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Transsexual Client Realizes Past Life Source Motivation for Sex Change Operation : Hiroshima Atomic Bomb
Updated: -- Nov 1, 2012 --

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Transsexual client realizes past life source and motivation for sex-change operation.  

A formerly male client I will refer to as Mary was a member of a large Buddhist monastery in Los Angeles.  She had joined the monastery after becoming a devoted follower of the Abbot.  Mary became very depressed when the Abbot died and a female became the Abbotess.  She was distraught of this loss of her father guru/figure. After his death, Mary had surgery to become a female from male and began planning suicide months after the operation since her depression worsened.  Her suicide was in a planning stage for a specific date three months into the future.  When she could not be convinced to change her decision, she was referred to Past Life Therapy by the Abbotess.

During a PLT session, Mary revealed she died as a 9-year old girl while holding the hands of her father during the bombing of Hiroshima. The spectacular explosion killed her father instantly.  She did not recognize her death right away and continued looking for him after her death, on a soul level, as if she were still alive. At death, her unconscious, survival script was defined: “I need to find my father, or I will die.”   Well, the reality is she did not locate her father for he had disintegrated and she died instantly too.  Mary is still unconsciously searching for her father/father figure in this lifetime.  When the male Abbot died in this lifetime to be replaced with a female Abbotess, it unconsciously placed her back into searching for her father again.

Due to the shock of a sudden death from the past-life explosion, there was confusion in place about the cause of her father’s death and her own.  She had not processed that her father was dead too and he could not have saved or prevented either of their deaths.  Past Life Therapy allowed her to confront this and detach from this scene where there were not any remains from the explosion.  She was directed to leave her body entirely until she felt a subtle out-of-body type experience.  Past Life Therapy provides a method to detach the soul from an experience, if even just in the mind, to have closure and clarification. This helps the client recognize the truth and change the false-logic of any negative, past-life, survival scripts.

The truth is her father is dead and he, and no man, is coming back to save her from life’s challenges.  Mary became conscious in session that she does not need to become female or look and act a certain way in order for her father to recognize her as an unconscious attempt to hold onto him and re-experience the trauma. Mary will no longer need to unconsciously attract a man similar to her father in order to survive or feel alive; hence, the reason for a sex-change operation prior to PLT and the depression/feeling dead.  Feeling alive is something she can now experience without it being dependent on having a father figure to hold onto, which was her last memory of feeling alive prior to the explosion.  She resolved this traumatic past-life death in session and the confusion associated with her death, which means this false survival script will no longer stay in place.

Prior to therapy, Mary was planning her suicide on a certain date that was the same date as the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima…and this is prior to her knowledge of her past-life death in Hiroshima.  She stated her suicide would likely take place in a desert location, which coincidentally, or more likely not coincidental, would have been the same surroundings of Hiroshima shortly after the atomic bomb.  A death in the desert would provide similar factors of isolation, dust (smoke), and heat.  Many PLT clients report actual or similar present-life accidents/traumas that mirror past-life one’s, which is an unconscious attempt to repeat an unresolved trauma.

In this lifetime, Mary has been unconsciously searching for her father and her unconscious commands to “find him or I will die” led her to changing her sex as a survival mechanism; her father would have a much better chance of finding/ recognizing his daughter as female rather than male.  It may seem a stretch to comprehend this as the reason for the sex change, but so is the idea of removing one’s genitalia.  We are more than our bodies/sex, however, we were likely born the sex or sexuality we wanted to experience in this lifetime. Yet, the unconscious mind may be dictating otherwise especially when it’s a survival-based command.

Mary continued her therapy until she came to terms with her decision about the sex change and her mood disorder/suicidal thoughts resolved.  She reports she would not have had the operation if she had Past Life Therapy beforehand; however, she accepts her decision.  She came to realize that she is more than her body/gender and is living a peaceful, happy life as a confident woman.

Mary was born male, changed gender to female, and in this lifetime reports always feeling attracted to women sexually both prior to and after the operation.  This was not a homosexual client trying to come to grips with his/her sexuality.  Mary was a strait man who became a woman in an unconscious attempt to locate her father and unconsciously try to survive a fatal trauma.  A trauma she may have re-experienced in the form of suicide if she had not received Past Life Therapy.

Note: Sexual gender does not necessarily determine sexual preference.  Sexual expression that crosses traditional boundaries is not necessarily a disorder or something that needs to be resolved.  Furthermore, pre-natal/birth sources and its commands creating confusion surrounding one's gender should be examined and resolved in PLT sessions.  For example, a mother may be talking to her child during the pre-natal period, "I just know you are going to be a girl" or " I hope you are girl" which is interpreted as I'll only be loved if I'm a girl and that is what I should be.   Also, at moment of delivery or during a pre-natal exam, doctor or nurse could mistakenly say, "It's a girl!" when in fact it's a boy. 

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