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5 Jul 2013




Newsletter Article
PLTC Founder: Thomas Paul, DCH
For long-term subscribers to the PLTC newsletter articles, the mind-body connection is common knowledge as it relates to ailments reinforced by unresolved past experiences. The mandatory swine and seasonal flu vaccinations recently required of New York state health care workers was an impetus for this article as it’s the next step for encouraging everyone to vaccinate regardless of their health history. There are many points of discussion that have been made for and against vaccinations, particularly mass vaccination. The unconscious mind, however, is rarely examined for its unresolved past-life experiences contributing to chronic flu, smoking addictions, or respiratory issues.
Many individuals with lung diseases, and the less than 1% that contract serious symptoms from swine flu, report a history of asthma, bronchitis, or other ailments that have constricted their breathing in the past. This may suggest one of many unconscious, survival-based scripts developed during past-life events (e.g., the last thoughts from a traumatic death involving a sudden lack of oxygen recorded as “I can’t breathe” or the belief that “If I’m feeling anxious, at least I’m still alive.”)
These unresolved, past-life experiences are often reinforced in the prenatal as the soul unconsciously chooses an overly anxious mother and/or father and recreates an “’I can’t breathe” situation by being stuck in the birth canal, having the umbilical cord tied around the neck, etc. These unresolved scripts can continue at every incarnation, unconsciously encouraging such behaviors as smoking addiction, which will likely contribute to chronic or fatal respiratory complications. A past-life strangulation, drowning, gas/smoke inhalation, etc. will reinforce various forms of victimization as identical or similar suffocating experiences in the next lifetime.
Survival-based beliefs can unconsciously reinforce continual cycles of victimization in the form of dis-ease (a heightened state of unresolved confusion manifested as cellular havoc in the body). If the unconscious dialogue and misleading beliefs from traumatic past-life deaths aren’t released, the confusion that surrounded them continues. The cellular/soul memory from unconscious events (past-lives, prenatal, surgeries, shock, etc.) is an integral part of the self-healing equation. If the unconscious mind isn’t incorporated into the healing equation, then confusion remains active at its source. For those with deep rooted present- and past-life unresolved issues, emotional and spiritual resolution cannot be achieved with pills, vaccines or respiratory devices.

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