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Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), Endometriosis
Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Thomas Paul, Founder of Past Life Regression Center
Phone/Skype package. -- May 1, 2020 --
Hypoglycemia - Root/Emotional Cause

1 Therapy notes with permission for educational purposes. 

Present Life: "My father locked me in a box. He was abusing me. He wanted me to be quiet. I'm scared."
Past Life: "I'm being buried alive. I can hear them putting dirt on the box/coffin. I'm scared." #pastlivestherapy
2 Prenatal: "I'm pregnant. OMG, not again. My mother feels trapped like how I felt in the box from the past life and when my father put me in a box to punish me as a child for rejecting his sexual advances." 
Unconscious agreement from mother: "We're in this together. Help me."
3 Client re-experiences prenatal period, kicking her mother in the womb. She regresses to being gang raped in a past life. She feels trapped, attracting the mother in this life who also feels trapped in an abusive marriage. The victimization scripts match.
4 Client kicks her mother strongly in womb as if she's trapped again where she's not wanted, just like in past life (client senses in de-hypnosis that this was an unwanted pregnancy). She's unconsciously fighting the past life gang rape which was confusing just like her parents.
5 Client during interview/intake: "My life would be everything I want it to be if only I could get out this box (crying), and then all my projects can be successful. I can be out of this mess (with my confused mother, father, x-boyfriend, work colleagues, etc.).  #healing #mind
6  Client: "I'm in the wrong body. I don't want to be here (confusion is coming from the belief that the body she has in the life sets her up for ongoing suffering and sexual abuse just like in past life, reinforcing sexual/gender confusion, fears/blocks and her #endometriosis).
(Endometriosis is often connected to unresolved trauma to the pelvic floor, vagina.Many died in childbirth or were operated on in a harsh way in past lives that creates the block. It's inflammation, false protection. It's manifestation of pain/fear,usually from sexual abuse/#rape.):
7 When her father puts her in the box as child, she senses he said: "You're a dirty girl, you make me do this." She then regresses to a cramped room (box) where a Cardinal and a gang of men rape her.The pain is so great that she leaves her body. She's in shock, doesn't scream.
8 The rape was shocking. They had a hand over her mouth preventing her from screaming. The combination of factors caused a dissociation/detachment from her body. The Cardinal and men responded (justifying their actions): "You didn't scream, you liked it. You're a whore of Satan."
9 After de-hypnosis using a reframing technique to connect the client back to her body in order to release anger, fear and confusing scripts, she gains consciousness. "I didn't scream because I was in shock. The truth is they were crazy, not me. I want to kick them." #therapy
10 When client feels trapped or overwhelmed by people it's as if she were in the unresolved trauma of a past life (this reinforces #hypoglycemia in this life where a person feels confused, faint and unable to speak/breathe similar to symptoms of being raped).
She's resolving it.
(#Hypoglycemia is often caused from unresolved traumas. Anything can trigger it but especially situations where one feels trapped, stressed or unsafe. A sudden drop in blood sugar is a slip back into confusing, painful memories.There's a solution.
11 When the client was kicking her mom in the womb it was her feeling trapped again just like mother felt trapped in the marriage. She could hear her father was angry about the pregnancy. Angry voices makes her feel she's under attack again. 
#Rebirthing is used to resolve this.
12 She moves forward to one of her past life deaths, the one where she was raped & then accused of being Satan because she didn't scream due to the shock of being raped by the Cardinal and his followers.They buried her alive in a box/coffin. The box script continued in this life.
13 Eventually the mind aligns developing the consciousness and clarity it needs to end confusing scripts, roles and situations that repeat victimization. She's out the box now. She can reject confusing people with her newfound boundaries and trauma resolution. #pastlivestherapy
14 (Therapy session 2) "I don't want to feel, I don't want to feel the fire. (This is why people abuse drugs/alcohol/anti-depressants, unconsciously fearing that they'll feel/connect to a trauma that they won't survive. Resolved with #PastLivesTherapy.) I hear 'make her suffer.'"
15 (Skype session 2) I hear my bones crunch. They hit my back very, very hard. "She hasn't suffered enough. She has to pay. She's guilty. She's a witch, no good." (I always feel in this life that I'm not good enough.) "You're a sinner. God punishes. You brought this on yourself."
16 I pass out. The last words before death "You're impure. It's your fault. God punishes." I choke on smoke. They're burning me alive. (Her survival script in the next life is as long as I feel pain and anger from others, as long as I'm suffering, I know that I'm alive.) #therapy
17 Client is instructed to reconnect to her painful body, the one that she felt was the "wrong body" when the attackers were brainwashing her shocked mind/body into believing that what they were doing was right. 
(If I were in another body maybe they'd stop.) #confusion #trans
18 Therapy client must separate the confusing voices that she recorded during the #pastlives' traumas. This will create the alignment/#healing for both her mind/body.
"You're wicked, we'll beat the devil out of you."
"Oh, it hurts, they hit me so very hard. I'm really scared."
19 "I hear a disturbing religious song in my head. They are singing: son of God, hear the holy word, gather around the table and drink his blood."
(Religious confusion was often used as justification for torturing anyone who questioned the order. People still mob attack others.)
20 Client released a lot of confusing past-life voices that told her "you deserve to suffer, you haven't suffered enough, wake her up. Feel the pain."
They tortured her. Future sessions reveal another life where she was forced to endure suffering with "medical" experiments.
Session 3 (With Consent)
21 "I feel a shift since the last session. Less pain and guilt. Sleeping better. People say I'm calmer. Not as scared but I feel blocked, my head hurts. Something is weighing me down." We review last session notes, she let's me know what still resonates.
22 Last session she said the phrase, "If I can't see, I can't understand" kept coming up. This unconscious thought surfacing for clarity is further examined in today's #PastLivesTherapy using de-#hypnosis phone session. "I can't see clearly because my head and eyes hurt."#therapy
23 "If I feel rage, maybe I'll find out that I'm a bad person." 
"I want to feel love and acceptance. I want to feel at home. I can't remember when I last felt love from someone." Client is in her late 60s. She wants to end long-term usage of anti-depressants prescribed by a MD.
24 "I hear, you're crazy." 
Client says, "I feel like I'm in a mental hospital. My head hurts. Lobotomy? Electric shock. Ouch! It hurts! Paddles, electricity goes through my body, head hurts so much. There are needles (I've been afraid of them since childhood)." #vaccines #autism
25 "I feel like they put screws in my head. People dressed in white, masks on their faces, it's a hospital. Blinding lights in my eyes. My eyes hurt. My head hurts. This sounds crazy but I feel like a baby is being taken out of me. I'm pounding my head."
#headaches #migraines
26 "There are bars on the window (This isn't a normal hospital). It smells terrible. They are trying to do something to my head, I feel nauseous. My back really hurts. They look like surgeons. Other people in the room on stretchers. My head hurts, I want to float out of my body."
27 "I hear bombs, lots of noise, making my head hurt more." 
Therapy client hears: "The bitch is dying. We'll have to start over again, wake her up." (Similar dialogue from other past life where she's tortured but not allowed to die). 
#depression #migraines #suicidalthoughts
28 "I don't care anymore, I can't take the pain anymore, I get sleepy, They pull something over my head, a sheet. But I'm not dead yet. My head hurts, it's open. My head is open. I'm going to die but the pain won't let me go. It's taking a very long time to die."#pastlivestherapy
29 Usually a client must re-experience their death first before returning to that traumatic scene that needs to be finished/resolved. 
Client is instructed to stay connected to her body, hearing the voices which make her believe she must feel pain to know that she's still alive.
(This is an important part of the therapy process.When a client feels overwhelmed by any pain in their body from re-experiencing torture with confusing voices surrounding them, they'll need an immediate release to know this did end. Then we go back and work.)
30 This is an important part of #PastLivesTherapy.
When a client feels overwhelmed by pain from re-experiencing torture and confusing voices, they'll need a release to know the trauma did end. They're then reconnected to body, working to end belief one must die to end suffering.
31 "I don't care, I don't want to see, I don't want to do this anymore (Important: client can confuse past trauma with the therapy session, repeating the same feeling of I don't want to do this but what she really doesn't want to do is feel suffering will never end.)
Define this.
32 We examine the reason she doesn't want to see what's going on. We both realize that this is experimentation, torture. They don't want her to die. They want to know how much pain she can handle before she dies. "Don't look, stop everything, I'm not supposed to SEE THIS."#secret
33 Client is reminded that the people from the past life experiment don't want you to see or talk about this with anyone, but you can tell your therapist now. It's better to see and know what happened so that you can end this confusion and mental/physical suffering in this life.
34 Client acknowledges that the confusion abt where the pain is coming from and wanting to stop talking about this is the medical team telling her that she must not tell anyone. "They want to put holes in my head to see how much pain I can take. To know if feeling pain can kill."
35 "They write things down. They come to look at me. If I scream, it will be worse. If I don't scream in pain, they'll make it worse (Confusion.This reinforces medical issues, leading to #depression, #anxiety, #autism, #cancer, etc.). I'm too scared to see the needles." #vaccines
36 #PastLivesTherapy client in de-#hypnosis hears, "If she dies, we have to start over with someone else. We're getting so much further with her, we can't let her die (we must experiment/torture her more). 
We can revive her with paddles, electricity. How much pain can she take?"
37 "If she dies too quickly, we can't get the info we need. Make her talk."
Client hears, "It's an experiment to make people talk, it's for the Führer. I do die, but they want to bring me back."
"We went too far, get another."
#Holocaust #BigPharma #vaccines #MedicalExperiments
38 #Therapy client (With Consent) says, 
"I feel less pressure in my head."
#PastLivesTherapy client has the awareness now to understand where the suffering is coming from. 
She was in a horrific, "medical" experiment that was about how much suffering they could inflict on her.
39 Client makes a CONNECTION between present and past life. She has a colleague who wants her fired. A person who has been making life difficult for her (like #pastlives' torture). "Last week I was on a HOSPITAL SET for a show I'm in. In rehearsal, I SHUT MY EYES when I saw her."
40 "If I close my eyes, I don't understand [what's going on. Part of me doesn't want to see it, know it, feel it].
If I open my eyes, I'll see the needles, the instruments they'll put in my head and eyes." Needles traumatized me as a child (#autism/#vaccines).#depression #anxiety
41 "The torture from the experiments, it was a trap.
They wouldn't let up if you screamed or not.
I leave the body. The survival script is 'as long as I feel pain and struggle, I know that I'm alive.' I try not to die to save the next person from experiments. I can't help them."
42 Client reframes the trauma by ending the victimization role, fighting back. She calls them crazy and gets herself off the torture table."This stops now! It's okay to see, I want to see who you really are. To see what you're doing. I won't pretend that what you're doing is ok!"
43 Client directs her pain/anger where it belongs: 
"I see you now! You're the ones who are crazy and scared to disobey orders. You people are brainwashed and can't think for yourselves. I can think for myself! I'm not crazy, what you're doing is crazy! This experiment is crazy."
44 #Healing release/#Consciousness:
"There's nothing wrong with me! You traumatized & tortured me, making me think I was crazy. You're crazy! This torture is crazy. I'm fine! I've always been fine.
I'm healthy, caring, normal. Leave me alone!
You're the #cancer. #PastLivesTherapy
45 #Awareness/#Empowerment:"I'm not going to fall into traps anymore [in any lives going forward], I"m going to keep my eyes and hears open. I want to look into your eyes and know where you're coming from. I can see and hear your confusion now. I reject your madness. No excuses."
46 #Spiritual advancement/#evolution:"I won't make excuses for confused people who want to attack me. It's ok to keep my eyes open so I can see any confused minds. I can choose to reject them or walk away, where things aren't so hard and painful. Some place where there's sanity."
47 "I don't have to live in struggle, pain and confusion to know that I'm alive, that I exist. (Client won't have to create dramas and emergencies to get attention because where she needed it most is resolving in #therapy at unconscious traumas which are now conscious/finishing.)
48 "I don't have to be afraid to look people in the eyes. I can defend myself. I can speak truth. I can call out their confusion and lies. I stand in my integrity and that's powerful. I'm powerful. I'm healthy and strong. I'm smart and talented. I always have been. Now I know."
49 On an unconscious level, client put herself back in the experiments from the past-life by attracting victimization in this life. A continual, dysfunctional "survival-script" of "I must feel pain to know I'm still alive." This can end.#therapy #therapist
50 Let's end today's session in love. Who loved you more than anybody else? "My Aunt C." Let's bring her in the room, to the show. What would she say if she heard this session? "You don't deserve this. You are fine the way you are. I love you very much."


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