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Regression Reveals Birth Experiences Influencing Problems With Spine/Scoliosis
Updated: -- Aug 5, 2014 --

Below is a case study by Dr. Morris Netherton, now retired from 45 years of clincal practice. His works are continued by Dr. Thomas Paul, Founder of Past Life Therapy Center® and the world's leading expert in Past Life Therapy and past life regression therapy.

Becky is twenty-eight year old, unmarried woman with a successful career in computer technology.  Her job requires long hours of sitting at a computer station processing complicated formulas for a large accounting firm. Her congenital scoliosis is reinforcing pain in her body and making it difficult for her to maintain prolonged focus. She has been treated by leading medical experts with surgery being the latest recommendation. This would require surgically implanting a steel rod into her back to which the spine is attached, forcing an alignment. 

A review of the developmental chart shows the spine and vertebra canal forming within the first two weeks of pregnancy. The final prenatal experience for the spine occurs during and immediately after birth. Therefore, the entire pregnancy provides the boundaries for the causal experience for scoliosis.

Session transcript:

Morris: Becky, we're going to examine the experiences during which your spine is being pre-conditioned to create scoliosis after your birth.  Let's begin by entering your mother's experience with you in uterus during the second week after conception.  Visualize your spine as a soft milky substance just appearing to form the basis for your body's development. As you are aware of this vulnerable condition, Mother's words and feelings are being embedded within the cellular formation. Say the first words that come to mind when you hear your mother's voice. Let her words and emotions be very clear.

Becky (Mother): I don't know...I don't know...there's nothing...I can't do this...
(These are Mother's incomplete thoughts indicating her confusion.)

Morris: Becky, those are Mother's words. They indicate her confusion. Let's finish the first, "I don't know." Just finish her sentence. What does Mother not know?

Becky (Mother): I don't know if I love him or not?

Morris: Finish the second "I don't know?"

Becky (Mother): I don't know if he loves me?

Morris: There's nothing...?

Becky (Mother): There's nothing I can do but sit and wait for him to marry me.

Morris: And 'I can't do this...(because)'?

Becky (Mother): I can't do this without him. He's got to marry me.

Morris: Listen to Mother's questions.  What's Mother feeling now?

Becky: Desperate.

Morris: How is she handling her desperation?

Becky: A question mark.

Morris: What shape is your spine?

Becky: A question mark.

Morris: What message did your spine receive during this early experience with Mother?

Becky: Stay confused to stay alive.

(Becky twists her body trying to get her spine in a comfortable position.)

Morris: Bring the experience forward to your birth.  Make a direct connection from this early confusion to a point in your birth experience.What comes to mind first?

Becky: My head's being clamped. Forceps are twisting my head and neck. I can feel it down my spine. It's twisting my spine and pulling me.

Morris: Quote the first words the voices around you are saying. The first words your spine is connecting to this twisting position.

Becky (Doctor): I don't know if this baby will make it?  How's the mother doing? I don't understand what happened here? We'll be lucky if it's not damaged.

Morris: Listen to the question, Becky. More confusion embedded in your spine. Move through your birth. What finally allows you to leave the uterus?

Becky: The doctor finally cuts Mother and pulls me out. I'm finally out and alive.

Morris: What do you feel in your spine?

Becky: It's twisted and in pain.

Morris: What must you feel in your spine if you want to be alive?

Becky: Twisted pain.

Morris: And what must you experience in your thinking?

Becky: Confusion.

Morris: Put it all together.

Becky: Stay confused and in pain and stay alive.

Morris: As you go through life, every time you need to feel alive and safe about your survival, how do you achieve this?

Becky: Get all twisted up in pain and confusion and feel alive. I work with computers because they handle the confusion for me.  I can stay confused as long as a computer solves the problems.

Becky agreed to being fitted with a brace which stabilized her spine and eased the pain. Over time, she worked with a massage therapist with experience in scoliosis and reversed the curvature to only a slight degree of misalignment.  Her sessions had opened her awareness of choices and started a new line of treatment for her problem.

Dr. Thomas Paul Comments:

In my personal experience with working sessions around Scoliosis, clients often surface a death experience where they were curled up and hiding from an attacker. Their spine was "locked" in a crouched position at the time of death. Resolving the death trauma gives a signal that one can relax/align.

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