "COVID-19" died from medical negligence, pre-existing conditions, and ventilators that damaged their lungs. COVID-19 is a crime scene more than it's a pandemic. Hospitals pocketed up to $39,000.00 for every person they put on ventilators that didn't need them. Many patients in clinics suffered from anxiety (panic attacks) because of misinformation peddled and pushed non-stop on the mainstream channels. They were then heavily drugged with sedatives, psychiatric prescriptions, and intubated unnecessarily, causing needless injuries and deaths.
Approximately 58 million people die every year worldwide from various causes; 120 million will die by 3000 as the population ages along with temporary population increases. Then there will be an eventual decline in births. According to "Our World In Data," as the number of deaths approaches the number of births, global population growth will end. When we consider total deaths from pre-existing sicknesses and tragedies, there is nothing to be alarmed about pre or post-COVID except the real pain of losing a loved one too soon.  
Death is normal but obsessing over it is not. Manipulated statistics are scare tactics. We can't trust fake data. Are vaccines (e.g., flu shots, which can increase COVID infection rates up to 400%) or pharmaceuticals (and misused, dirty masks) weakening most people's immune systems? Why doesn't the media discuss proven treatments or nutrition, but instead only focuses on social distancing, quarantines, masks, and experimental vaccines?
Asymptomatic people are of no risk to others. Masks that are worn long-term cause hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) and reinforce cancer growth and bacterial or fungal pneumonia, which harmed more people during the Spanish flu of the early 1900s than the virus itself. Far more people will be negatively affected by isolation/lockdowns, mask mandates, and poverty (a nutrition/resource crisis) than from coronaviruses.
Also, people died in past lives from the effects of gas chambers, fires, hangings, strangulations, and drownings, which victimizes them again when not given options whether to wear masks or not. The people who died in battles with swords and knives, or raped to death, are reincarnating with traumatized souls/minds. They're then sometimes strapped to a table soon after their births and further assaulted by sharp objects (vaccines) filled with toxins; this reinforces the confused, unconscious state that accounts for most medical problems.
Most people don't know that I exist and can help them resolve these unconscious traumas in Past Lives Therapy using de-hypnosis. It's the only therapy that thoroughly examines and enables a client to complete the cycles of abuse at their root causes (the areas medicine does not address) and ends the pattern of wanting to "check out" in an "Autistic-state" trapped in depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Past Lives Therapy allows a person to reconnect (unite) with themselves, encouraging self-healing, compassion, and consciousness.
COVID-19 is one of the most treatable viruses when addressed early, and there are many holistic and vitamin supplement approaches, too. You can view the videos below hosted on the safe website, BitChute, if the links are unavailable on Big Tech platforms. Start with the last (most recent) ones and work your way up this list.
PCR tests detect sequences that we all have in our bodies, including colds from 20 years ago. The creator of the PCR test has said his invention is not for diagnostic purposes, only research. He's quoted in interviews as saying, "With PCR [COVID-19 testing], if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody."
The divide and conquer plan (PLANdemic) is to destroy small businesses and end human rights, individualism, and privacy. The larger companies stay open and buy damaged enterprises at discount prices. Their plan to fully track and treat everyone as digital commodities from birth until death under a secret social credit score managed by criminals must cease. (Learn more in these featured videos and articles.)
In conclusion, those of us with conscious, compassionate, and analytical minds ask everyone to unite against medical fascism and respect the "my body, my choice, [my karma, my consequences]" mantra when it comes to making personal health decisions. If one believes masks or liability-free, warp-speed "vaccines" with no studies of the accumulative effects protect them instead of building up their immunity through nutrition, lifestyle choices, and therapy, then that's their right. But they must not mandate these beliefs onto others.
What is the plan? It depends on if we're obeying the WHO (World Health Organization aka Bill Gates)'s PLAN to control our minds and bodies or our plan to escape medical fascism and decide what health and freedom mean to us.
There are reports that the new coronavirus vaccines made in less than 10-months (vaccines usually take up to 15 years to develop and test) are causing Bell's Palsy, paralysis, massive allergic reactions resulting in blindness, catastrophic injuries, and deaths.
Either we let confused, detached minds divide and conquer us, or we unite and set aside our petty, political disagreements for the sake of humanity, and especially the children who shouldn't live in fear of people or viruses.
In regards to children, please stop masking them (and pregnant mothers). Masks may unconsciously reinforce asthma, brain damage, etc. They can traumatize kids and cause unintended consequences. Kids are very rarely infected with COVID-19 and have a 99.99% survival rate. 
(No new vaccines are needed for anyone when we have plenty of pharmaceutical and holistic treatments. There are also mind-body methods such as Past Lives Therapy using de-hypnosis to encourage a balanced, responsive immune system using our healing minds rather than an emotionally imbalanced one that overreacts to the 380 trillion viruses within all of us.)
Sometimes illnesses are part of someone's spiritual or victimization/karmic path until they resolve this unconscious pattern in therapy. Let's not assume everyone is unwell and needs to be quarantined/imprisoned, unemployed, and endlessly vaccinated by organizations with a long history of fraud.
Together we can solve our health challenges without draconian measures or fear-mongering and misinformation pushes, which becomes the ultimate, debilitating virus.
The videos and articles below will enhance your education on what I've touched upon in this newsletter. Please share them with friends, co-workers, and family. Turn off the criminal, mainstream news/TV for your health and sanity. Don't give the cabal any more attention or money. (I do not provide medical advice or respond to newsletter comments. Please conduct your research and seek out guidance from honest professionals.)
Have a peaceful, healthy, and Happy New Year. 
Best wishes,
Dr. Thomas Paul, Founder of Past Life Regression Center,
Past Life Therapy Center:
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"It is crucial that every pulmonologist, doctor, and nurse, hospital administrator, and every public health official receive this information immediately. We have zero success for patients who were intubated."
a. Supplements/strategies: Quercetin, elemental Zinc, Zinc Sulfate, Selenium, Vitamin A, D3+K2, Vit. C, iodine. NAC, filtered water, organic, nutrient-dense, unprocessed (whole) foods, pasture-raised/wild, diversity in diet, exercise, engagement with people, nature, and animals, de-hypnosis/past lives therapy (resolve unconscious trauma/confusion and victimization patterns to improve self-worth and health).
Medical Theatre/Virtue Signaling/Hypoxia/Submission/Personal Gas Chamber/Brain Damage/Organ Failure
Face Masks Pose Serious Risks: “By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” — Russell Blaylock, MD
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Dr. Cardillo, CEO of Mend Urgent Care, says that the [HCQ] drug must be used in conjunction with Zinc, as the hydroxycholoroquine opens a ‘channel’ for the mineral to enter cells and prevent the virus from replicating.
14. Dr. Simone Gold MD
      How to destroy small business and end human rights with Covid/Technocracy/Transhumanism/SocialCredit.This powerful interview with Catherine Austin Fitts covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in.
Kary Mullis - who was awarded a Nobel Chemistry Prize - has always stated that the RT/PCR test being used worldwide by the WHO and government health agencies to test for COVID 19 was never to be used for infectious diseases.
"With PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody."
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Mainstream social media giants have banned some of the most intelligent, passionate minds. Please follow these experts on Twitter and other platforms while their accounts are still active. (My Twitter account, @DrThomasPaul, is often set on private. You can request a follow or visit me on Gab. I rarely see or respond to private messages on social media. My communications are mostly for clients only, but I share an abundance of free information online.): 
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