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A Man With Constant Insecurity Struggles to Start/Finish Things is Regressed to His Cesarean (C-Section) Birth
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Updated: -- Feb 18, 2014 --

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Past life regression therapy utilizing the Netherton-Paul Method reveals the impact of cesarean section on current behavior.  The case study below is by retired Past Life Therapy Founder, Dr. Morris Netherton. Morris's works are continued by his colleague Dr. Thomas Paul, Founder of Past Life Therapy Center. Sessions are available by phone/Skype or Los Angeles office visits. 

Karl knows few facts except that he was delivered by Cesarean section. He presents a need to struggle in his life and reports an inability to start "something more interesting."  He experiences constant insecurity with an assumption that any wrong occurrence is his fault. He is asked to lay down and close his eyes.

Session transcript:

Dr. Morris Netherton: Let's begin the session by asking you to realize that unconsciously you're already focused into the area of your birth experience where we need to work. The negative pattern that creates struggle, insecurity, and confusion is within this experience. Let your unconscious mind say the first words you think of when you hear your mother's voice at this point of your experience with her.  Recognize her voice and quote the first words she's saying.

Karl (Mother): I can't do this any longer. I want to quit.

He is asked to repeat Mother's words several times until his conscious mind registers their meaning.

Morris: Say the next words from Mother.

Karl (Mother): I can't push anymore. Stop telling me to push. Help me! Stop the pain! I can't do this anymore. It's going to kill me.

[The technique of repeating expressions of traumatic impact is centered here and throughout the entire session.]

Karl: Mother's hearing the doctor but can't understand his words.

Morris: Listen carefully to the doctor's voice. Mother can understand him but is frightened. What's the first words Mother dozen't want to hear the Doctor say? The first words she hears but tries to reject. Let his words come to you and Mother.

Karl (pauses): He's saying...

Morris: Quote me his words.

Doctor: This isn't working. We have to do something else. Prepare her for C-section. We don't want to lose this baby.

Karl reports movement around his mother as nurses rush to make the change to a surgical delivery.

Morris: Listen to the words your mother is thinking, but not saying out loud. Say out loud Mother's thoughts.

Karl (Mother): Thank God. Let them do it, I can't.  I knew I couldn't. I knew it'd kill me if I tried.

Morris: Describe what is being physically done with mother to ready her for surgery.

Karl: Her stomach is being cleaned. She's given an injection, and a mask is over her face. She's being told to breathe.

Morris: Quote the words telling her this. The exact words she hears.

Doctor: Breathe deeply and count backwards from one hundred. Breathe, and count backwards. Start counting.

Karl (Mother): I'm going to die. I won't wake up. I'll never see my baby. This is going to kill me.

Morris: What's mother saying out loud?

Karl (Mother): 100, 99, 98, 97, 96...

Karl: She's going into darkness. I am, too. We're both dying.

[Mother breathes herself into unconsciousness as the other voices (external voices) become prominent.]

Morris: Let the other voices come clearly. Realize you're unconsciously recording voices other than mother's. Quote me these words.

Doctor: Check her vitals. Keep close monitor on her. I'm working the incision now. Get ready for the baby.

[Karl registers mother's reaction to the incision and recoils at efforts to get forceps on his head.]

Doctor: It's in the wrong position. We've got to shove it up and out of the canal. There's the head. Get the forceps on it. Lift it up and out of the incision. Keep pulling, we're almost there. There! It's a boy! A fine healthy boy!

Morris: Be aware of what you have to go through to be a fine, healthy boy, Karl. Realize the negative pattern formed by these words.

Karl: I have to be unconscious, in pain, and helpless for my life to be fine.

Morris: Let's move on. Do you take your first breath before or after the cord is cut?

Karl: Before. I start screaming immediately and that makes me breathe.

Morris: Be just at the point where the cord is cut. Quote me the first words being said as you're disconnected from Mother.

Karl: You're on your own, young man. Have a good life.

Karl is encouraged to breathe and feel the drugs leave his body causing him to feel life come through his body. His experience of surviving becomes complete; and he is fully capable of hearing, seeing, thinking, and feeling.

He is directed back to the point, prior to surgery, where the decision is made to complete his birth by surgery.  He accesses the external voices first:

"This isn't working."

"We have to do something else."

"Prepare her for surgery."

"We don't want to lose the baby."

Additional dialogue is uncovered as some confusion has been lifted:

"We're going to help you finish this." (Doctor)

"Nothing to worry about."

"Just a little change in plans."

"You're going to be fine."

Next Karl accesses the internal source of Mother's thoughts:

"I can't do this any longer."

"I want to quit now."

"I can't push anymore."

"Stop telling me to push."

"Stop the pain."

"It's going to kill me."

Additional dialogue is heard as Mother is put to sleep:

"Thank God. I won't be here until it's over."

"Help me, help my baby."

"I can leave now."

Two last sentences are heard from the Doctor as Mother went unconscious:

"When you come back, it'll all be over."

"Relax, leave everything to us."

This point of the birth is reviewed thoroughly until all impact and affect are removed. This done, the entire birthing experience is re-expressed to reveal the entire negative survival pattern.  Karl is encouraged to consciously evaluate and express his own responses and feelings as the process becomes complete.

The final step asks Karl to allow his integrated mind to function to formulate the negative pattern.

Karl: As long as I let others finish things for me, I know I'm alive.

Morris: Would you like to change that?

Karl: Yes.  What I start, I can finish, and I can finish what I start.

Morris: Karl, now count yourself out of this altered state Mother counted you down into. Start with 95. Count out to 100.

Karl: 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100.

Morris: Let yourself feel how awake and clear you are. How do you feel?

Karl: That's amazing. I feel like I've finished it.

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