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Oprah Winfrey Show on Body Dismorphic Disorder(BDD)/ Past Life Theory Examins 'Holocaust Victim' Testimony As Possible Source
Updated: -- Nov 15, 2012 --

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Discussion on BDD/ Past Life Theory provides possible connection to disorder of guests featured on Oprah Winfrey Show by Thomas Paul,  DCH

BDD, or Body Dismorphic Disorder, is often rooted in a past life experience.  On Sept. 14, 2005, Oprah Winfrey had a few guests on her show who have been diagnosed with Body Dismorphic Disorder.  The broadcast showed perfect examples of extreme cases of BDD and the counselor on the program suggested BDD is due to a chemical imbalance.  The counselor, who is likely unfamiliar with Past Life Therapy, did not mention the possibility of BDD stemming from past experiences, or from a previous lifetime.

Some guests claimed they could not hold a job because of this problem or drive a car since if they started looking at themselves in the rear view mirror they go into a trance preoccupying themselves with their appearance and then forget they are driving.  Another guest claimed going to plastic surgeon or a dermatologist is like 'a fix', 'a rush.'  She described an adrenaline rush similar to a drug addict thinking that this 'fix' or rush of endorphins may create a moment of numbing or high and possible solution to the deeper problem and that this 'fix' is going to solve the problem. 

Oprah made a great comparison in an attempt to try and understand the 'disease' (Note: Its called a 'disease,' which does address the seriousness, but is actually labeled this way to qualify for pharmaceutical drugs [fraud], which financially benefits drug companies, not always the client). Oprah said she thought the testimony given was similar to how those with anorexia [case study] describe themselves...seeing deformities that others do not.

BDD is an image preoccupation similar to many preoccupations/compulsive obsessions with an unconscious intention to avoid the unresolved, deeper issues which are rooted most likely in a past life. The one guest said he had this image problem since 5 years old; you can't assume it's media that caused this disorder.  Although media-defined 'perfect' facial/body images probably has some effect since it may reinforce one’s feelings of inadequacy on an unconscious level, it is not the primary cause of severe BDD. 

Almost all of the testimonies from the guests, many of whom are people most would agree are 'very attractive physically,' shared thoughts that are classic concentration camp dialogue of those who experience PLT and discover they died during the Holocaust.

Actual testimony from guests:

" I look gaunt, like a Holocaust victim”

“ I’m not a person "

" I look like a monster "

" I look deformed, not human"

" I don't feel real"

The claim of 'not feeling human' is obviously how people are made to feel in a concentration camp or similar inhumane past life experience.  Of course not all individuals who have BDD are former concentration camp victims and some people have mild BDD due to other influences other than past life sources, however, one must consider a  past life connection when working with clients with BDD.
Dr. Morris Netherton, a pioneer in Past Life Therapy, reported the following when I discussed his experiences with BDD cases: “I have always found BDD to be located in the death of the immediate past life and the conception into this life with input from mother throughout the pre-natal that unconsciously reinforces the confusion.  The client cannot register the death thus bringing the circumstances of the death directly into the next conception. Thus, if the death is in a concentration camp, they see themselves as they looked at the moment of death.  Of course the brain is unbalanced due to the starvation, etc., in the camp, however, there is much more to this the least of which is chemical.” 

On an unconscious level, these guests may fear being singled out for not looking Aryan if they lived during an era where one was victimized for not being of a certain cultural background or race.  When some individuals with BDD look at themselves, they see themselves as how they looked at the time of their traumatic death regardless if they physically look ‘healthy’ or ‘attractive’ to others.  And if actual physical changes or deformities in one’s appearance occur due to an accident, skin diseases, or the natural aging process, this will only further reinforce unconscious feelings of not being worthy of love and respect which may have been the case during the time of one’s past life death.

It is likely that the guests that appeared on this program on some level must feel if they ‘looked more human’ and physically appealing, they would feel more human and content. However, looking more 'human' will never make someone 'feel more human' especially if on an unconscious level they still feel inhuman which is how they came to feel about themselves at the time of a traumatic, inhumane past life death.

Again, the actual testimony on the show is all dialogue in which to open a past life session:

" I look gaunt, like a Holocaust victim”

" I'm not a person "

" I look like a monster "

" I look deformed, not human"

" I don't feel real"
I would have the client repeat any one of these thoughts several times during a focused state (hypnosis) and have them re-experience the past life scene in which this dialogue originated and clear the confusion surrounding their death to achieve resolution, thus ending the obsession with one’s physical appearance and ending the internal dialogue: “I don’t feel real, “I am not human,” etc, to “I am real,” “I do exist,” “ I am human and I don’t need to look a certain way to survive,’ as may have been the case in a former lifetime, and finally,  “I am worthy of love and my appearance does not determine that worth.” 

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