Newsletter Articles II/Case Studies > Inability to Orgasm : A case study of a woman who was not able to have a normal sex life with her boyfriend, including never reaching orgasm.
Inability to Orgasm : A case study of a woman who was not able to have a normal sex life with her boyfriend, including never reaching orgasm.
Updated: -- Dec 1, 2012 --

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A brief/summarized version of the actual dialogue from a  past life regression therapyy session:

My client indicated that she had been sexually abused and that she had worked on this issue for many years with a traditional therapist.  By using the Netherton Method, I was able to bypass her conscious mind and go back to several suppressed memories of being sexually abused.  I asked her to give me the exact details, emotions, feelings and non-verbal words that were taking place.  She said, “He’s coming into my room again. He’s walking over to me and says he has a surprise. I know what this means.”  I asked her, “What does this mean?”  She replied, “It means he is going to do that thing I hate!”

I prompted her, “What’s happening now?”  She answered, “He’s taking off my clothes and pulling down his pants… he’s putting his penis inside me…oh my God it hurts.”  I asked her, “Did the pain eventually stop?”  She said no,  “But I think my body went numb so I didn’t feel the pain anymore.”  I asked her what survival pattern is being put into place here.  She answered, “Every time I am penetrated, my body goes numb so it doesn’t hurt… oh my God; every time I have sex with my boyfriend I would feel as if I wasn’t there… I would blame him and previous boyfriends for not being connected to me.  I was the one who was disconnected.”  She also told me that everytime a man would buy her a gift or tell her he had a surprise; she would be suspicious or even feel sick.  She would often refuse gifts and felt as if there was a hidden agenda behind the offers.  I replied, “So receiving gifts and hearing the word surprise put you back in the room with your father?”  She answered yes and added, “Why didn’t I find these things with my previous therapists?” 

I responded that we hadn’t finished.  I asked her what her father would say to her during the abuse.  She replied, “I can’t remember.” I asked her, “If you could remember, what would he be saying?”  She answered, “He’d be saying, just be quiet… it’ll be over soon…he’d be telling me, “If you say anything, something bad will happen.”  I told her,  " Maybe this is why you were not able to talk about this.  Because you were already in shock and recorded this in your unconscious mind, and the belief  remains that something bad would happen if you said anything.  During your previous work with other therapists, your body would kick into fight or flight mode.  Instead of experiencing the trauma, you got caught up in re-experiencing the trauma along with the confusion, which may have interfered with your actual memories and emotions of the event.

This session was continued until the confusion was lifted and further sessions cleared her inability to connect with others emotionally and sexually.

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